Reviews for Welcome to the FREAK SHOW
ZealWarrior chapter 1 . 1/1/2004
-Well, that was at once strange and entertaining. It really did seem to zoom by when I was reading. It was funny often, especially since I tried something like this with a fanfiction where I wrote about a couple of videogame characters being on an episode of Jerry Springer because their relationships were so screwed up. And so, the usual whacky humour followed much like in this.
-I did enjoy many parts, especially where you fell down, and when you stand up and start singing O' Canada, which is strangely reminscient of that Simpsons' episode where Ralph stands up at the Model UN meeting and starts singing Canada's national anthem.
-I liked the whole laughing machine and the intro, the ending was pretty funny as well. I don't write comedy much save for Waltz of the Wanderer, and there's a reason-I'm only funny in person and not on "paper".
-However, for a first effort for comedy, this wasn't too bad, really. Though I think you could do some stuff to improve, for instance, have a group discussion with your friends in the interviews. Also, make it realistic, as in that each role should be written by their respective real life counterpart; this only adds to the realism and it can be funny beause the characters are distinguished.
-Also, with the exception of me who finds anything funny, I know a lot of people don't find this sort of thing funny because they might not know the characters or they prefer witty humour where people speak in funny accents and wear monocles and fancy black suits, saying things like "MMyeesh, that was charming."
-So in other words, I have no clue how to help you because I suck at comedy. But actually, I do have advice, considering you're already base this on real life, if you remember anything funny, write it down. If you watch television and sitcoms or something even from The Simpsons, twist around just enough so it seems original enough and incorporate into this.
-I guess that's all I have to say. This really was a good start, I found myself laughing much. Also, I find it odd how many girls, particularly your age seem to have a crush on Orlando Bloom.
-Anyways, keep up the great work Julie. And I'm sure next chapter will be even better; hope my "advice" helped. Keep writing!
-Sincerely, Heenay, aka: ZealWarrior
Lady-in-the-Dark chapter 1 . 1/1/2004
Very nice! YEAH! YOU LET ME TRASH YOU SHOW! *holds up a piece of cloth* see! *points at the cloth* see this, THIS! is from your couch my friend! I liked that couch! It has my drool! for thinking of *in a dreamy voice* ORLANDO BLOOM *after 3 mins* tick tock tick *slaps herself* tee hee! see! I didnt drool this time! yeah! oh well, very well than, fix your set first then I'll let you interview me, I'll go crzy, the security will get me. I tie them up, put em in the closet, march back to your set and trash it again! YEAH!
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