Reviews for Free Love
DangerousIce chapter 10 . 2/15/2005
This was a VERY well written story. I really liked it. I went on an emotional rollercoaster with all the characters. The only thing is I think the marriage at the end was a little overkill, but you are a very talented writer and you should continue to write.
Madee chapter 10 . 2/9/2005
I liked it, very much actually. Though I really had a problem with the end. It just doesn't seems quite right. Too hapy may be. But most of all I disaproved of Luke's solution, running away can't solve your problems. May be I am wrong, but I also couldn't imagine how it helped him to get over the war's scars, besides heving someone who have also been there I mean, because even that isn't quite enough. Although as I said I am just saying my opinion I can easily be mistaken since I've never been in this position. What I liked best was the way you described how our experiences change us, making us different. I also heve to compliment the way you described your characters feelings it really touched me.
lidia chapter 10 . 1/17/2005
You are a very talented writer. However, this is a personal preference, I do not like stories where siblings have the same lover. It is just to Yucky for me. I am sure that you will be published some day since you are very talented. Good luck!
SomethingLikeYou5 chapter 10 . 12/9/2004
I liked this. I hated Sally tho. She annoyed me lol. I am putting this on my faves and authers lol. Well Luke should of stayed. That made me mad. I was sad that he left her. They loved each other. and yea. Well good fic and yea!

anonomoose chapter 10 . 11/27/2004
i loved the story. not every one can, but it was like you put the readers into the story [sorry if you can't understand what i mean:)]
anonomoose chapter 4 . 11/27/2004
Death Princess chapter 10 . 11/4/2004
THIS IS SERIOUSLI A REAL COOL FIC! i mean i realli like the setting u've dun it in. we just did some wrk on the vietnam war a lil while ago in scool. at 1st i thought u were goin on bout the war in iraq till u mentioned Vietnam. anywayz i realli like it and u've ended it very niceli!
Anotherlovesickteen chapter 10 . 10/19/2004
Beautiful, you should give this to a publisher
Dead Red chapter 7 . 8/9/2004
It's really really good that you've managed to convey Sally in a less 'hell-hath-no-fury' light. It makes her a much more deep character.
I LOVE LUKE! Can't wait to get to see him and Amy back together!
Lotsa love
cbprice25 chapter 10 . 5/30/2004
Ah, wow! What a good story! I found it while browsing through someone's favorites list, and now I'll just have to add it to my own!
Midnight Demon chapter 10 . 5/27/2004
great story
love it
Ti chapter 10 . 5/13/2004
hehe.. i like this story. a LOT! keep writing...
tarienelle chapter 10 . 5/9/2004
i love your story.. its very real.. love it. (jeez. this review makes me sound stupid or something. too tired..) anyway. it was great reading it.
MimiGhost chapter 10 . 5/5/2004
MimiGhost chapter 5 . 5/5/2004
update soon
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