Reviews for Untitled 2
myearsrpointy chapter 1 . 1/5/2004
Sorry to dissappoint, but I feel this to be a large and rather pointless load of crap. I am not a "goth", "punk", or a "conformist". However, I know and am friends with people that fit all of these labels. Your black trench-coats (which I gotta admit are pretty cool looking), fishnets, and strapped/buckled/chained pants are simply another way to conform. Not to stereotype, but, well... you almost seem to be stereotyping yourself. And you really aren't as individual as you think. There are masses of teenagers (i'm assuming you are one, correct me if I'm wrong) just like you, wanting to be different, trying to stand out, and most likely shopping at Hot Topic, or some place similar. Don't you realize you're just another marketing niche?