Reviews for In My Hollow Tree
Pose For Me chapter 1 . 2/17/2004
If that is what solitude does to you- then I'm afriad to be left alone for too long. Like the faerie, I've always imagined that the moon is calling out to me. Heck, whenever I'm alone in my garden I think the flowers are talking to me! Maybe they are, maybe I'm just hearing things. I vote for the first one!
I was sort of... shocked when she killed everyone with rocks. But hey, if someone told me my dreams could never come true, I would most likely do the same.
The ending was sad. -nodz- Twas sad in deed.
All in all, loved it. I love reading about faeries, and I'm glad that somebody finally wrote something about faeries that didn't have the main character all nice and chipper! Groovadelic.
Regina O.B.