Reviews for I would
Nothing So Mundane chapter 1 . 6/7/2005
hey I liked this, I really did... I've been reanding your songs, they are preaty good :D, like... simple but fresh and profound. great work.
BeyondRepair chapter 1 . 1/10/2004
Wow...this is a really great song. I can feel the intensity and the passion in it. I think a lot of people have felt the way that you do right now, I know of a person who feels that way right now and I think this song applies to her. The problem is I can't be all those things for her that you described in your song 'cause she broke my heart too many times. Maybe that really has nothing to do with you song, but thats the great thing about lyrics, they don't have to fit your life exactly in order to take something away from them. Oh yeah...good song. Sorry about going on like that, but that just goes to show you how good your song is if it can ellict such emotion from me.
CRaZy-OdIN chapter 1 . 1/10/2004
aw, such a beautiful love song, its full of really beautiful parts, too many to point out, I really could feel the song flowing in my mind, I could feel the rythm and the song playing in my head, its really uplifting, love is such a special thing, and you really miss that feeling when its gone, but when you have it you must cherish every moment, well done for a lovely song. for some reason I picture a band like Garbage playing this song, or No Doubt, oh well, keep it up
I rate this song: 8.9/10
Aaron Mason chapter 1 . 1/10/2004
Wish a girl had this kind of devotion for me.
volvo suk balls chapter 1 . 1/10/2004
that was the song eva...not get a life cockwad
ZealWarrior chapter 1 . 1/9/2004
-Heh, you'd make a good song writer, I mean, part time and during hours when you're not hosting "Welcome to the Freak Show". This is hard for me to review in the sense that I know very little of music, and only listen to classical. However, that doesn't mean I don't like it, because I do like it. I'm not just saying that. The reason I hold this song in high regard is that it is very poetic. I like poetry, despite the fact I can't understand or write it well, and one thing I value in modern songs is that they are another form of poetry. Poetry works through music, and song works through poetry. That's why I like this. It is a fantasic song/poem.
-Again, I'm not romantic, but you had some very nice imagery and many heart-felt lines. My favorite Bridge thing being:
- can feel your love moving,
And I know what you’re proving.
But I love you just as much,
We don’t need that crutch.
To lie and deceit,
Or fall to our feet,
And plead easy of the world,
But stand straight as things twirled,
-I really found that to be wonderful. I can also see some nice imagery and deeper meaning in here. Love being the predominent theme, is executed with grace and fluidity-great job with that. I can see a sharp contrast between the pleasentness of love and the darkness of lies and deceit. You have actually managed to make this into a narrative like tale because it seems like its telling a story. As such, there is actual character development in this-which I find to be a superb quality.
-The words are all well chosen and are peaking with emotions. This was amazing, and though I'm not a fan of songs, I really loved the poetic nature of this poem. Oh, and it really adds to the overall effect since I was listening to Tchaikovsky's Marche Slave while reading. :)
-Please do keep up the fantastic work! I really mean it you know. _ Can't wait for the day you publish some of your stuff-I'll be right there to leech-I mean-support you. Hehe, take care!
-Sincerely, Heenay, aka: ZealWarrior