Reviews for The Cherry Blossom Tree
Liebe Sasa chapter 24 . 12/5/2004
Aw, Josh is so sweet. Heh heh. :)

K. T. Wood chapter 24 . 12/5/2004
ADMIT YOUR LOVE ALREADY JOSH! lol. Great chapter, thanks for the update. I forget who Mike is. But it's not OVERLY important is it? And you know that that's just more of a reason to update more often- so we all don't forget things...or maybe its just me. Now i am rambling- so UPDATE AGAIN SOON! I love this story.
peanutilover chapter 24 . 12/5/2004
When are they going to admit they need to be together? Soon, I hope! Love it, update soon!
Miss Lilian chapter 24 . 12/5/2004
it's still really good. cant wait for the next chapter _
Dream Fox chapter 23 . 11/30/2004
Cute! Not much to say, but, just, cute!
peanutilover chapter 23 . 11/24/2004
Yay! They are so cute together, it's unbeleivable. And yay for Branodn going away! I'm glad! Update soon!
Wolfwitch chapter 23 . 11/23/2004
This is really amazing!
Munku-JGSPTV chapter 23 . 11/20/2004
Whee! *rolls in and cheers*

Very nice chapter, I like how most things are resolved (though not the biggest 'problem') and without to much more developing between Quinn and Josh.. Ok, there was quite a bit more physical contact than usual, but heh :DI don't know what else to say, but continual compliments and don't hesitate to update!


Munku-JGSPTV _
Kinara chapter 23 . 11/19/2004
...YO! Cool story .
K. T. Wood chapter 23 . 11/18/2004
YAY update! We need Quinn and Josh kissing! lol. or at least together, they are so cute. I wanna marry them!, hm, ideas...anyways. Loving the story! glad Brandon is finally gone- but he's going to come back isnt he, the bastard! Um, update again soon! Catchya'
Liebe Sasa chapter 23 . 11/18/2004
Another crappy review on my part, but this story really is wonderful...

I think the formatting on the end of the chapter got a little screwy though. You might want to check on that.

ola chapter 23 . 11/18/2004
hey... what happened at the end? is it supposed to end like that? with the last sentence haging off without being finished? or was that an error or something...

anyway, please update soon! this better not be the end! please please PLEASE write some more! )

great story.
Malicious Scars chapter 23 . 11/18/2004
::Grabs Josh:: hobble...hobble ::Grabs Quinn:: ::Drags the two towards eachother:: KISS YOU HORRIBLY SLOW BASTARDS! (This is the only way I could express my undying love for this story & you.) Please please PLEASE update soon.

GinnyYvette chapter 23 . 11/18/2004
Yay! Another chapter! I just love these guys ;) It was a great chapter btw, awesome job

Ooh and what's this site you're talking about? the boys kissing one? if you've put a link up it wont work for us on here, fictionpress is bitchy like that lol I think i might have it though... i found one site a long time ago that has a huge album of random guys kissing... it's cute lol

anyways, update soon please! this fic always makes my day :)

Miss Lilian chapter 23 . 11/18/2004
i loved it. cant wait till the next chapter :D
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