Reviews for Broodings on a Blazer
Tutube chapter 1 . 8/19/2006
lol, i know it's strange, but i always liked wearing uniforms, but not when they're /THIS/ strict about it. Ah, i pitty you. We have a semi-strict ish dress code, but we have no uniform. It's just the people who inforce the dress code aren't very consistant -_- bleh. Yes, I go to a Catholic school. BWAHAHAHA! We get to learn about wicca and other world religions. We get to choose to be Catholic freely and they don't smother us :P (sorry to rub it in, i just couldn't resist)
yakana chapter 1 . 6/25/2005
Wonderful brooding symbolism! I can always rely on you for that. ;)
Felisune chapter 1 . 7/31/2004
Woah. You should write a book about your trials through Catholic school. It would be pretty intense, I can safely guess; and I think that a lot of people who feel oppressed by the ignorant/ domineering forces of conformity would surly read it and smile quietly (or shout or crack up laughing, as in my case) in agreement.
My High school is pretty uptight, but I can only imagine what Catholic school is like. Ugh, those uniforms ... (can't even express your self through your superficial looks!) you did a nice 'brooding' over dem blazers. I could just *feel* the noxious fabric squeezing into my skin as I read that description. Keep up the writing. It'll take you places.
With Peace and respect,
driel chapter 1 . 4/12/2004
I use to go to Catholic school, and the porpose of a uniform is uniformity (obviously) See private schools have a lot of rich kids and uniforms (as ugly as they may be) kept us poorer kids from feeling inferior, most of time.
Nervous Neuron chapter 1 . 1/24/2004
So, you have to suffer my fate. The kilt, the blazer, the stockings. Shoes have to be brown. Knee length kilts, even though girls hike them up as much as they can, or if not, roll them up. I also go to an all girls catholic school (Kilbreda)... and I'm going back next year to do my final year... year 12. I am going to be a prefect...and they watch me even more on my uniform. "Is that a necklace? Off with it!" and "set an example to the year sevens!"... *groans* fun :P Imagine a world without uniforms, a world where we can be free to show our individuality that the school preaches to much about. A world of freedom. It will never happen... untill I make it to uni .
Oh, I never got to say... good broodings. Keep up the good work :)