Reviews for Cry Sanctuary
MoonLitDemon chapter 4 . 1/27/2004
Sorry if that question seemed a little dumb. And yes, this chapter does explain a lot of why he saved her life. Aw... playing white knight. Another good chapter... Elwyn has a very interesting family.
Update soon!
Megan the MoonLitDemon
Peachez 24 chapter 4 . 1/27/2004
Hm... this is an intriguing story. I'm just wondering what's gonna happen next. Although there's a million and one questions linked to that thought. It's kinda sweet how Elwyn is. I mean he's harsh and kind at the same time. I think I understand the way his is though. Keep writing and update soon!
Peachez _~
Innocent Green Eyes chapter 4 . 1/26/2004
Everybody's being so nice! I'd think that Heather was feeling a bit suspicious about it all 6.6 Elwyn being so nice DID have me confused, but the way you explained it made a bit more sense.
One question: Are Bella, Lilly, Morragon, and Night ever gone from the house at the same time? What would happen if they were at the same time Donovan was at home? O.O That would be an exciting chapter to read!
Well, what else can I say besides GREAT JOB! I hope the next chapter comes up soon!
Enoch chapter 4 . 1/26/2004
Heather is confused, that she is...*nods* I think she's taking this whole preggy with a vampire's son thing really well, though. Night and the kids are being very nice too Well, write more, and such forth..
Sake-chan chapter 4 . 1/26/2004
Hmm... this is starting to get messy! It seems like Donovan and Elwyn (and co.) are on different sides now. I wonder how it will all play out... Anyway, good chappy/ :)
Enoch chapter 3 . 1/26/2004
YAh Elwyn! Hehehe, great story, so far. I love all your story's...except maybe midnight sun, since I'm not a Fantasy Fantasy person...Anyways, write more, please.
Lasher chapter 3 . 1/25/2004
Excellent story. I really liked the character of Heather and I ejoyed all the references to Irish mythology (I am from Irish decent). And the line “And neither are faeries. Now clap for Tinker Bell!” had me laughing out loud. Can't wait to read the rest.
Megan the MoonLitDemon chapter 3 . 1/25/2004
Damn... guess you decided not to be graphic? No brains splattered?
Well, it was nice to know... but, you'd expect it would be harder to convince a hired killer not to kill.. her.
But, that's my bit.
Update soon!
Megan the MoonLitDemon
Sake-chan chapter 3 . 1/25/2004
Ah Elwyn :). Although I wonder what he's planning to do. I honestly thought he was going to shoot her. O.O
Innocent Green Eyes chapter 3 . 1/25/2004
Such cliffhangers! UNBEARABLE! Thank you for posting the next chapter so soon! Hope to hear more from you! D
Innocent Green Eyes chapter 2 . 1/25/2004
Please tell me you'll be posting the next chapter soon? The suspense is too much! The characters seem so It's creepy! D Keep it going!
Megan chapter 2 . 1/25/2004
Well now, this is quite interesting!
Update soon!
No suggestions really. The story seems so realistic, I like it a lot!
Elwyn... haha.. I think I remember him.
Much love,
Megan the MoonLitDemon
Sake-chan chapter 2 . 1/25/2004
Oh my. I know what you mean by 'sick people'. Funny thing is that I sympathize with both of them. Poor everybody. I wanna know what happens *chews fingernails*.
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