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objectivity chapter 1 . 6/22/2005
by the way, k8.. just wanted to give u a congrats for reaching 10 reviews over for your 20 chapters on the sequel! WELL DONE! hahahah..u should celebrate ;] .. lol


flipstahhz/aehr/rhea../whatever. LOL
flipstahhz chapter 20 . 6/22/2005
evening sis! (well..not sure if it's evening where you're at..but's evening. lol) sry i havent reviewed earlier. been really busy coz it's been my second last week of school till holidays...meaning all assessments... feelin' like a failure with the marks i've been getting [ ( to 'E's for my maths and chem exams! omgolly.. it's like my first time to get low marks...i blame it on advanced bio..!) .. okay, that was irrelevant to the chapter. so i should get back to topic. i loved the way how aiur described about the flower..and how she expressed it towards her life..that was really good. ] and when they also found fenix out..[ damn.. had a feeling that would fit in somewhere..and now aiur doubts him... [ i'm just..REAL excited when aiur finds out he's fenix..even though i'm not sure how long it will be in...haha...things are starting to spice up. fights are on the verge of happening...mygolly..i'm excited D .. i'm suppossed to be doing my homework again..haha.. so i should get going. i'll review/read your Dark Hunter story later, when i have time.. lots of love sis!

TAKE CAR ... (haha! that sounds like aiur when i put my name backwards..LOL)
bachi chapter 20 . 6/19/2005
aww how depressing-u still hav me hooked... im ready for the next chapt!
liz chapter 20 . 6/18/2005
Aw! I was waiting to be the thousandth. Love, you're too good at this. I hope a lot of people appreciate this chapter, because it's easy to like a chapter full of drama and romance. This was more plot-paced, and you just proved how much you've grown, because you handled it beautifully. The plot really just flew here, and suddenly there are pieces everywhere. I doubt people will like it as much, which only goes to show how stupid people can be. I loved it. And I'm really eager to see how you pull off your happy ending. Keep it up and please write the next chapter before you leave. I understand your frustration, but remember people on this site are awful and there are lots of fans here waiting for you to update. You rock the entire site.
greatmutato chapter 20 . 6/18/2005
great chapter please update soon
Olivia chapter 20 . 6/17/2005
eh, your finals last 2 months? That kinda sucks... are we allowed to vote for this not to turn out "a series of unfortunate events"? Cos it's been going on for forever, girl, and the poor kids need some time out! And fenix should just say "hi i am fenix. remember me?" which would be OOC, i know, but still! P.

Some criticism, which you can ignore- you have chunks and chunks of dialogue on end, and maybe it'd be a smoother story if you integrated your dialogue with your description a little more?

Anyway good luck for exams, and have fun on your exchange. I'm sure it'll be fantastic!
James chapter 20 . 6/17/2005
What a sad chapter. It kind of reminded me of that chapter in PI when everything just seemed to fall apart and I was thinking “dude, how’s it possible to pull off a happy ending from HERE?” After a whole bunch of ups and downs, wow, here we are again, everything doesn’t work out, all the worst-case scenarios happening at once, so suddenly. Bravo.

Malloy is funny. I thought he had changed a lot since when we first saw him, but now I see that he hasn’t really grown much. It feels like that case my dad illustrated, of a dude who reaches the intellectual and physical age to learn to drive and pass a driving exam, but whose emotional growth is still so immature that he races on the streets and crashes and burns and dies. All that has happened was that he got bored and moved on to bigger toys. Is Malloy doing the same? Is he just a big immature kid who thinks he’s playing some sort of spy/adventure/strategy game using his granted powers? He should crash and burn too. At least we know that if he’s not that good at it, he’s got to fail sometime or other. Greatly anticipating it P

So does Roanne know that Fenix is Donnian? Because initially when she heard that there was someone there impostering a Radical spy, she seemed pretty worried, but she regained everything upon hearing Donnian. What an evil wench, someone should’ve shot her. It’s amazing that such vicious people can be allowed to live and go unpunished for so long. Wouldn’t ANY organization in which she participates grow suspicious or tired of her and just snuff her out? Gee, not like it’s THAT hard…She’ll be one person whose death I would rather enjoy in the story P

It’s always fun to see people’s reaction when they have to face something very humiliating or very awkward (nice to know I’m not the only person who runs into these things), and it’s good to see the sharp contrasts between Fenix by himself, Fenix in awkward situations, Fenix in impossible situations, and Fenix all delusional. It’s like, there’s an emotion bank with all his different expressions somewhere, and you can just look up the emotion you need and perhaps combine two or three and make a new one or something….uh…yeah. Too much Calvin and Hobbes for me P

I like things when they’re dead too. They’re a LOT easier to manage, they don’t crawl all over the place. That’s why I’m getting acetone from Mr. Pope. I’m sure Fenix didn’t mean it that way though. What CAN he do, go out get a flower pot and freaking transplant a whole bush of evening primroses beside her pillow without anyone knowing? The gardeners start working on the flower patches as early as 4 a.m.! If anything goes missing they’ll raise the alarm…How can Aiur expect him to do anything different…the only thing I can think of that he could’ve done is to take the primrose away, but then again, when she finds out that it was NOT a dream, it probably would’ve been worse. If only he knew…then he could’ve used a plastic one instead. Plastic is eternal, plastic never dies. )

Can’t wait for the next one, you better write before you leave P
awaiting impatient person chapter 20 . 6/16/2005
Ironic that it was raining when I read this isn't it? It's so sad. Aww. It makes me want to cry. I personally do not like sad stories. (Yet for some reason I like reading and writing depressing poems...) But, this chapter I loved yet hated at the same time. I hated it because of the reason I had just said. But I loved it because it was so well written. The symbolism was just amazing. Wow. I really admire your writing skills. It's so realistic and believable yet dramatic and ironic then life really is. But somehow you were able to make it work-and make it sound good. Propw, Kate!
mauvais ide chapter 20 . 6/15/2005
very god chapter, but i shall miss your good writing...mois je parle francais! je suis plen! (taco bell thing) have fun!
DragonFaeLynn chapter 20 . 6/15/2005
Ah NO! . . .NONONO! This isn't fair! GR! You can't just stop writing it like that! ANd I can't wait that LONG! Damn the Fenix boy! He really screwed her over and now I'm guessing Roanne or whatever her name is going to kill her like in Fenix's vision and everything will go downhill from there. Oh, and... Aiur is going to marry that backstabbing little bastardo as well I'm guessing. This just can't happen! NO! I won't believe it. Humph! (I'm sorry if my reviews sound insanely crazed or like a raving psychopath wrote them. I promise you that I'm not so much crazed as I am a psychopath...heehee... just messing... or am I?) Anywayz... This story makes me cry bitter tears of saddness. The characters make choices that sadden me. I still can't believe he left her. I mean he broke her real bad. I know he was going to die and all if he stayed, but she's going to die now that he left. Not necessarily physically, but her spirit is already almost dead. I'm surprised she hasn't killed herself yet. Why didn't the guy just tell her the truth when he had the chance? Gr... This shit frustrates the hell out of me. Anywayz, I will stop taking up review space... heehee. I really can't wait for your next update, but alas, what choice have I? I will be checking my mail everyday for your update. Peace and Good Luck with the rest of this story~DFL
DragonFaeLynn chapter 19 . 6/15/2005
Ah hell... This sucks. Why can't he just die? DOn't worry, I'm really joking. He's ruined her. He's ruined himself somewhat, but he's ruined her. I pity her. Her life sucks. WHy does she insist on marrying Malloy? Does she honestly have to? She could just marry Donnian or Fenix whatever the hell he tells her his name is... I mean... God! Come on! THis story is tearing me apart just by reading it and I'm not even a freaking character! Ok... Just breathe... I'll just keep reading before I piss you off any more... heehee. Tata~
DragonFaeLynn chapter 18 . 6/15/2005
Well I'll be damned... It's about flipping time! Ok... I just wanted to share my thoughts... Good chappie by the way... I'm very happy now, well, with those two anyways... On with the story... Tata~
DragonFaeLynn chapter 15 . 6/15/2005
IT'S ABOUT FLIPPING TIME, YOU THINK? This is very sad. I can honestly say that I am literally tearing up, ok, sobbing would be the appropriate(is that the correct spelling?) word. Will you promise me you'll get it published and tell me so that I can buy it? PLEASE? This is AMAZING and I'm not even through reading it! Pl-e-a-s-e?
DragonFaeLynn chapter 10 . 6/15/2005
Hahahahehheh...heh. At least Fenix is there and will be guarding her again... That makes me happy. With where this story is going, I'm guessing that either Fenix or Aiur is going to die at the end or before... I'd be severly crushed, however, it is your story and a very freaking good and depressing one at that. So... if you decide to kill off your characters, it's not my problem. It might make the story better in a way, but let's just say I'd be crying for as long as this story is in my head... That's how much I like it as well. Let's just say that this story isn't going to be leaving my head for at least a month or more... heh. Good job with this so far. I hope you hurry and finish it as well so that I can read more and cry later... heehee. Tata for now while I read your next chappie.
DragonFaeLynn chapter 8 . 6/15/2005
NONONONONONONONO!How could he do that? *sob*
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