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anatidaephobiac chapter 19 . 5/18/2005
that was awesome... it was like... a sex scene without all the gritty details. amazing job. much talented you i think fenix will enjoy that hot tub. hehe tricky, evil me... but don't worry, i won't steal him from you. he can just come to me occasionally for visits.
CynicInLove chapter 19 . 5/18/2005
...this is ur first time writing it? whoo. that is one helluva try for ur first time. it's one thing writing the sex scene without the subtle covering up with words like u did, and another thing symbolizing the feelings and motions and everything and keeping it flowing. one thing that i didn't like was how sometimes it was too lengthy in the descriptions. besides that, u did pretty well for ur first time.

i think i started hyperventilating (or on the verge of it) when i read ur email and u said "it's a fenix/aiur scene" i was like SHIT! he's gonna reveal his identity to her and "how long did it take me to get to this point?" only reinforced my thinking that he was gonna reveal himself. but besides that disappointment but unintentional added suspense, i really enjoyed the chapter. it was beautifully written and ur bound to get better as u keep on writing these scenes. lol! im just so glad to be back to this story, and damn was this chapter a great surprise! they finally admitted their true feelings. although for aiur it was to donnian but as fenix (slobber...m...that stud muffin..lucky aiur) said during ur description of the love scene, the name really didnt matter, it was only he and she i think were u exact words.

great job on this chapter! i can understand ur apprehensiveness because i've tried to write these kind of scenes, but failed miserably and i can imagine the type of anxiousness one might feel when posting a chapter with sex.

wow, i love the emotions that i get from ur stories. they overwhelm me so much. i have this weird thing with me where when i read stories i immediately place myself in the character's position and talk with the emotion they feel and imagine what they might be going through. it's really cool actually, but kinda sucks when the story's emotions dont "connect" with me cuz i lose interest. wonderful job once again! please update soON! love your story! and a certain character ~_
Callie Rose chapter 19 . 5/18/2005
I loved it. Just a bit disapointed that she doesn't know he's Fenix yet though...I still can't wait for her to find out. I wish she knew...really I do, or at least Angela, but oh well. You updated fastly! i don't even think thats a word but it fits. I hope you keep up that updating pattern. I need to know what happens. I crave this story I must know what happens...and i bet he won't tell her he's Fenix til like the last chapter too...poopie.

Well, luv ya! (i realli did love this chapter too)

passion101 chapter 19 . 5/18/2005
I liked it a lot. You didn't use too much detail with the, ahem, scene which was good. I could still tell what was going on and it was more beautiful than any one i've read. It held more importance, which it should have. I just hate the fact that he didn't tell her who he really was. Hopefully he will someday WHEN he returns, b/c he has to.
Arialla chapter 19 . 5/18/2005
Don’t freak out. It was perfect. I could even go so far as to say that it was better than most of your other chapters. ) Great job. Really.

~ Aria
anonymous chapter 19 . 5/18/2005
loved it. it couldnt have been any better.
jules2206 chapter 19 . 5/18/2005
love this! dont worry bout ruining it, i wish he'd tell Aiur that it was Fenix :( and shes still gonna marry that evil man tuh, I don't want her to! sniff love this fic!
Monkebella chapter 19 . 5/18/2005
You shouldn't be so nervous about this chapter. I throughly enjoyed it. In fact, I am really amazed how well you write, and please take that as the compliment it was meant as. I love your story, it is very interesting and flows very naturally. Something similar actually happened to me, but thankfully the guy didn't leave after the fact. Ofcouse, I'm not anywhere as great as Aiur and the story is no where near as cool but it just sparked my memory of that event. Please don't stop updating, this story is just too interesting to stop reading.
Death Princess chapter 19 . 5/18/2005
OH i like the use of the tendrils in the first sentence i always thought tht it was a cool word sounds a bit like an octopus :p. btw i think uve gt a typo on the line'The distance between them seemed to intensity.' its either a typo or im just thick and misunderstood. OMG drama lol he just confesses 2 her and she thinks he's jokin poor guy tho truthfulli i dunt blame her i mean if a guy sed he luved u and u knew u cudnt hve him ud prbbli be in denial but i sppose it is pretty typical of her 2 runaway. btw im typin this as im readin it so u get 1st hand experience of my emotions on evry scene :p yes i hve a sad existence i know so no need 2 tell me i do. omg this is so SWEET truthfulli i expected her 2 runaway *shrugs* oh well i prefer it this way anyways GET IN THERE! ok tht was obscene srry :(. wow u just rote about sex but it didnt seem like it i mean u cud tell it was but there were so many metaphors involved and feelings that well personalli i prefer it this way i mean it gets on my nerves wen ppl write about sex and pick every single detail out of the body truthfulli it mkes me feel ill i mean it seems as if they r trivialisin it and its just 2 bodies mergin nuthin else ok im ramblin ill shutup now but aiurs goin 2 be upset wen she finds out he's gone i realli feel srry 4 the poor girl i mean she neva gets wat she wants :d omg my heart goes out 2 u fenix poor thing wars always ruin ppls lives *sighs* so do assholes and im nt tlkin bout the literal sense *shakes hed* i h8 malloy and i h8 tht otha traitor girl (4gt her name) and the list goes on... i realli wish he wud tell her he is fenix tho oh well. aw thts so sweet he left behind a flower man i wish he realli did exist she sure is gunna get a shock wen she dunt see him again :o. and dunt wrry bout it the chapter was completeli fine personalli i liked it but even if others dunt like it evry1s entitled 2 hve messups so no worries ok and i WILL shutup now and bib! oh and can we hve the old system of review notes bk plz this way annoys me truthfulli UPDATE SOON!
Otabee Mox chapter 19 . 5/18/2005
this chapter was great! it wasnt bad. i dont know what you can do to improve this chapter, but it was really good.. its so sad too... ah! aiur must be so heartbroken.. if any guy did that to me, i swear i would cry in my room for hours thinking of how i was used. LOL. anyway. this was a great chapter, so dont worry too much about it! ;;
objectivity chapter 19 . 5/18/2005
sis! hahah.. your writing naught stuff..tss ts.. just kidding. lol (though i think it would b better if the rating was moved to M). this chapter was great. sappy. nice. haven't read something sweet in a while...the usual angst, i guess. dammit.. i thought fenix would have given his real identity either to angela or aiur.. hahaha D i'm at loss what's going to happen next, and i'm pretty sure the climax will be unexpected. (hope no one dies...doubt it though...) also hope there's going to be a battle between malloy and fenix. . that would be interesting. gotta go..getting late. take care and WELL DONE with this chapter, don't get all embarassed *winx* lol. heart flipstahhz/ rhea
Azn-ArchAngel chapter 19 . 5/18/2005
im still waitin for when he amits taht he really is felix ]
CrystalDusk chapter 19 . 5/18/2005
he left? he just LEFT? and shes gonna marry that other guy? malloy or something?
olivia chapter 19 . 5/18/2005
i er can't believe i just read that. am going to have to make a confession, i think i'm under age. *checks* yep, am. but assuming i'm not, i'd say it's very different (well obviously u've dragged this out for forever) but that you managed to pull it off. i think aiur's character has just weirdened, or rather i never understood her (not that i'd ever claim to have) i'd also say that for goodness' sake, if i were fenix i'd have said "hi im fenix" aeons ago but maybe that's why im NOT fenix. knowing u, though, he'd prolly only reveal it in.. prot 3 or something. P. But well done on getting the chpt out so quickly! i was quite amazed, honestly, that you managed that PP!
Desert Illusion chapter 19 . 5/18/2005
Okay, Aiur! Take a dep breath, and let it out. That's right, dep breath, and let it out. Okay a few more times, and let it al out. Yeah that's it.

Okay, so are you feeling better now? Good, I thought so. Right, so on with the review!

OMG! AIUR! *hugglez you* That was AWSOME! WICKED AND AWSOME! I am ashamed to admit, but I umm, cried. Okay! Don't look at me like that! LOL! I mean, how could you NOT CRY in a scene like THAT! HE'S LEAVING HER FOR HEAVEN's SAKE! *screams at the top of her lungs in agony* How could he leave her, after THAT! *sobs* You mean mean wicked girl! You just love to torture your poor characters, don't you! Oh God! *cries* Poor Aiur! And poor Fenix! This is soo sad! *sobs*

Ah, yeah, I know I'm the one who needs to calm! But how can I! With a chapter ending like that! Gez! I need to get a grip over myslef! LOL!

Anyways, all I can say is that this was an excellent chapter! I like it how it was. It was not graphic, but the hints were enough, and you sort of knew what was going on, and no, I don't think that this would require a rating change. I mean it's not like that! LOL! Anyways, take care okay? DOn't owrry Aiur, I'm sure everyone else also adored the chapter! LOL! It was emotionally wracking! I LOVED it! You could totally sense the tension in the characters! It was really really good, Aiur! Good job! *pats back*

Anyways, no need to fret, it's fine just the way it is! Hehehe!

Take care, okay?

Love you too Aiur! -Maha.
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