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d.n chapter 8 . 5/8/2005
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d.n chapter 4 . 5/8/2005
look im even reveiwing this

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d.n chapter 3 . 5/8/2005
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d.n chapter 1 . 5/8/2005
UPDATE i'm reviewing every chapter until you do
kiki chapter 18 . 5/8/2005
James chapter 18 . 5/8/2005
Hey, this is the first time that I ever distinctively see Fenix think out loud to himself! It’s as hilarious as I thought it would be. Just want to congratulate you now for creating such a lifelike character who has all the facets and dimensions of a real person. And he’s still so likeable too! Another bonus P

I really liked Jack’s conversation with Fenix too. In the beginning I thought Jack was a jerk and a liar (did you mean to have him like that in the beginning too? Or was he supposed to be like this all along?), but now he’s probably my favourite character in PII. It’s amazingly hard to have a huge chunk of the destiny of the whole nation sitting on your shoulders, to have to carry all that weight illegally, and to have all these little burdens hanging off him. I can really imagine him holding a globe on his back, ambling forward slowly, with Fenix hanging on to one of his legs dragging on the floor behind him, and probably Aiur locked in a lock-from-inside box chained to Fenix’s back. Wow, that is one complicated package P but hey, it helps to visualize your story better, since I’ve never been much of a sophisticated reader.

Haven’t seen Fenix stand up against Malloy in a long time either. This was fun, and Malloy couldn’t even do anything about it. Probably didn’t know how to react to it either…if there was really a messenger from somewhere, he’d be wasted and humiliate himself in front of him. Imagine that, drugged baron drunkdancing to entertain urgent messenger…ok sorry went off topic there P I just really want to see Malloy get totally one-upped for once, by some insignificant little event or person, just to spite him, you know? I think probably a lot of others want to see that happen too, people inside the story plus the people reading the story.

Hayden. I know a guy called Hayden, he’s this genius guy I met at science fair…your description of the Hayden in the story seems quite a lot like the guy I met in science fair, so his face keeps appearing all over your story now. This is very interesting, how you choose names that usually people don’t have…is it so that people will have less similarly named people to relate to in real life? Pretty interesting concept isn’t it. And do you ever notice how in almost all books, even ones that have multiple characters, there are rarely two or more people with the same name? That’s another interesting thing isn’t it…for now, the only names you’ve recycled are Aiur and Fenix (gee I wonder why), so you reflect that pattern too P You know, there’s a P.E. class in grade 10 in our school with FOUR people named “Tom”. Not Tommy, or Thomas, or Tomoshkin, just plain ol’ “Tom”. FOUR of them. Maybe that’s why novel writers avoid the same name issue? P

Anyways, looking forward very much to your next chapter, and once again, I totally enjoyed your work ) Thanks!
CynicInLove chapter 18 . 5/7/2005
this is dome1gro..changed my sn..just incase ur confused..

i don;t know what kind of reaction to have. i know that i officially HATE the internet. i've missed SEVEN chapters. SEVEN CHAPTERS! im so goddamed angry right now. i know im just making excuses and i feel so incredibly guilty cuz i feel like i abandoned this story and you as an author. im so sorry.

anyways, wow, seven chapters to , this'll probably be a little scattered since my memory thinks it's okay to remeber something from 2001 and then 1997 if u catch my drift. so yeah, a lot of jumping around. fenix (don't know how i survived without 'hearing' his name...melts in a puddle..i still get shivers. damn, that's naming my first son fenix.) so yeah, fenix certainly took matters into his own hands. i practically fell out of my chair from shock when he kissed her ...and then i had to pick up my jaw from the floor when aiur KISSED MALLOY RIGHT IN FRONT OF FENIX (!) that's like a cold hearted bitch moment for her. geez. and malloy's such a bastard. thankfully that didn't change, maybe not thankfully..can't believe he didnt even let aiur see her DYING FATHER. there's no reasoning behind what he said, it was stupid, something a robot might say. gah! i could FEEL aiur's desperation and i could feel myself start to panick! but then fenix kissed her, and he turned his charm on 'kiss-fenix-and-forget-all-your-troubles' charm that is.

and the rebels are trusting on roanne too much. thankfully jack's starting to think around that ground. god did i miss this story.

o..and i absolutely LOVE the metaphors you put into the chapters, too. im a metaphor girl through and through. most descriptions of mine have some kind of metaphor in it. i love symbolism too. anyways, roanne's not being as careful, especially with the not so subtle retreat of the sons of freedom. anyways,and thank god for angela. she's probably the most patient person i've ever known. i was clawing out my hair with aiur's CONSTANT (24/7) denial of possibly EVERYTHING that seemed to trouble her. thank ngod for angela's patience. my god. AND she's found someone! YAY! ahah, wow so much happened. i can't remember anything else right now, but there's so much more to say. so so sorry for being gone so long. i can't even THINK about abandoning this story. anyways, please update soON!
emeraldwriter chapter 18 . 5/7/2005
HA HA HA! that was so cool! im so excited about the next chapter! you did make me wait long! ha-ha. o'well. the longer means more time to make the chapter perfect! i love it so much! keep writing girl! love ya!
Riku E. Fallon chapter 18 . 5/7/2005
*screams* That kind of cliffhanger is NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT fair!

I love this story so much! If the AWESOME name Fenix wasn't enough, there's the sweet Aiur and the Malloy I just want to pound into the ground and- ah, forget it, I LOVE FENIX!

Please, if you have any kindness in your soul, you will update soon so I won't be stuck here wondering like mad what's going to happen. WILL SHE FINALLY ADMIT IT? I NEED A HAPPY ENDING!
CrystalDusk chapter 18 . 5/6/2005
no! dont make him go away! fenix/donnian and aiur are adorable together. especially when she gets jealous D
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