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Hotkitty chapter 18 . 5/6/2005
i wanned 2 review this as read it, i seriousli did. but my STUPID older sister was signed in and ffpress wouldnt let me sign her off. the only way i could have managed it is if i had switched off the internet but that would have messed up my downloads, and i NEEDED more anime. eck. its my new current obsession. I can only remember one main thing that i was planning on saying on the day i read it. heh. U know wen i was reading the chap, i had just seen an inuyasha ep b4hand and, like, 4 sum reason fenix was appearing in my head with these ickle demon dog ears and long white hair...heh... and a red robe (i think you know where this is going) im not joking, either. it was realli bizarre, like, seeing fenix saying all this stuff 2 aiur and he looked like a dog demon. wow. *cough* okay, i'll review now. i'm gunna begin with an overview of the chap and, if i get time, (ie my sis dont kik me off) im gunna go in2 depth. ahem *cough* anyway. well, in this chap one thing that i just couldnt fail to notice as i read it; they were reminding me an awful lot of high school... heh. like, the whole casual asking each other out thing going. instead of like ur usual serious romance angle it tipped into a more casual teen thing in which they were like they were in highschool again and embarassed about asking each other out and angelas telling aiur to ask him out etc. lol. heh. thats what it reminded me of, anyway. *sighs* reminds me of my own school days wen i was but wee lickle, heh. actualli. we still do that now. the whole ask him out, girl. i think evry1 does. tho, we're not as deep as these lot. heh. no1s as deep as chars on ffpress. theyre just created from our bizarre mindscapes and we overly think them which makes them overly think things and end up killing each other and abandoning each other cause of it. isnt it fun to hurt characters? im sure you'll agree with me. evil child. *glares* u STILL havent replied to my email. *goes in2 a corner and cries* u could at least send a single email saying 'hi' to let me know that ur still ALIVE. i have much 2 tlk 2 u about, child. we'll see if i kan go on msn 2moro. my family is making me regret not watching the film with arjun rampal...meanies. heh. its our own film, so i'll just watch it ON MY OWN wen theyre outta my house. wow. k. heh. i shouldnt sound so redundant in reviews, theyre way 2 public. this kinda rambling is reserved only for emails. its UR fault for not emailing. i miss rambling. :(. heh. okay. i'll start analysing this baby now. i know! can u email it me (this chapter, i mean) and the one of DH. that way i kan send u a massive review. i wanna improve my english lit skills and send you a big critical review thing and comment on ALL aspects of the chapter. im good at that. heh.I'll await the email then. but, for now...inuyasha...and fushigi yuugi. cant 4get hotohori, can i? gad, his name is so ironic ahem *cough* i'll shutup now. toodleo. oh, wait. i g2 reply 2 my response. k. i'll do that first. um, nah, actualli, i cant bother. psh. im sik of tlking 2 u via this review :P. my fingers hu-urt. :). i wanna go thru protector sumtime, wen i get spare time, and compare it to this. that way i'll notice the changes in ur style. ive written the next chap of hunter, i just need 2 type it up and it needs LOADS of editing. my writings all over the place on that 1. an theres loadsa things that i need ur help on on it. i also need jhelp on planning a scene, hmmn. we will see. bibi *huggles* and EMAIL me the chap so i kan review it properli. all i remember at the moment is that i adored it. :D
awaiting impatient person chapter 18 . 5/6/2005
Darnit. I could have sworn that I reviewed the last chapter. (-_-) Darn computer. _ Anyway. I really liked Protector, and the sequel rocks my socks. Me no like, me love! Lol. I can't wait until Fenix admits who he is and that he loves her. And I hope she'll accept him. Please don't make the ending sad like the first one! I almost died when I read the ending... But then I found out that there was a sequel. Phew. _;; Thank God. But, I hope she confesses and I hope he confesses, and they make up and have a happy ending! Whee! Drinks all around. Eh, or maybe not. _ Me seeing swirlies from too much sugar already. I loveseehssehhs it! Update soon, pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty purdy please! (_) Me happy now after reading chapter. If you not update soon me be like this (T_T). That not so happy. See the tearsehhsehsseehss. Lol. Me lovies you and your stories and me thinkies you rock butt!
newgurl chapter 18 . 5/5/2005
ur back! hehehehe... well this review won't be as long as my last one... buti'm back too!hehe... anyweiz..ack! you used so many big words in there.. do you read the dictionary or something? hehe.. i actually had to go to my dictionary and look up 'feral'..hehehe..i know i should know that word..hehe.. im graduating? anyweiz... how COULD malloy? ugh... and thank GOd for angela! :)anyweiz... write your next chapter up soon!:)
maybeXtomorrow chapter 18 . 5/5/2005
*growls* Hi? All he says is 'Hi?' That is like one of those cliff hangers that aren't really cliff hangers... but they are. It absoloutly sucks for Fenix that they are going to make him leave.

I wonder how he's going to tell Aiur that he's really Fenix. I mean... what do you say? Hi Aiur.. I love you... and oh yeah. I'm really Fenix. *dead silence* It's kind of like a bomb. Just... kaboom.

I need to tip-toe over and read the last like... 3 chapters of Dark Hunter. I've really been slacking off on reading that one. *sits down to wait for next chapter*

Oh yeah, and thank you for the reviews on my poems.

nadinae chapter 18 . 5/5/2005
yes! this was awesome! keep them coming!

other than that...c'est fantastico!
Desert Illusion chapter 18 . 5/5/2005
LOL! What in the world happened! Umm, do you think that maybe someone's got access to your account or something, and didn't like the way the story was turning out, so they decided to just deleted it? LOL! That idea is so ABSURD! HAHA! But you know...this is ME who is talking, so yeah, it's expected of me! Hehehe!

Anyways, you got an extra review from me! Hahah! *winks*

Take care Aiur! Ttyl! Heart you!

Loads of love,-Maha.
Hotkitty chapter 17 . 5/5/2005
Dude, wth has chapter 18 gone? i WAS ABOUT TO REVIEW! *glares* grrh
CTRL chapter 17 . 5/5/2005
jeez, i stayed up until midnight last night reading Protector, and i spend most of the morning reading this! lol

All i can say Both of these stories are incredible!

I hope when it all ends Aiur and Fenix get together and be happier than ever. lol

Update soon!

MusicalMooky chapter 17 . 5/4/2005

I'm so glad that you updated. I was beginning to think that you had taken a break from this goodness that Donnian stopped Malloy from taking advantage of ! Aiur has finally admitted that she loved Fenix and that she loves Donnian. It's so cute to know that she fell for Fenix twice, and that he wasn't just a crush. Angela was so great. I'm glad that Donnian and Aiur can finally talk to each other about their feelings. Please update soon so that I won't be left hanging.
genuinelyxoxosuperificial chapter 18 . 5/4/2005
hi k8! this was a GREAT GREAT GREAT chapter _ and i loved the whole bird sun thing! And the wonderfully long chapter. and the whole plot. and you know, the whole story. :P. n u're not horrible for not updating, for goodness' sake. LOL I hit yr 12 and practically stopped social emailing... i very much love this story and it's cos u're such a wonderful writer. laters!
xXbreakXx chapter 18 . 5/3/2005
what a place to leave it! brilliant chapter. you're one of the best writers on this site, and you get better every chapter. keep up the amazing work!
vociferous chapter 18 . 5/3/2005
is it coming?is it coming?are they FINALLY going to get together?ooh,i can't wait!nice chapter, i like the fragmented style of writing!
Tragedy is Love chapter 18 . 5/3/2005
u r the highlight of my day. whenever u update it's like - _

ur brilliant! thankyou for angela - she is brilliant.

will fenix be telling aiur who he is anytime? anyway, it doesn't matter, don't rush it! but don't drag it out either! so long as they know they like/love each other i'm fine. update soon!
anon chapter 18 . 5/2/2005
I love it. Thank you for updating. Bye.
Fenix Fire chapter 18 . 5/2/2005
So, you finally updated, I'm impressed girl. Nice chappy, I hope you really do follow up sometime soon. Don't forget to just im me if you have anything to ask. Adios!
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