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Midnight Shadow chapter 16 . 12/22/2004
WOW and again WOW amazing story please keep updating and i tjink you said somewhwere that one of the bad things about your story is that it is long... i TOTALLY disagree. The fact that its long is good, coz i wont be running out of reading material for a long time. Keep writing ! :)
jade pheonix chapter 16 . 12/21/2004
wow! i read both stories in 2 days! i absolutely love it! please update and keep up the good work!
BKGal-24 chapter 16 . 12/18/2004
Hmm…First of all thank you, thank you, Aiur for finally giving the readers what they’d been dying for! And it was done not once, but twice! Yes!

Okay. So what do I think so far? To be honest, the updates are so sparse that I have forgotten what I read and don’t have the motivation to go back and refresh my memory. That’s not a knock on you or a plea to update more often. I think I should prolly just wait till you finish and then read the story as a whole for a better picture. I also skip the parts where you talk about Roanne and Jack and all that stuff cause like I said, I forget why everyone is fighting and don’t care. I just like Aiur and Fenix/Donnian (I’m confused about what you’re choosing to label him as. Sometimes it’s Donnian and then it switched to Fenix.)

You are so so so incredibly talented at describing feelings, but sometimes it goes overboard. I find myself saying…”okay, I get it….” I wish there was more dialogue and less explanation. It’s a really hard toss up though between attaching yourself to the characters through their own thought processes or through their dialogue with others. I guess I’m a 70% dialogue author and 30% thought author…if you have any idea of what I’m trying to get at. Oi…Maybe I’m more 65/35. Blech. You’ve prolly given up reading this review by now.

Keep it up superstar. You rock!
Little Mermaid chapter 16 . 12/17/2004
she took it the way i thought she was going to. do i like the way its going? OF COURSE (it only took them FOREVER). LOVE IT OF COURSE...

update asap
Azn-ArchAngel chapter 16 . 12/16/2004
oo i read tis chapter alrdy :) i got the alert for tis :) but my computer wouldnt let me put a review...i reli like this chapter :)
britt chapter 16 . 12/15/2004
KAIT! AH... this is just so cutesy. haha.. sorry probably not the critical writers response you were looking for. all i could think while reading this was "if i could write half as good as you, i'd be getting an A in world lit. next year". you have such a gift. it's so grood. ) keep it up! arent you happy i reviewed P? lol! love you!
Mish88 chapter 16 . 12/15/2004
As always, heavenly imagery! I love the insights into the characters thoughts and emotions as it makes the empathy with the characters stronger (If that makes sense!) Sweet sixteen...I know this is late but I don't remember saying "Happy 16th Birthday!"
olivia chapter 16 . 12/15/2004
hi k8.. here on holiday. I was so sad about my cousins and now this makes me sad as well, but is nothing to what I feel about my cousins, though seemingly more tragic/dramatic. and this does not make sense so ignore it. I'm going to go mope in the closet.
maybeXtomorrow chapter 16 . 12/15/2004
well with his name... it was just like *kabammy!* and i was like "well hum.. how do i pronouce that" because i'd been pronouncing it in my head but i'm great at mangling names. really good at it. so i decided to ask. and besides, pheonix is a cool sounding name... so that means fenix is too. and Fenix is easier to spell. so there. HA! (pretty good logic huh?)

yeah i was actually about to email you just because i wanted to review. but it was fixed just in time.

(and now to the actual review) YAY! he kissed her. poor him though that she's not sure what to do. and is she married to malloy yet or are they just engaged? poor aiur is in a sad state of affairs. (well actually it's probably not THAT bad, i just got the urge to say that.)

anywho, that's all for now. i'm curious now to find out what happens when aiur discovers that it's really fenix. and how that will go down between them and malloy. hm, *in a deep foreboding voice* and the plot thickens... (*snort* yeah... um i'm cool... *wink wink*)-Amy
Olivia chapter 15 . 12/15/2004
eh ive read this chpt b4 but i can't remember if I've reviewed or not. Anyway you hopefully know my email addy by now (:P).. thanks girl i did do well in exams. Gonna go mope now, I just left Sydney and am missing my cousins like CRAZY.
liz chapter 16 . 12/14/2004
Wow. Gosh, what can I say about your writing? You blow me away with every single chapter. This flowed so seemlessly. In my head, I wanted all this passion and I wanted her to fall for him and everything, but now that I've read this, I love what you've done, too. It wasn't what I thought it would be. Excellent, though, and so darn good I can't help loving it. Though I want them together NOW. LoL. Awesome movement; it's so nice to see some romance flowing into this. You have such a knack for it. Why didn't you ever write it in before? Haha. Well, there's nothing you don't already know. I loved reading this chapter. It was flawless, to me. Perfect. Update soon, please!
joanna m. w chapter 16 . 12/14/2004
Time to fall... Wow, I'm speechless once again, enthralled by your writing. Well I must say I don't think I've ever come across a grammar error (or perhaps I didn't notice- too absorbed in the chapter) Lol, sorry but I couldn't help but point it out cause the other day i was re-reading some of my older stuff *shivers* hundreds and thousands of mistakes here and there, and everywhere! So yes, I just wanted to point that out, Nice job! Fenix and Aiur's "relationship" seems to be progressing... well to some extant. Although at this moment I'm really quite curious to read of Aiur's reaction, especially since she suddenly just took off. Poor Fenix *sniffles*. And did she kiss him back? I know Fenix initiated the kiss, that he kissed her wanting her to feel what he felt for her and stuff- and that she didn't pull away or anything. But it didn't say if she kissed him back, passion for passion! ... great now this is gunna be bugging me, lol, well update soon! Don't keep us all waiting too long. -black rose
anatidaephobiac chapter 16 . 12/14/2004
Hm... I think I was lazy and didn't review this chap. even though I'd read it... Sorry bout that... I got your email (which was a good idea by the way) and was like... hm check it out incase. So yeah... Malloy that loser... Just in general. Aiur's being s-t-u-p-i-d though... trying to FORCE herself to like him. I'm glad Fenix came back to you alright... I made sure he washed his hands and any other part of his body that might have come in contact with me during that hug... that's why there were no fingerprints. see... i told you that there was nothing to worry about. fenix is cool. i wouldn't hurt him... plus he's this big buff guardian dude... i probably couldn't hurt him if i tried. Yeah i'm happy the site isn't all wacky messed up anymore too... that used to make me extremely angry. but no more! yay!hmm I go now... Update soon pretty please!
James chapter 16 . 12/14/2004
No author alert for me…I’m not even a member of the site P but I do pay attention when you note updates on your sn! Man I loved this chapter. Especially the part when she argued with herself about whether that whole event was wrong or not…maybe it’s just me but it did sound a lot like you! P Aiur dude, I’m a little bit disappointed in you, if you are who you used to be, then there will be nothing in your heart or mind that will be able to tell you that it feels the least bit wrong. What happened was “meant to be”. However, given the present situation, and given that you wholeheartedly believed his death and so totally cannot tell that Donnian is him…well, I guess that’s excuse enough for you to feel how you feel. At least a part of you is countering the force of you feeling totally wrong. Maybe your not feeling anything may be due to the fact that it should’ve been such a natural movement, one rehearsed over and over for both you and for him subconsciously. That’s why in practice it was not at all awkward….if you don’t think that’s why then it’s ok, leave you to figure it I am VERY disappointed in you to do what you did with Malloy. That is just uncalled for, and as if that’s not bad enough (not bad enough? /), you had to justify it too. Unjustifiable actions can only be apologized for, and you didn’t even do that…Are you really going to force him to just drop his identity and reconcile with you as the last desperate attempt to right things? Get it through, Malloy does not in any way care about you, he’s probably grinning like a retard inside his twisted head about your father’s death. Can’t you tell he likes the idea of that so much that it’s impossible to show any regret for it at all?Fenix, good plan, I’m with you all the way, even though that’s probably the last thing I’d do if I were you. Your days of opportunity are numbered, and if you do not listen to your heart now it may hold a grudge and never talk to you again. Go with the flow, end up at sea, and go towards the horizon from please update please update please update please! Thank you thank you! D
luelle chapter 7 . 12/14/2004
heyi think you are using way too much of the past chapter its getting boring
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