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Masavi chapter 15 . 11/30/2004
I luve it...

This story's da bawmb!

Okay... yeah...

Just, do your thang or whatever your thang is...



Anyway... you should be professional or something.

O.K. Goodbye.
Little Mermaid chapter 15 . 11/28/2004
ok that took me about a billions years to catch up on...but i finallyy made it! holii moli kanoli FINALLYY IT ONLY TOOK HIM HOW MANY CHAPTERS (including the ohter one)? mann talk about slowness can she please figure out who he is because i'm gonnaa pull my hair out or something

update asap
Sad Songs Remind Me chapter 15 . 11/20/2004
I missed this story. I needed to come back and review and tell you how much this chapter rocked my world. THEY EFFING KISSED! You, my dear, are the winner of the let's-prolong-the-romance-part-of-the-story-longest. Rock the hell on. And not only was it prefect, but it was beautiful. I can't wait for more.-Ashley
puuuurfect angel chapter 15 . 11/11/2004
Happy (really belated) birthday!
This site is annoying the hell out of me! Everytime I try to leave you a review it won't let me, gah!
But... but... it's happened! Their first ever kiss! And let's hope for more of those in the future! hee...
Eugh, I'm having difficulties remembering everything that went on in the chapter (I've got too much stuff swirling round in my poor old head at the moment) but I DO remember that I still don't like his evilness and it surpasses me how she can possibly even be engaged to him! I'd have stuck a knife deep into his chest within fifteen minutes with him!
When's someone, I don't care who, just someone, gonna figure out that Fenix is back in the castle? and when's Aiur gonna tell Donnian about Fenix?
Poor Aiur's father too! Sorry, these are all just random things that are coming back to me as I'm writing this... I'll stop now...
But how the hell do you manage to write such LONG chapters and STILL have LOADS to write about? When I write something as long as some of your chapters it a) takes me forever to write up and b) leaves me stumpted as to how I can continue it afterwards!
Update again asap!
maybeXtomorrow chapter 15 . 11/10/2004
GAH! *pull at hair* fictionpress WOULD NOT let me review! that little box thingy wouldn't come up. and i've not gotten a chance to even READ... i forgot the name of it. your other story. i know what its called... i just can't think of it. ANYWAY school is annoying. no one ever updates. and i never get a chance to read. evil evil evil. *sniffle snort* YAY! he kissed her! gosh... yay. See now it easier to invision them now that i know the age differences. now i want to know when she finds out he's fenix.
just out of curiosity, is that pronounced the same as Phenoix?
i'm in love with this story, as well as the... prequel? is that what it would be called? oh well. as well as Protector... the first one. hah! i'm going to wait for the next chapter. and right now i'm going to go and read the chapter of... ah.. your other story... and review those.
Iarrod chapter 15 . 11/9/2004
Your story is awesome!
i love this story but WHY did you havta make Fenix so so so...SAD! And Aiur too!
You better gimme a happy ending!
I'm looking forward to it!
Love your story!
And love you too for writing this story! *muaks*
liz chapter 15 . 11/4/2004
I don't have much time, but I LOVED IT! You wrote it really, really well. Ten thumbs up and a million gasps and it wouldn't be enough. Superb.
Lukertin chapter 15 . 11/3/2004
I love this story. I just read the other one and couldn't stop. Curse you, for causing me to shirk my studies! Oh well, it time well spent. Let's see some more, soon, fast, now.
Ranting Forever n Rambling On chapter 15 . 11/2/2004
KISSING! bwahahahahahahahah! about time! honestly! okay, I'm done with that now... man...I'm so bummed, I haven't been able to write anything funny at all... Malloy's such a jerk. I hate him! That's it! I officially hate him with a passion from now on...o.O Wait...I hated him before too, didn't I? Oh well. I'm so happy you updated. I should update too... And I will... Eventually. Well, I hate leaving this so short, but I must be off. Until the next chapter _. Update soon!
joanna m. w chapter 15 . 11/2/2004
FINALLY! This stupid site wouldn't let me submit my review! Damn this site to hell(i've tried for 3 days in a row), gr... well ANYWAYS back to 'my review' :o *speechless* WOW! *gasps* they're finally sharing that one kiss that we've all waited so very long for. *sniffles* It's all so sweet and romantic. But i feel so sorry for Aiur, i mean she's been through so much heart ache, she's truly broken. She's shattered on the floor into little bits and pieces, somewhat given up, stopped fighting back, and now Fenix is here, he's the one to mend her back together again. They're meant to be, like two adjoining puzzle pieces. Each and every puzzle piece holds a different image, is shaped and cut differently and yet when you put the two together they fit so perfectly. Fenix has pledged his loyalty to another force, Aiur is to be queen to his enemy, both have hurt, both have shed tears, both so different, and yet they're meant to be together, and fit together perfectly. Lol, well i hope you get wut i mean, i'm really into ure fic- it's BRILLIANT. And your writing has really progressed onto a higher level -not saying that your writing b4 suk'd, no way!- BUT you know wut i mean, u just keep getting better and better at wut u do, so keep on writing. I'm shure one day i'll come across a book written by you on the very shelf of a book store, cuz that's just how captivating and amazing ure writing truly is. And ure definately on my favs, and it feels a bit rude to ask, but could u check out one of my fics, i'd be honored D, lol, well update soon! don't keep us all readers waiting too long.
-bLaCk RoSe
psychedelic mishap chapter 15 . 11/2/2004
you just HAD to end it there...didnt you? aargh!
well, its been a long time since i read ur story and when i finalli do, theres like another 6 chapters! D
which is still pretti good, but sorri that i didn't read em before! ur story was aggravating the hell out of me. lol!
but now, fenix is back its all cool. *smiles*
please update soon!
anatidaephobiac chapter 15 . 11/1/2004
So... stupid website... I tried to review this like the first time it was posted... but i guess the site ate it.
happy birthday! happy sweet sixteen! lucky you... I can't wait til i turn 16... i've still got a little less than 2 months left though...
anyway... AW he kissed her! yay! pft... finally.
by the way... after fenix gave me a hug, i gave him back and he DIDN'T HAVE ANY SCRATCHES! Aren't you thrilled about that? This way I don't have to die like you threatened...
hm... this review was better the first time... i should have copied it like you suggested. oh well.
update soon!
Morgan Davis chapter 15 . 10/31/2004
actually when the reviews mess up and say error and all that all you have to do is click inside the window and hit backspace. it'll just jump you back to your review. then just wait for a little while and try again. but i seriously want to know why the site keeps getting all messed up like it does! it makes no sense! are they redoing the sight or what? oh well. . . ok well here's your review- ok i absolutly completly love it! ! ! you are such a great writer! i really mean that too. . . plus you don't have that many errors when you write so theres no critcism in that catigory. . . actually i have no critcism, except for me wondering when he's going to tell her who he is! he has alot he needs to tell her! ! ! plus he'll have to justify alot too! man thats going to be hell! oh well if they truly love each other they'll be able to move on. . . hopefully. well if she married him, the whole story would work out just fine cuz he's kinda a rebel now so the rebels would no longer want to take over they would just be friends right? well maybe! man i wish this would have been done when i started when i read it cuz then i wouldn't be left with such a cliffy! but seriously this story is so. . .real? i guess there's no other word for it. but i totally love it, and can't wait to see her reaction to this kiss! ! ! ! !
xTamx chapter 15 . 10/29/2004
oh he kissed her! O I wonder how she'll react... hm... And btw that chapter was v. v. good! Like always.. lol. I've been waiting 4 age update and now u have! So im happy. D Once again I would like 2 say: Your stories rule and I really really like them and am very very jealous of ur talent. lol! P Well done! And also... happy belated birthday! How does it feel being 16? lol. I will end this review by saying... I STILL HATE MALLOY! lol! but sadly he's still not dead no matter how hard I try to kill him... ( Cant wait 4 ur next chapter!
lilxseeker chapter 15 . 10/28/2004
o0o0o they finally kiss! aiya..its so sad that the king is dead or almost dead n aiur cant remeber the last time she told him she loved him! this is too sad! you gotta keep updating! i love the twist in the stories!
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