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Coliadinae chapter 22 . 9/9/2005
I understand what you mean. I've been reading this story for a while now, and never have posted. I just want to say that i LOVE your writing, so take your time, and even if it does take 10 years Im gonna be here reading. Im glad your trip was good. And hope you dont give up on the story.
Monkebella chapter 22 . 9/9/2005
I can understand your change of views and priorities. At one point or another everyone changes what they once thought to be the most important to them and that show growth, so I commend you for it and hope everything goes well for you. I am a bit sad that you will most likely not finish Protector II. I have to say, I really did enjoy reading it, even if to you it was not the best written story, it did make an impact. Writting is not about acclaim like you said before, but inspite of that, you have my praise for being a person who touches other's with their art. Fenix/Donian is the perfect desperate and misunderstood hero and Aiur is a great strong minded and tough maiden in distress. It is a good story, it deals directly with the character feelings and normal human instict(protect, love, hate, jealousy, loss of hope)Thanks for writting it and making me fantazise about a great guy like that, even if it was a bad plot like you say.
Sad Songs Remind Me chapter 22 . 9/8/2005
So. I'm breaking the rules. (I'm such a rebel. HAHA.) But, I just wanted to let you know that I'm so proud of everything you do with this story and FP. Not that my opinion matters to you, just that your bravery and honesty is everything that is missing from this site. You are my role model and one of the only things I'm going to miss about writing for this site is your reviews and your insight. Thank you for everything.
Perfect Bliss chapter 22 . 9/8/2005
hey there! it's good to hear from you: I'm glad your trip was awesome :D! Hey don't worry about not updating. i know how it's like. Sometimes you just need time to readjust your ideas and time runs out and well a writer's block hits you: but I wanted to tell you that you should take all the time you need. And I'll being a writer (not as good as you of course) understand perfectly. And don't say you don't desearve each and every review because you do! your story is awesome. "We become the things we do" was said by Stephan Jenkins of 3eb and that's true. And you are what you write so you must be great. And well m sorry for this crappy review but I want to let you know I'm here to keep reading and supportin you (no matter how long it takes you :D)
g chapter 21 . 8/19/2005
dang! cliff hanger! update son!
anon chapter 21 . 8/19/2005
I love this story! PLEASE UPDATE! :D
michelle chapter 21 . 8/18/2005
heyy! sorry for the tres late review.. was on holiday touring the world P trust you had fun in you french program? maybe next time i should review in french P you know.. to let you practise and all. okay, so here goes, lemme try :

Ceci était un chapitre splendide. Je l'ai aimé (comme d'habitude.) Je suis content que ce hayden pouvait le parler finalement avec aiur, comment il lui a donné un plus d'espoir de morceau.

lmfao.. okay., half of that was done in free translation since my french sucks THAT bad :P anyway! to repeat: splendid chapter.. loved it, as usual. im really glad that hayden finally was able to really speak and talk it through with aiur, how he has given her some hope now - how he can bring fennian back to her. i'm glad she's come to terms that fennian did not run away cos hes guilty, in the previous chapter i couldn't see how she could've ever doubted him. but i feel for her. losing the man she loves.. again and again. but got a ques.. does hayden know fennian or something? like before fenix turned donnian.. i dont know, the writing jus gives me a sense they knew each other before.. or maybe its just me.

i loved the line he said: “Because I feel that when you find the person who makes you complete, you don’t ever let go of them, you don’t ever let them walk away from you. And when you find the place you belong, you don’t ever leave it.”

awesome.. just so true, and so well put. i love this hayden guy! (not to mention the fact i see his face as that of hayden christensen, which is totally an added bonus ;) ).. hes funny, but also knows when to be serious at the right time. he just seems to be always there.. and i see him playin an important role now in the whole fennian/aiur relationship. and i love him, just for getting through to aiur.

ok this has got to be the shittiest review ever :P but yes. next chapter, eagerly awaiting. and i read your bio (yes again).. dont give up on fictionpress! i started to come here too cos the writing quality diminished over there on FF.. and i get what you mean by people just writing to get reviews. its stupid. but yeah.. hope you update soon! and i really hope that hayden can bring fennian back with him. i can't wait till the day fennian finally confesses to aiur he's fenix! i'd die :P

anyway ta for now. update soon, please!

love, michelle
Sun Chime chapter 21 . 8/18/2005
Wow! Hayden FOUND him? Well, so this story's moving quick now. That's a good thing. And yes, please keep with this story, I'll be devastated if you don't post any more chapters. I've stayed with Protector and Protector II since frever, it would be terrible sad if you never finish the story!
xraspberrykissesx chapter 21 . 8/11/2005
whole story is amazing! i can't wait to see the reaction when every1 found out he's Fenix!
puuuurfect angel chapter 21 . 8/9/2005
Argh, I'm so sorry that I took so long to review! I just haven't been home and had access to the internet to be able to actually leave one. I wanted to get this written before you got back from your French bedooda, but meh, too slow. Sorry again!

Anyways, rather interesting chapter. Funny. A little hard to understand just why he'd go fetch Fenix and how he knew that he'd find him there... but never mind that. I feel sorry for poor Aiur. I understand her pain there. And I'll admit that it usually takes a while to get everything back in place after someone's hurt you like that. Still, if she marries Malloy, gr!

On that note, if you dare stop writing on here... well, let's just say I won't be happy! 5 weeks is absolutely nothing compared to how long some of the authors on here keep us waiting for new chapters! (myself included from time to time). Faithful readers don't give up on stories just because of how long it took for the next bit to come out. Look at J.K. Rowling, she had a bazillion readers and it took her forever to get book 5 out. I doubt many people gave up on her just because she took a while to get it out. It's the same with you. If you stop writing on here, I swear I'll hunt you down and hit you repeatedly with a spork! I'm going to be in Canada in the summer of '07 too! I'm brandishing my spork at you now!
JoyceyBoycey chapter 21 . 8/4/2005
I love this story and I can't wait until you start up with the series again after you come back from your trip!
Morgan Davis chapter 21 . 8/2/2005
ok! well i definatly want this to stay on this site! how could you say such a thing? make such a suggestion? im half mind to not review. . . as you can see it was only half mind. lol! ok well i hope you get to work fast and update soon! i really like how this is turning out tho! i kinda can piece together the bits and figure out the plot and such but you always seem to fool me! lol. ok well when the story is finished i'll do a full critique on it for ya! so dont hold off on updates! :D
James chapter 21 . 8/2/2005
Yay happy chapter D sorta. I love this Hayden character. Who did you model him after? Jeet? What a hilarious guy. Except for the things he believes in…I just find that “Everything will be alright. Please believe it.” doesn’t fit well at all with the rest of the trends of the story…So in the end, I guess it’s either he’ll be very disappointed, or I’m going to be very surprised. Still, hope for the best! Prove to the world that love DOES conquer all. I’m with you all the way Hayden! Way to pick on Fenix too, I bet he really deserves some decent berating once in a while. Just don’t make yourself too at home there, cuz then you’d end up like him P

And how does Malloy think that he can just imprison a whole bunch of random characters and just kill them all in the dungeon? This is going to be one heck of a weird murder mystery for the people. Once they find out Malloy did it, there’s going to be no hope for him left. Of course, how would they find out? Simple! If one person manages to feign death and hide underneath someone’s slain corps, and when everyone leaves, burrow out from the layers of dead bodies, he can go out and tell everyone else what has happened…but then, it’d be a problem convincing everyone that Malloy did it. He probably wouldn’t know himself that it was Malloy. But still, it would raise awareness…actually never mind, what has raising awareness ever done to save us from anything…

This chapter was such smooth reading; so little pausing and re-reading and re-thinking what I read. I like it this way P maybe it’s because I’m such a simple person, but plot advancement gets to me so much easier than depth increment. Sorry to have reviewed so late, but yeah, love your story, and welcome back!
SnowFallingOnTheCeders chapter 21 . 8/1/2005
HEY! okay so i just re read this entire story from the VERY begining hoping against hope that you might have the next chapter up by the time that I fnish. but NO! HOW CAN YOU LEAVE ME LIKE THIS? I NEED THE REST OF THE STORY! okay okay.. im calm now. I love your story. Please finish!
Flora chapter 21 . 7/30/2005
Your story is brilliant. I've read both parts of it today and couldn't stop! The plot is really good - I hate cliche stories, they get so boring after a while, and I love the way you've built up the relationship between Fenix and Aiur. One slightly confusing thing about the story is when it is set - what time period. This is slighly offputing, but not very. For most of the time your speling and grammar is great - but occasionally you slip up with an irregualr past tense or something.e.g. not treaded, but trod. But that hardly ever happens and I'm just picky! lol! I know you'll want a really long review - but I dont't have time right now, but I promise I'll give you a longer one next time you update - i.e. update fast! lol!
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