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SereneDefiance chapter 13 . 1/13/2016
Also, I don't want Addi to go and see Sam, because I get the feeling that he's going to try something. And it might be just like "hey you're cute and stuff" or it could turn into "take of your pants and dangerous" rape or something and AAGGHHH. And Mali...NOOOOOOOOOO
SereneDefiance chapter 14 . 1/13/2016
WHA! I really REALLY hope you continue this story. I didn't realize until after I started reading when the last time it was updated...I like how you write. I would have such a hard time writing characters with these specific attitudes, so I am extremely impressed. When I try they just turn into assholes you want to hate. BUT I LOVE THIS and I want more. T_T
Everfew chapter 3 . 2/20/2015
I like the story, and the fact that it's compelling and well-written.
lightXdarkness chapter 14 . 2/11/2013
For some strange reason, I have the same heavy heart as Addi has in this chapter. I don't know but I feel like drama is going to start again. We got Sam, Mali, Ralph who disowned them both, Camilla who will most likely be upset wit Ralph, and of course, Addi's mother Patty, who is just met Addi.

It's been years since your last update and I am hoping if you would gain interest and continue in these chapters. You left off at a cliff hanger and I am sure people would be thrill to find out what happened next. Plus, your story just messaged me to tell you that it said that it's still alive! Oh and breating apparently. Hehehe. Well hope your okay as well and love the story! I'm the 200th reviewer. Yay!
Wolf Puppy chapter 14 . 7/4/2012
This was such an amazing read! You have such unique characters and you kept me wondering what was going to happen next. Awesome! I hope for an update :3
jayyluvr28 chapter 14 . 3/7/2011
Holy fuck what's going to happen!
adioseveryone chapter 14 . 3/28/2010
very nice. i like Sam, lol. too bad Addi is in love with Tyler. cause sounds like Sam likes Addi. can't wait to see what happens.
Randomness chapter 14 . 10/14/2009
I know this was updated years ago and don't know if your are ever gonna finish it but I really hope you do because I am enjoying this very mch.

The relationship between Addi and Tyler is really weird. It doesn't feel like they are a couple at all, I wish they would sort out their differences.

I don't like Malachi or Sam as they pose a threat to both Tyler and Addi. Addi seemed to be in love with Tyler at the beginning and admitted it to himself but as your chapters went on I wasn't sure if he still loves Tyler like he used to as he can't tell Tyler he loves him too or he ever thinks about Tyler anymore. Yeah, I know he has a lot on his mind at the moment what with finding he has new secret family and sorting his bills and juggling school and social life, I just wish I knew if he will end up with Tyler in the end or not because at the moment it seems its not likely. I so hope they end up together as they make a sweet couple.

Please finish this story and make me a happy bunny :)
Subbie chapter 14 . 1/6/2009
XYZ chapter 2 . 7/19/2008
Quote Addison chapter 1:

"I only stood 5'3”, I was 91 pounds, and I was mostly seen wearing thick pink or black eyeshadow."

Quote chapter 2:

"And that was when he stood up and walked toward me, his eyes sharply looking into mine. “How tall are you?”

“Five seven. You?”

He grinned. “I’m short.”

“I noticed.”

“Yeah. I’m only five-three.” The look in his eyes told me he didn’t know why he had just waked up to me, and he looked down at his palms, before picking up a book that lay on the table just to my left."

I don't know if you noticed this already but I just thought I should let you know anyway.
cylindric chapter 14 . 6/27/2008
i love you, and if you weren't gay, i think we would have babies. you are such an amazing writer.

by the way, UPDATE.
Ty Taco chapter 14 . 5/8/2008
I don't like Malachi.

I really really don't.

I don't trust him.

I don't trust Ty around him.

I don't trust anything about it.

And it scares me.

He needs to say I Love You back to Ty.

And there needs to be a decision made soon.

I know Tya and Addi are together, but Ty now has this gorgeous guy from his past and they flirt CONSTANTLY and it makes me angry, and Addi has this Sam character.

We need a decision.

I can't handle all this flirting and shit.


I have a boyfriend, and I don't flirt with other guys.

My boyfriend would be pissed.

I can just see it now.


Gays may have very active sex lives, but we don't stand for cheaters.

And in most books, flirting is just pre-cheating.

Setting up for a bad situation.


So...choices need to be made.

Addi and Ty.

Addi and Sam?

Ty and Mali?

Sam and Mali?



And stop with the flirting.


We don't see like...any of it.



Ty Taco chapter 10 . 5/7/2008
amazing book./

love you.


i-see-faeries chapter 14 . 3/12/2008
This is such an interesting story. A little weird, a little crazy, but that's what makes it awesome. D But I love it. Update soon.
kirarin242 chapter 14 . 2/29/2008
plz make more -_- chapters! this one was really good! bty ( meaning by the way! )
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