Reviews for Beware the Sphinx's Hieroglyph
Kelpylion chapter 1 . 2/27/2004
*furrows brows thoughtfully*
Trying to find out precisely what you intended to say here...
What I took from this was that the Sphinx's hieroglyph is an impossible-to-decipher sort of message, from which people hope to find happiness, gold, truth, etc, but it somehow causes them to become evil, deceptive, and greedy. But why? You give small hints about shifting sands and old riddles, and the repeated one that 'no message is to be found in this,' but altogether the metaphor is not...very clear, despite the imagery and frightening sort of beauty you wove into this. You seem to say 'do not try to find a panacea; the quest will destroy you,' which is interesting, but a little more justification is probably in order.
The rhyming,rhythm of the central lines in each stanza was excellent, but some of the words you tried to rhyme with 'hieroglyph' didn't quite fit...But considering the word, you actually did quite an amazing job on I liked this poem, because it confused me through neither stupidity or overly intellectual obsfucation, (I like the word, So sue me) but because you were seeing things very differently from me, probably on a difficult subject (because I won't presume to assume I know what you were talking about.) and still came up with something full of awesome drama and mysticism.
Furthermore, if it's 'old,' and you're only 13...well, that's pretty amazing, in itself. And, oh yes, muchly many thank-yous for your reviews;they have to be the most intelligent I've seen since, say, aleppine. *cough*goreadherstuff*cough*
I think you misinterpreted a couple of lines in 'Seraphic Snow...', but you also had some interesting insights about what the whole thing meant...I deeply appreciated it, and remind me to respond to it properly at some point.
About 'Creatures in a Cave...' you're deeply right; I gave into the urge to rant about my peers and their behavior, without really giving any depth to it.
I did use 'we' when I referred to high-schoolers as 'creatures,' though, so don't get me wrong. I'm not saying I'm not part of the madness at all.