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cahkoh chapter 19 . 7/18/2004
I love this story. so good! update asap!
pinewarrior chapter 19 . 7/18/2004
No prob. :D
lol, aw that is so sweet! i can't wait until after thanksgiving!
sorry i didn't review right away - i was at my dad's house.
keep writing please!
TwinMoon chapter 19 . 7/17/2004
Ok I absolutely LOVE this story. Im falling over in shock...AGAIN! 0.o its interesting and well written And you keep me wanting to read more. OMG! *beats down feminine side with a stick* phew... OK back to my loverly review. I think this my second time reading your story. *sob* I have no life , *sigh* OH WELL. ill get over it ... the Michael/Jessica romance is ... well not exactly unexpected, its a traditional with a twist. Refreshing. I like it. though others may disagree. Miranda's little problem is quite understandable. the reasons are realistic. I don't know how Jessica and Miranda's rivalry will play in the future, but if Miranda gets off her high horse, the two could probably be friends. it happens ALL the time. I know because my Best friend and I were enemies at one point. as a whole (so far) I give MTDT a high "B." May Jess's parents see the light and i review again with the next chappy. keep up the good work. _~
Seraindipity chapter 2 . 7/16/2004
I almost didn't review, because my mother says if you haven't got anything nice to say then don't say anything. run-on sentences, an almost ridiculous perfection, and an inaccuracy in the characters that could kill. I couldn't even finish reading it. The characters are all very interesting and well-rounded and written. But they have no particular substance. Their problems are all so superficial and shallow it's difficult to realize that you put them in a story. It's all really unrealistic. Jessica doesn't really add up. This club thing is odd, and the guy in the bar would soun dblack if it weren't for his eyes. In fact, a lot of this sounds like white people trying to look or sound black. I think you nee to hone your writing skills. You have talent, you just aren't using it properly.
decree of fate chapter 19 . 7/16/2004
Poor Jessica. I'd probably feel the same way too. Aw, Michael's feeling slightly overprotective of his little sister. lol... jessica's asking some pretty good questions! this game is awesome! :) "government name"...never heard that one before...but that's cool ..makes it sound like a code name or something, I think I've been watching too many spy shows lol. Yay and we finally find out d's real name! lisa was too cute :) lol...i like her a lot more now though! that dare is hilarious! aww, d's scared of and the guys teasing her was too funny. michael and alyssa seem to have a good relationship too i liked their teasing each other...kind of reminded me of me and my sibs. i like drea & sam...they're cool! and drea & sam are really sneaky which is even more awesomer. aw stupid drunken guys... argh! but at least michael's not pushing away anymore! YAY!
Grace Hsia chapter 19 . 7/16/2004
LOL! O yea, much thanks to you from me for making this chapter especially long and nice. lol! You were gonna split this into 2 chapters? Thank goodness you didn't! It just seems like the chapter belongs together.
17 pages?
Whoa...*bows down to author's greatness and hard earned efforts*
That's really awesome! It's so nice that you write so much for us readers lol. _ Anyhows, yay! Glad to see that you really don't mind my long reviews because, yea much to many people's dismay (mainly my family's), I like to talk A LOT!
Much to the chagrin of many. _
Ahem, back to the matters at hand. LOL! Hm...I wonder what Miranda was thinking when Jessica sent Michael that glance/smile and he returned it...probably something along the lines of , " shall I kill that wretch? By mace or ax? Or better yet, maybe I should bash her to death with my purse (ie bonking device...and they work quite well when someone is annoying you and you hit them over the head with the purse. _ I have had Have you ever tried to use a purse as a mace before? It's quite...interesting...and sometimes hazardous to the passerbys)
Take for instance a happy day in the summer at the mall. My best friend Eva and I and my little sister were there. All of a sudden, Tammy (the little annoying clod of humanity otherwise known dearly by my parents as my little sister) started annoying me. Please take note that she's about 12 and should know better. Anyhows, so she wouldn't shut up. So, I swung my purse in an ill-fated bashing atempt for the fates decided not to acquiense my request (I missed. ~) And purse was, um, open. As in unzipped. As in that when I swung it, the miscellaneous items in the usually zipped up purse flew out and nearly miamed the people around me. lol! And well...although my purse missed my little sister, my mascara tube didn't.(Good mascara tube! *pats it like a dog*)
Ahem, moving on from my wonderful scenes that I make at the mall.
LOL! I love how you made them play a card game. And how you added the thoughts of each of the players and how Michael is just like, "Why the hell am I even playing this stupid game." LOL! That was hilarious, and well, Kates is just like, "Why do I suck so bad?" lol! That is so funny.
Does Midnight Run actually exist? It does sound really cool...someplace that I wish I could hang out. lol!
Aw...(ignore all the sentimentalism here because you've probably heard it enough. lol! Just kidding) Michael has finally admitted his feelings towards Jessica...and he sort of is taking a little bit of admittance into it. Did that make sense?
Ahem, back to answering your nice lovely long reply to my other super long review.
*Nods head solemnly* Yes I had to wait over AN HOUR FOR THE CURSED BATHROOM! It was pure evil crush. Why'd he sit in the back?
Did I ever mention how much your story rocks? lol! Anyhows, moving on.
I know, I probably SHOULD have distracted him or something...ah but I can be dumb like that where I do not do so. LOL! OMG! Your friends told him that you liked him? If it were me, it would have been the Hulk (impersonation of course) over again. lol! With all the blasting through their doors and getting them when they're sleeping at night. lol!
Ah yes...please don't remind me! *acts worries, I'm not really* And's pretty embarassing. I considered sending it to Teen People a couple of times...but's kind of embarassing even to today, but compared to other people's embarassing situations, it doesn't make squat. _
Your brother gave them to them because he said that they were his friends? How messed up is that when these supposed 'friends' aren't even the people that he hangs out with? That is so weird. lol! I can just picture those amazed people.
"Your HIS SISTER? OMG!" Yea, those frekay prep people...I'm among them but not one of the freak y ones cuz I don't wear bad perfume nor overdo my makeup like SOME tend to do. Nor do I go for buying only Abercrombie and Fitch and those big name brands (whatever they are) cuz I don't believe in paying some 50 dollars for a shirt that only cost that much because it has the words Abercrombie and Fitch on it. And the shirt usually does cost like 15 dollars or so at another store just because it doesn't have the words emblazoned upon it. LOL! I really went on and on there didn't I?

Ok, moving on. That Maria chick was really messed up wasn't she? Ugh. *Goes and chucks an eyeshadow compact at her* God, what an idiot! She only befriended you to get to your brother and his best friend Scott? What kind of a messed up thing was she trying to do? LOL! Hey, at least your nice. If I were in your place, I probably would have smiled sweetly and said, "Hun, get out and get Scott by yourself without using people." Then I'd promptly slam the door (Which would conveniently pop up)in her face.
_ I'm such a nice person aren't I? Just kidding. Yea, I have my bad days...though usually not at that certain time of month that involves something red. It's kind of freaky because I'm never moody during that special time of month. Nope, I'm always cheerful and happy!

I think I officially scared myself. Well, at least Maria and Scott broke up...did he break up with her or was it the other way around? And she stopped being your friend? That was just really mean and messed up. Hey, at least you've got some good friends like Scott and your brother...although your brother is your sort of blood-friends?
Gah...I'm confusing myself. NO! You never got to go back to the war between the boys and the girls! Ah well, I like this chapter all the same. It's actually quite unique and I guess it's better that you didn't pick it up from the woods since it really didn't have anything to do with the storyline...but it would have been funny anyway. _
*Snaps fingers* Damn...and I was hoping that I could torture Miranda without her knowing. Now, I have to use the torture devices that hold her down. Not unless she's blind, I think she'll kind of notice the devices holding her down. And then, Ronnie will hear her screams and he'll come and bash me on the head while I would never have gotten the chance to do her 'ugly' makeup. *sniffles*

Anyhows, UPDATE! This story is awesome, and I want to hear what her parents do when she turns up at their doorstep...will they boot her off of their property of will they yell and scream or will they just slam the door in her face? Or will they (highly unlikely but still possible) be able to work out their differences *gasps*
That's a lot of hoping going on! Anyhows, UPDATE!
*Orient Fox*
slowlydancingtothestars chapter 19 . 7/16/2004
I LOVED the carded game idea in this oen it was brilent! and then the hole think in the oldtime club was so cool. and now he even admits he wants to see her agian I want to read the next chapter asap!
Zeina chapter 19 . 7/16/2004
Getting better. How many more chappys
icthus chapter 19 . 7/16/2004
Yes, I continued reading. You've done good, I like it. Some people (like me) tend to rush their stories along too quickly and spoil the whole thing, but I'm not sensing that with this one. Good work.
Yes, I have noticed the improvement with the pronouns. Thanks so much, that makes it a whole lot easier for my mind to read.
I'm sure you've noticed that after chapter 7 my chapterly reviews kind of stopped. That's because either I didn't have any problems with the chapters, the problems were merely small annoyances easily looked over and forgotten, or I was too caught up in the story to remember to post a review. (Generally speaking, it's the latter of the three.)
Please update soon!
SLigHtLy FrEaKisH chapter 19 . 7/15/2004
You broke 200 reviews! Yay for you! You totally deserve it. Anyway, terrific chapter, Michael's finally going for what he wants! Can't wait for the next chapter. Keep up the great work! Love it as always.
No-One's-Hero chapter 19 . 7/15/2004
Another great chapter! Haha, should have known Miranda wouldn't change her simple minded views. Which actually brings me to a's great the way that you can write such complex characters and then have others who are pretty simple. You have a great mix of personalities, making it really fun to read! I can't wait for the next update!
sapofbks2008 chapter 19 . 7/15/2004
I loved the chapter. I'm glad you didn't split it up into two chapters. I can't wait for more to come. I really wanted them to kiss, but I still liked how it worked out.
anatidaephobiac chapter 19 . 7/15/2004
I'm very glad you wrote your butt off. That chapter was awesome!
Anyway, yeah I'm really busy this summer, which is why even though I live so close to the beach, I've barely gone. I have no time. By the time I get home at night it's like 8... too late. And I have to leave around 8 most mornings too. Ah well, the price of playing on good softball teams. Maybe I'll be famous someday (yeah right)
As for the summer school thing... It's not technically summer school... The situation is more that I won't have any time to take this course during the school year that you need to graduate, so I decided to take it during the summer for credit instead. And it's in the middle school, even though I'm in high school, and since its a computer course, we use the computer lab, which has air conditioning. However, the air conditioning put it down to like 3 degrees and it's FREEZING in there. Horrible. I've actually been bringing a sweatshirt (and wearing it in the class), as well as pants. In the summer. It's crazy.
I tend to like lakes better... probably because there are like none near me. And there are bugs at the beach too. Believe me. Maybe not as many as at lakes, but there are still bugs. The thing is, I hate ocean water and sand. I mean its pretty and everything, but I hate getting dirty... well dirty is okay, but I hate being sandy. Plus, the ocean where I live isn't exactly that clean... The water comes out of like Long Island Sound, and apparently is really bad. Oh well. I usually swim anyway.
You know what I like? I like pools. They are like the beach, minus the sand. Well, and the waves, but it's not like I surf or anything. The only thing I like the ocean for is sailing. Sailing is awesome.
Wow... I'm off topic. Okay back to your story.
That chapter was kick-ass, and it deserves a blue ribbon. And a HUGE golden trophy.
I was like, WOW you wrote A LOT. And then leaped around, jumping for joy!
Guess what? You're like the best author ever, because your updates are so regular. I mean, they're always there when you need them. You don't torture people for weeks and then months.
I'll be like, hmm... I wonder if Pretend Jane updated her AMAZING story yet. If not, I'll go back and reread it. And if yes (which is the case most of the time), I read the new chapter. Okay I forgot the point of that story. It's the best ever? Yeah that must have been it.
Okay I'll go now. I have a tournament for softball in New York tomorrow. We're staying for 2 nights. (Oh no, no internet for 2 nights? Can I do it?)
In any case,
Update soon!
My Works 87 chapter 19 . 7/15/2004
You have NO IDEA how happy I am you decided to update on Thursday instead of the actual weekend. I'm leaving tomorrow, and I won't be back for two weeks! I'm so glad I got another piece of this story before I ventured off to Montana. Lol. So thanks so much. And I absolutely loved the club they went to. Now that is my kind of scene. I'm totally the relaxed, no need to stand out kind of person. I could totally see myself hanging out in a place like that when I'm thirty-something. Heh heh. Yeah! Anyways, I was really surprised what Michael said. He better not change his mind over the break. I would literally strangle him Well, literally if he were a real person. Too bad he isn't...*sigh* Anyways, great chappie. Makes me happy! Update soon, I'd really like to see a new update waiting for me when I return. Hint hint...
Drifting Rose Petal chapter 19 . 7/15/2004
Cool chapter! They r starting too err admit. I was hoping *something* would happen during ultimate truth but i guess not *shurgs* update soon
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