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girldevil chapter 16 . 6/27/2004
i love your story! i can't wait for you to update the next chapter. keep the good work!
I Dance In The Rain chapter 15 . 6/26/2004
I hate the fact that you can only review once per chp. but whatever. I'm reviewin' now! OK. I was readin the desc of your account and I noticed one of your goals was to make us laugh cuz you could never make us cry. Well guess what? I cried! During chp. 16 when Michael was talking to Jessica the tears were just pouring out uncontrollably. It was so sad! And I was listening to an upbeat song on the radio too! So you DID make ME cry. Probably others too. You are so talented. UPDATE SOON! And-oh! Your new fav. song right now is Turn Me On by Kevan? I LOVE THAT SONG! It is definetely the best reggae joint out right now. OK. That's all I have to say. You made me cry and I love Kevin. UPDATE SOON!
I Dance In The Rain chapter 16 . 6/26/2004
If you don't finish this story right now I am going to REALLY lose it. It is SO good. I love Michael and Jessica is the BEST character ever. And I am DYING here because they haven't kissed yet and it is KILLING me! PLEASE finish it! PLEASE! Well not finish cuz I want it to last forever but update! NEXT CHAPTER! I DEMAND MORE! OH yeah.
ps. That's all I have to say.
ps. lol
cbprice25 chapter 16 . 6/26/2004
Good chapter! I'm glad you finally explained it all. It makes sense. Update soon!
Drifting Rose Petal chapter 16 . 6/26/2004
Greetings! Wondeful chapter! Some opening up which is good but MORE complex emotions *grr* It will all be worth it in the end tho I hope :) update soon
Grace Hsia chapter 16 . 6/26/2004
OMG! I so hate April already...and I know people shouldn't judge people by what they did...BUT STILL! (and we haven't even met the girl yet...but whatever) Anyhows, yeah, all I can say is that you are a really good writer to be able to write up a character that everybody hates. Anyhows, this story rocks! And OMG! Michael is gonna close up now like a clam isn't he? *POP* HE'S GONNA PUSH JESSICA OUT! NO! Just kidding. I'm hoping you don't do that! Omg, poor Michael! No wonder he hates himself so much. I feel so bad for him. First, he gets his first love killed (I'm not saying that he might just have a second love) and then her sister blames him for her death. It's terrible! The sister should have been there to get Michael through that tough time. That's why it was such a touchy subject! Omg, I really don't know what I would do in that situation either. And this chapter shows Michael's pain really really well. AND MICHAEL HAD TO WATCH DONNA DIE? And he was gonna marry that girl. That definitely would have been traumatizing. I feel so bad for him! Anyhows, I feel even worse for Jessica! She's the one stuck having to watch Michael break down...poor soul.
Anyhows, enough on the ponderings on your story. lol! Now it comes time for my usually, okay maybe not all the time, funny replies. Yeah, usually I like to bum rides from my friends cuz the nearest bus stop is far far away...have you noticed how sucky the mass transit system is in the us? In Europe, you can be in London and feel bored and pop onto a bus to Spain. I think. I'm not entirely sure...anyhows, yeah. LOL! Have you ever noticed how when a person is really late, no friends are ever nearby to bring you to wherever you are late to. Either their car's broken or they are on vacation. It's sucky! Ah well. LOL! Drving? Too much work? I completely agree! I have no clue how to drive because I this thing where I cannot operate a map and I have issues with using the my parents have wisely advised that I don't start driving for a while. Gr...I want to drive and I don't want to at the same time. I did go to driver's ed for one day...but I got nervous and walked out...anyhows. But I had one hot teacher...ah well. Wouldn't want my hot teacher to end up in a car accident while I'm driving right?
What in the name of all things holy? (It's from the movie G.R.I.N.D) Anyhows, WHAT WERE THE PEOPLE THINKING WHEN THEY HIRED THAT OLD DOMINEERING WOMAN TO TEACH KIDS? She could have died on one of those lessons and then where would that leave the students? Wait...maybe she wasn't hired for the job. She just came to do it because she wanted to, you know how she doesn't listen to what anyone wants or anything. She thought that little old ladies had BLUE hair? Was she color-blind too? *shakes head sadly* What has this world come to? Old blind people are teaching us how to drive? Yeah, that definitely sounds strange... old blue haired ladies? OMG! And she made you drive in a busy street? Not only blind and old but mentally deranged too. I seriously feel bad for you. Hey, at least you weren't killed! *smiles hopefully* Hey, wow, driving in Chicago...that sucks! Detroit isn't even all that bad compared to Chicago! But I don't live in Detroit...I live in a city close by...ah well! Close enough. Wow, I never knew Chicago to be that evil! I went there on a field trip too...*gasps!* And I though New York was crazy...but at least you don't have to watch out for getting run over...nevermind, you have to. Heheheh. LOL! Yup, gotta keep on your toes or else *BAM* human pudding. Not such a lovely sight...Donna was a human pudding wasn't she? Yeah, Miranda's judgement can DEFINITELY be messed up if she's in denial like the fact that MICHAEL DOESN'T LIKE HER! Do I have to go and drill it into her head with my mascara brush? (Which is the only thing that I have in the near vincinity right now that could possibly scare someone. _)
Yeah, I feel so bad for my dad especially cuz he doesn't get the summer off! Cuz he has college and he works. So, basically, that takes away his summer...and he doesn't take vacation either. _;; How does he survive? LOL! Yeah, deep ponderous thoughts. UPDATE!
*Orient Fox*
Inky Moonbeams chapter 16 . 6/26/2004
This was an awesome chapter! Michael finally opened up, and now, the whole story is finally known. I've been waiting to find out about it. Great job! I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
anatidaephobiac chapter 16 . 6/26/2004
yes, thank god, i'm out of school. but you know what sucked? everyone got out a day before me, because on the last day i got sick so i didn't go... then i had to go in the next day and take my last finals. not a happy thing.
and i really was tired when i wrote that last review, but probably not as tired as i am now. i'm like... dead. i've been up playing softball since 6 this morning and now it's almost 8 at night. and to think they were trying to make us play until 10:30... my team is like totally dead by now. half the girls have killed their arms from throwing so much and everything. honestly i'm surprised i haven't collapsed yet.
I think i'll go do so now... Just had to read your story because it's one of the best ever. no joke.
yeah and you wrote drama great. i was practically crying while i read it.
update soon!
decree of fate chapter 16 . 6/26/2004
I'm glad that we finally learned more about michael and he finally started to open up even though he ended up shutting back up. Ugh, April sounds tons worse than Miranda. :-P Wonder what's going to happen next! Luved it!
My Works 87 chapter 16 . 6/26/2004
Suck at writing drama? Heck no! You're amazing. Heh heh. You put SO MUCH detail in your stories I just don't know how you do it. Seriously, I could not incorporate that much depth in my stories. At least, I don't THINK i could. Heh hhe. I absolutely LOVED this chapter in a , ya know, melancholy way. It wasn't making me jump for joy, but I feel so RELEAVED to finally understand Michael. Whew-wee. I was beginning to worry if I EVER would. You see, I'm not very patient. But alas, I did not die Last time from the anticipation, so hopefully I won't this time either. But you left it at a very climatic point. He revealed all that stuff to her and then he PUSHES her away. Stupid boy! Jessica better fight back, because I would hate to see her become docile to his ignoring her. But after a while, I suppose even the strongest person gives up. Unless, of course, your name is Miranda. Heh heh. I never really hated her (though there were moments) but I understand her behavior. It's just that, I absolutely despise it when girls act predatory over guys. I don't even care if the guy is her boyfriend. It just pisses me off (with guys too) when the person acts all possessive of someone. It's like, THEY ARE A PERSON! You can't possess them stupid. I mean, it's not like I wouldn't get upset if some guy I liked was flirting with another girl. I May talk to him about not doing it or trying to do it less, but I wouldn't flip out like some crazy animal. Because honestly, it's that person's choice if they want to flirt or not. I shouldn't be telling them what to do! And that is my longer-than-necessary explanation of why Miranda pisses me off so much! And ah! Don't bring April into the story too soon! I don't know if I could emotionally handle it. Heh hhe. Anyways, it was pretty of cold for Michael to like, lead Jessica on and then dump her out on her butt. Metaphorically speaking of course. But seriously, he DOES need to move on. Does he not blame the DRUNK DRIVER at all. He should think of al the drunk driving accidents that DON"T involve people arguing and yet still a lot of people die. Yes, arguing isn't a good idea when driving, but it's likely that the driver would've hit her anyways. Besides, you can't LIVE your life like that. Wondering what if...because we all make mistakes. Some bigger than others. SOmetimes it isn't even our fault when bad things happen-they do anyways. Whew...I've had my rant now. Please update soon, okay! I'm so excited to see what will come next! Yay!
I Dance In The Rain chapter 1 . 6/25/2004
AWESOME STORY! I'm only on the first chapter and i already love it. I am a dance freak and I can't wait until i'm old enough to go party in the clubs. For now I'm just sticking with daydreaming about it and watching Save The Last Dance about fifty billion times. I love this story and I cant wait to finish it!
JLC chapter 15 . 6/24/2004
I love the story! It is very detailed and I like how you just don't quick finish the story to just get it over with. I'll be interested to see what happens next. Hopefully you update soon. I'd sign this but there really is no point since I haven't written a story yet. I'm very into music and I love how the story is based on the music a lot.
lavender chapter 15 . 6/24/2004
Hey. I've really enjoyed reading your story. I especially think you have done a wonderful job with descriptions and characterization. It's nice to have characters with different layers that aren't simply one-dimensional.
I do have a couple of suggestions though. I notice that you often start sentences with the name of a character (e.g. Jessica knew...Jessica could feel, etc). In many of these cases I think you could definitely use pronouns (he or she) instead to make your writing flow a bit more smoothly. Also, there are some little grammatical errors like using 'of' in place of 'have'. For example, something like 'she could of done this' should be 'she could have done this'. Other than that, I think your grammar and spelling are great.
I do hope you update soon!
decree of fate chapter 15 . 6/23/2004
loved it! it was awesome! and plus we learned a bit more about Michael and a little about Miranda and the dancer Jessica replaced. wonder if Jessica will get her answers!
Kayles chapter 15 . 6/21/2004
i absolutely love this chapter! i've read it so many times, and every time Michael gets more adorable... no, not adorable, i don't even know the word, but i think that anybody who has read this gets it. please write as soon as you can! :D
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