Reviews for Made To Dance Together
my works 87 chapter 2 . 4/1/2004
Look! I got it to work . It wasn't your uploading that wasn't working, it was stupid fictionpress! Der! So anyways, great chapter. I like that Michael has an arrogance about him, from his talent. That isn't necessarily rude, but can be a little standoffish. that's very realistic. And maybe he acted so cold since he was out of his element and she was acting dense. Heh heh. But that stupid girl! She shouldn't live for her parents. That's redic. Heh heh. So yeah, update soon sweetie. This story rocks and it's very original. I gotta like that!
my works 87 chapter 1 . 4/1/2004
Hey, first of all thanks for reviewing me. I would love to read Chapter two of your story, but the link isn't working. You might considering taking chapter two down and reloading it, cause it's not working. Ah! And I really wanted to read it. But great start to your story. I really, really enjoyed. Jessica is a good character. Just make sure not to make her TOO perfect. She has the talent of dancing. Don't give her another amazing talent, all right? Otherwise it'll be fake. Not that you have to worry, as you're a great writer and probably know how to be realistic!
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