Reviews for The Passion of the Christ
Ivy Orion chapter 1 . 1/23/2007
I haven't seen that movie yet...

and now I really want to.

I think I ~~really~~ should.

Keep on keeping on.
Spooky Potatoes chapter 1 . 2/20/2006
I haven't seen The Passion, (mostly because Mel Gibson is a douche) but I did read The Church of Satan's review of it. Does that count?
ezra504 chapter 1 . 8/4/2004
Let me just say, very well written. I went to see this movie a few days after it came out, and I didnt know what to think. It's a powerful movie, but it's not one you'd probably like to see again.
Even Jewish friends thought it was moving to see one man going through that for what He believed in.
Brenron chapter 1 . 3/6/2004
well said, well donr. I saw the movie and I also got a new apreciation for Christ's sacrifice.
Admiral Rupert chapter 1 . 3/5/2004
You apparently missed it, Fama, but in the New Testament the church had an argument (several times) over whether or not Gentiles (i.e., non-Jews) are welcomed by God. The general consensus was yes. Jesus said all men, not all Jewish people. The Bible is not, as you say, "clear about that."
Relaen chapter 1 . 3/4/2004
*sigh* all of you people make me so sad...
to Fama: I am so sorry that you were brought up believing that God doesn't love you and that he didn't die for you. I'll remember to keep you in my prayers for that. That is most definately not true. Let me give you a prime example from the Bible you claim Jesus-Freak did not read- here is a verse everyone knows: 'For God so loved the World that he gave his one and only son so that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life'. John 3:16. It does not say 'For God so love the Jews' it says 'the WORLD' and unless you are from another world, that means you, and me, and Jesus-Freak. That means not only does God love us, he sent his son to DIE for us. The Bible is pretty clear about that.
To Max Krugman: You will also be in my prayers. I am so sorry that you have been so deceived your whole life and that you are so bitter towards others that you have to laugh when Jesus-Freak talks about how the movie changed her and helped to open her eyes. And as far as Jesus not feeling pain? I don't know how you could think that! Jesus was human. He laughed, he cried, he felt joy and pain- especially pain. He felt emotional pain from being betrayed by one of his 12 closest friends and having his people praise him one day and kill him the next. He felt physical pain from the whips and the spikes and the rods and carrying the actual cross. I hate to break it to you, but this is not a 'story'. It is historical fact. Jesus existed and was killed. Whether or not you believe that He was the Son of God is another thing- but he did feel and was killed by crucifixtion. And yes, God does love serial killers, heck, even rapists and any other lowlife you can imagine, so much that he had his son die a horrible and painful death to give them the chance of coming to him to spend eternity with him.
To Jesus Freak: AMEN! I felt all of that too! I saw the movie on Saturday and afterwards, I went home and balled in my room and spent half an hour in intense prayer. I loved how Gibson portrayed Jesus...he did such an amazing Job and followed the Gospels very well. and how he did the resurrection- wow...that was so simple yet powerful. I am glad that it helped give you the strength to do His will in your life, i know it did the same for me. I know for me, I had heard the story of the cross so much that it didn't mean anything to me anymore. This movie just totally blew me away. I saw everything in a brand new light. I saw that Jesus really did suffer for me and that made me a stronger believer in itself. I'll keep you in my prayers too- so that God will show you his path for you and give you the strength to do it, no matter what it is *hugs*
Fama chapter 1 . 3/4/2004
::laughing uncontrollably::
Really, little creature, you might want to read the bible one of these days. Jesus died for the Jewish sin. Unless you're Jewish, he doesn't care about you. The bible's pretty clear about this. The Jews are god's children, and the rest of us are their dogs.
Cyberskiver chapter 1 . 3/3/2004
Well, you seem to be a 'good' Christian. With an open mind.
Jesus went through a lot to save his people from their sins. But people watching the 'Passion' may miss something. Physically, Jesus suffered terrible agonies. But the worst part of his sacrifice, was that God forsook him. He said so himself.
Jesus, part of the Trinity, the Son of God, took upon himself the sins of the world. God could not look at this sin. As Jesus died, he was in hell. Really and truly.
Of course, we know he went to paradise afterwards having completed his work on earth. But as you think about the suffering Jesus went through, think about when he cried out, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" (John 15:34)
Other Christians have suffered horribly for their faith, perhaps more than Jesus did. The true point of Jesus's death was to be the sin-bearer, to go through hell.
Thanks for your review on this subject. I've been very interested.
B. Ramos chapter 1 . 3/2/2004
it REALLY touched me.. I didn't watch this movie yet - actually, I didn't even know about it... I knew Mel Gibson made a movie about Christ yesterday, while reading some poetry is this website. It must be really good, since Mel Gibson's movies use to show us History almost as if we were there, watching it live.. I really wanna watch it.. I must say, I'm not strong enough. I also have my fears. Maybe I lose'em, like u did! Thankya! Very well done!
Formerly chapter 1 . 3/2/2004
Okay... let me stop laughing hysterically and start smashing my head repeatedly into my keyboard. Damn, the human race can be embarrassing at times...
"It had me in tears, watching as Jesus was severely beaten, whipped, ridiculed, harrassed, and then nailed to the cross. What he went through, just for us, was so, so undescribable, so wonderous, that it made me wonder how I could not have understood all this before."
I found this paragraph very, very funny. I don't know why, I just did. You seem to take such relish in adding various words of torture to the sentence...
Then there's the eternal comment, "God loved us so much that He sent His only son to be tortured and killed by us". Of course, since Jesus is/was apparently God Himself, he can't have felt pain, and he can't have died - even saying that he did would almost be blasphemy. That's one of the approximately 9 different stories, which are all equally absurd. So, if I love a serial killer, I'll give him my son, for no reason in particular? Yes...
Muse of Music chapter 1 . 3/1/2004
Good for you! I'm glad your eyes have been opened. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm going to this weekend. I'm kinda weary tho, because I almost cried during the TRAILER for crying out loud. Anyway, one thing though, don't let what you saw in the movie make you think that it's totally historically accurate, because there are a lot of things in different versions of the bible that you have to take into account. I'm sure you know this already, but there is no way a film would get such gross $ if it were entirely historically accurate. But aside from that, good job, I'm happy for you.