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kit feral chapter 22 . 11/27/2004
Oh, no, this is the last one! You really HAVE to write more or I'll totally die! Please? Please, please? I almost don't want to read this...Woah, Alassea is , you really have to write more. I mean it. I need to know what the other challenges are! I need to know what happens! I need you to update!Please, Amanda? Pretty please? *puppy eyes*I'll do anything! Anything!Just update!Talk to you hopefully sooner than later,Jillian
kit feral chapter 21 . 11/27/2004
Oh, no, someone has the boat!Random comment: What happened to that X guy? Xalm, right? Is he coming back? Make him come back, I like him.A dance contest? That's weird... okay, then!Wow, that was really cool! I really enjoyed that! I think maybe this was my favorite chapter.
kit feral chapter 20 . 11/27/2004
He is possessing her, isn't he? Oh no, oh, no, this is bad, bad, bad!Side note: There's really good description in this story. Like, really good. I'm very jealous."Well, maybe one should remember not to forget to remember to scream quietly," Lol, how long did that take to write? I'd be too confused to figure that out...Oh, good they found the boat!Good chapter! Yay!
kit feral chapter 19 . 11/27/2004
Ew, that monster sounds gross. Especially the unibrow. Oh, ew!What's wrong with Alassea? She's acting really weird. OMG, is Silmy taking her over? Ek, oh no!Wow, that was a good chapter! The monster was really, really , now I'm reading the next one. I'm determined to finish this story today!
Jill chapter 18 . 11/26/2004
Oops, meant to put that review for this chapter... silly me.
Jillian chapter 17 . 11/26/2004
Wow, exciting chapter! Scary! Creepy! Amazing! I don't really know what to say. I know I usually leave super long rambling reviews, but I can't think of anything else to say! It was just so exciting and creepy and amazing and well written! I think I'll just read the next chapter before I comment. I'll read it after lunch.
kit feral chapter 17 . 11/14/2004
I tried to review this yesterday, but Fictionpress was being a super cow and it wouldn't let me. It actually wouldn't let me on the site at all! How rude, huh? Anyway, on with the reivew!
I love how your chapters are so long! I would so totally never have the patients to sit still for this long... lol!
Mye is HILARIOUS! She sounds so ditzy and she's just so funny! And her idea of seducing Silmarwen? Oh. My. God. That was so ridiculous! I loved it! And Alassea and the fish thing? That was so random and weird and... tee hee, I liked it!
Actually, basically, I loved this chapter. And this story. As soon as I finish reading it, it's going straight to favorites. So update, okay? Please write more? Even if you have to by yourself? Puleze?
Anyway, one question. When they go back to their old lives, will they be dead? Because they were almost all, like, dead... so will they? Do you know? DON'T KILL THEM!
I like this song. *starts singing to Evanescence, Hello* Hey! Evanescence! Evan! Woot woot!
Uh... yeah... anyway! This is getting long and pointless... so, I'll wrap it up. Good chapter, good story! Keep writing, my friend! :D
Ack, I sound like Mye. Don't blame me for being this ditzy... I just spent two hours at the mall and I ate chocolate and sherbert and now I'm listening to music so I'm tired... so I'm hyper. Yup, yup. Bye!
kit feral chapter 16 . 11/4/2004
Stupid, stupid, stupid, me! I haven't been reading again! So sorry! Anyway, enough apologizing, sorry!, ahem, and on with the review.
This is such a fascinating story. The plot's quite intricate and complex (that's a GOOD thing) and the description is great. So are the characters. I love the way they interact with each other and I just love their personalities. I really like where this is going and I demand it be continued with. Soon. I really, really love it. Not as much as TPE, of course, (which you have to continue with VERY SOON!) but then again, I could never love anything more than that. It rocks.
Ack, this is a review for COW not TPE! Sorry, I'm off track.
The point is, I loved this chapter, I really love this story, and I really want you to write more soon! Please? *puppy eyes*
By the way, have you got your internet YET?
Jillian chapter 15 . 10/23/2004
Sorry I didn't review yesterday. I did read this, but FictionPress was being a cow and giving me error messages. So, yeah, I'm sorry, but here's the review now.
That first paragraph was the most random thing I've ever read. Seriously. Not that this chapter is normal... seriously this is scary, lol! It's hilariously hysterically funny, but just so darn random! I mean... snails? It's creepy. Weird. This is worse than Stella. At least Stella sort of makes sense. Lol, but don't get me wrong, I still love this. The Frisbee thing is interesting.
Ah, now everything makes sense! Good! I mean, bad! Oh, no! Oh, it's all good now... the cutie "Xalmy" is back!
Okay, so they're back. That's good. I wonder what will happen next?
Amazingly random chapter. Randomness rocks! I love this chapter, this story, and YOU! Lol! Anyway, this is great. I can't wait to read more. Hopefully FictionPress will let me review... keep writing!
kit feral chapter 14 . 10/22/2004
This story has gone nuts. It seemed so serious before and now it's like... it sort of reminds me of Stella. You can take that as a compliment, though, because I still like this story. It's just kind of weird, lol! And random! But still amazing. So is Xalm, by the way. I love his name. And he sounds really cute. Lol! But why would he kiss Elle just after meeting her? I mean, I wouldn't mind, (lol!) but still... I mean... it's just a little far-fetched. But it was totally sweet and romantic, so it's all good. Hey, they're back! (Have you guessed I'm writing this as I read it again? Bad habit, lol! If I don't, I'll forget what I want to say.) Where are they? Huh? They're back again? What? I'm really confused... I'll just shut up and read for a minute. Okay, I'm done. And still confused. This is really good, though. Something weird is going on. If only I had time to read more! But I swear I'll read more today! I really will! Until then, ciao, my friend!
Crazy-Word-Painter chapter 13 . 10/2/2004
*blinks* Woah, was that ever random. Hilarious, but totally... insane. And weird. What does any of this have to do with the book? This started out as such a serious story and now it's all... ah, well, I really like it all the same. It was totally funny even though it seemed pointless but I suppose it will get explained later. Good chapter!
Crazy-Word-Painter chapter 13 . 10/1/2004
*blinks* Woah, was that ever random. Hilarious, but totally... insane. And weird. What does any of this have to do with the book? This started out as such a serious story and now it's all... ah, well, I really like it all the same. It was totally funny even though it seemed pointless but I suppose it will get explained later. Good chapter!
Jillian chapter 12 . 9/30/2004
Those crystals are crazy... so imagintive; good work! I love the extream detail in this story, it's awesome! A little violent, but I'm old enough to handle it :p But the whole licking the blood thing and stuff was just sick... ew ew ew! Ah hah! It's finally time to see The Cell Of Wonders! Yay, I can't wait! I'll read more later; very soon, hopefully! Now, I'm off to work on something. I haven't been in a writing mood lately (more of a, I-can't-sit-still-and-I'm-going-to-talk-and-bounce-around-all-day mood, lol!) but I'm going to try and at least write one chapter of something today. Something short. Anyway, look for it and great story! Keep writing! :D (Hear that, Nevela? KEEP WRITING!)
Jillian chapter 11 . 9/30/2004
Lol, Myori is great. She's good at freaking people out. I love her name; did I ever mention how much I love all the girls names? Well, I do. I also I like the way the girls aren't perfect, they all have their flaws. Not that my characters don't... *cough Paige cough* Anyway, I loved the way Mye was brought back to life, it was so cool! And the way Keki keeps getting all possesed is interesting as well. This is such a great story and I can't wait to read more! The chapters are a good lenghth too... I wish I could make chapters that long... oh, by the way, I want to know your shoe size! Lol!
Crazy-Word-Painter chapter 10 . 9/30/2004
How was the padded room supposed to help? It didn't seem to do any good at all... I think I must have missed something. Meh, that's not unusual for me.
Anyway, the worst fear thing was just creepy and I sat here for almost five minutes trying to figure out what I'd see... honestly, I still can't think of anything. Or I don't want to. I really wonder what Alassea saw... you'll have to tell soon!
I'll read more later, I promise!
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