Reviews for Of Fire and Ice
aiur chapter 1 . 4/3/2004
wow talk about eloquent! yeah seeing the title i thought it had something to do with the other one. guess not, heh. but it's cool and i love your references back to fire and ice in the tital in this. and can i ask you a favour? can you check out my update? i know i shouldn't ask but not many people are really giving me much to stand on and i still don't know exactly what to work on. so i'd appreciate it if you could give me some insight, 'cause your other review certainly shed some serious light
Laineniel chapter 1 . 3/8/2004
Wow. Too true! I really relate to this right now (if you want further explanation, you can read my poem Greek). I like the style, just the way each part is worded. I think my favourite phrase is "audio lightning".. reminds me of one of my favourite bands (audio adrenaline).
Anyway, great work! I can't wait to go read more, so i'll end this review here!
P.S. Thanks for the lovely review on "Haunting Moonlight"!