Reviews for My Father Loves Me
alsdjf chapter 1 . 3/13/2004
Sao: Hey! Us again! _
Anni: Aw, don't make that face. You know you love us _
Sao: As annoying as we are, we're irresistble. Muahahahahaha! Soon, we'll take over the world with our irresistibility! (Did I spell that right?)
Anni: You're such a dork. We're suppose to tell her how we like the poem.
Sao: But my plan for domination are so much fun! ::gets glared at:: All right, all right. We like the poem. You have to be one of the most devoted people I've met, by the way.
Anni: We're being honest, too. Remember, people nowadays kinda suck _
~Sao & Anni