Reviews for Flame of Oracle
Aroug Wolfstar chapter 3 . 8/17/2004
really cool Hikari. I can't wait to read more. See ya later! Keep it comin' it's goin' great!
Cyber-Undead chapter 3 . 8/10/2004
Good story you have here. And the characters are quite cute/interesting/amusing...
Now for my criticized/deranged opinion: I take it, from your pen name, that you, mayhaps, have heard about an anime series called Escaflowne? There are several similarities between both. A young girl that is capable of predicting the future, in this case being Dice-Hikari, that "runs" up to a dragon, here being Kairyn-Van, and ends up saving his life and, afterwards, being transported to another world, here being somewhat close to the series as well. Now I'm in no way accusing you of plagiarism. I'm just stating something that passed in my mind. Whether you got influenced/inspired/whatever :) by the series I care not because the similiraties end there. The story is cute, possesses well written chapters. I didn't saw any grammar/typos/spelling errors, which are always excellent signs (for me, anyway). I did saw a punctuation error: "(...)“Very funny,” Kairyn retorted.(...)" the comma shouldn't be there after "funny" ;p.
Also, the mix of myths, legends, religions, fiction/fantasy and the like gives quite a nice story here...
Oh, and I loved that note at the beggining of the second chapter, warning us about the detailed appearance of blood/gore. An excellent demonstration of professianalism/writing talent _...
Only one thing: about that part where Dice gives Kairyn a massage at his neck... Usually, dragons are "depicted" as grand beasts, with scales that few weapons can pierce. There are some few spots in the dragon's body that does have scales more soft. I don't think that the neck is one of those places though, which takes me to the assumption that the dragons, here, at least the young ones, do not possess strong-hard scales...
Well, I'm done for now, I won't bother you anymore. Btw, if there is anything here you do not agree with, or wish that I do no press the "Submit Review-Go" button again, please state so in an AN or send me an e-mail telling me to go back to the asylum...
Frozen Lightning chapter 2 . 6/20/2004
Sorry it took me such a freakin LONG time to reveiw, but my coumputer was going AL O_o _ -_- !_! T_T sorry, the last one was me, anyway...
WRITE MORE! uh huh, it is VERY imagimative, i seriously think you should get this published, its that good! And if you dont then gr-EAT story all the same!
Sorry for the long reveiw but this chapter just got me SO PUMPED!
right on, and write on man!
Singer of Time chapter 1 . 3/19/2004
Beautiful story...I've always liked dragons, and this is fascinating. Keep it up!
Frozen Lightning chapter 1 . 3/18/2004
You should write a novel, SERIOUS! God, this story rocks the old world sraight silly to the new times. in other words it was awesome, cant wait for a new chapter over and out!