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Tenshi-Usa chapter 1 . 4/10/2004
AW! . K.D. you rule. another wonderfully written story! E! Oh and in case you didn't see my review on the FSR sequeal, I reviewed! I have yet to read Crimson River though. Time is of the essence! But since I am on spring break, I think I'll find the time. I can't wait to read more of you're work! Need I say that you are a magnificent author and I wish I could write half as good as you or my friend Taruto. You should read her stories! She rules too... though she's too darn modest to admit it. Okies! Gotta go. I think I'll start reading Crimson River... dunno though. Cha! I think you should write a continution of this though It was really good! So cute! You use Tenshi in so many of your fics. . he's your fave character I'm guessing! XD Ja ne!
istorya chapter 1 . 4/4/2004
This is so beautiful and so sweet
Sphynx chapter 1 . 4/1/2004
Hey there! Sorry it took me so long to review. Dunno why, it's not like I had to read it, I have already XD Oh well, I'm a procrastinator. And you already know what my review is *glomps* I LOVE THE FREAKING STORY AND IF YOU EVER CALL IT CRAP AGAIN...I SICK OSAMU ON YOU!
Osamu: *holding comp bat* XDXDXD
Thanks so much for the story KD *glomps again*
Ja ne!
Sheepie chapter 1 . 4/1/2004
Wow... beautiful, I loved it. . It was really sweet. Osamu and Ken as brothers? -snickers- does anyone else know they're from Digimon...v.v sorry I'm a loser. Lol, anyways great job I loved it!
Sakura163 chapter 1 . 4/1/2004
You call this crap? Ccan't wait to read a good one! I absolutly loved it!
very nice, just wish I could write a story like this! Alas, I've tried and mine turn out like crap!
Repsychus chapter 1 . 3/29/2004
Dear Kenyako,
YEE EE EE EE EE EE ! ! This is perhaps one of your most amazing stories yet (but, then again, EVERYTHING you do is amazing! )! The romance, the drama, the Tenshi cuteness! *huggles Tenshi* HOW do you do it? How do you make such heart-melting stories? Honestly, I think I actually HUGGED my evil, stupid, contemptible computer during some parts in this!
Computer: *curses all to burn in Hell* *evil glare*
*smacks computer* In any case, this is beautiful, and I hope Erin L OVES it as much as I do! Oh, and, by the way...Osamu is HOT! *swimming in her own puddle of droolage* Ahh, you just make such a wonderful story... *basks in the glow of Love at Last* I pray you continue to make all your cute, cuddly stories just like this! _ *nod nod* Much love! Toodles! : )
~ Repsychus ~
Irish Latte Llama chapter 1 . 3/28/2004
That was rather "fluffy" as you said. The lemon was kinda repetitive. (Fingers, sucking, anal... yea, yea... Been there.) But that's the only problem I had with it. I thought it was pretty good overall.
The last line, though, about belonging reminded me of something said in Hot Gimmick #3... (then it my mind somehow loomed over to God... but that's off topic)
"You share your problems and help each other out and you fall more and more in love until you start to feel like you belong to that person. That's what a "girlfriend" is..."-Hatsumi Narita from Hot Gimmick
It's all connected... and makes ya wonder... O... Ok I'm done. _
Side Note: "Bill Gates can not write operating systems." -My Dad
Bill was the reason I couldn't review... *growls* Oh well... no more e-mails at least! _
Shinji-Boi chapter 1 . 3/28/2004
It was good. I liked the entire thing.
It made me smile at the end and I think you should continue. You're great at immagry. If you did, you could get into the details about Ken...if you know what I mean. he he he...
Well, keep up the great work. I'm Looking forward to a part two.
Wolveress chapter 1 . 3/27/2004
Its good! So sweet.. aw... :D
afk chapter 1 . 3/27/2004
i totally don't think its crap, and i think you should do a sequel with who's Ken ivolved.. u hahaha ;;
well, you'll be seeing me in reviews from your stories! ta-dah!XD
Smile101 chapter 1 . 3/27/2004
I loved the story. I really enjoyed reading it. Are you going to make a continuation to it or no?
Kat Coll chapter 1 . 3/27/2004
*claps* Loved it! Especially the ending. No wait, I liked the bit about washing the cat instead of pillows best. Wait, wait... no, I liked the Lemon best! Yeah, that's it! Seriously, this was a fun read! I really liked this incarnation of Tenshi and you know how partial I am to the FSR version!
Akkutsune chapter 1 . 3/27/2004
aww...that was so sweet *cries* the servant/prince is definitely a favourite pairing type of mine, having Tenshi and Osamu know each other since childhood was a big plus and a happy ending to top it off *sniffles*...I LOVE IT! oh man...I hope that your friend Erin enjoyed this as much as I did...
Squeaks the Jester chapter 1 . 3/27/2004
Yeah... that was crap. I mean I read lots of slash, being an editor and a writing tutor by trade, but that was real inimcal crap.
Lol, just kidding. Whenever people write in author's notes that their story was crap, I have to say that. Really if you people insist on using author's notes you really ought to get some original content.
I really am an editor and a writing tutor though and that was a good story. I feel like I'm failing you because I can't isolate anything that bothered me. No spelling errors. No terrible mood shifts. Very good flow and excellent characterization.
There was only a few things that bugged me. You had two people with excedingly normal names (Ken and Sara) and everyone else had weird interesting names. That sucked for the normal people.
My other issue was with that O-dude seemed to have two people. The dude he was before the servant talked with Ken and the dude he was after. That was a little ikky. But I do that same thing in my lemons if I don't go back at the end and fix my initial characterization.
I've seen a lot of stories on the prince and servant theme before and I think I'm gonna go and be all original and write one myself... only the prince is gonna be the bitch.
Let's see... what else can I mock this excellent author for...
Oh yeah... sucky ending. lol. The father should have hated them for the rest of forever. No mushy goodness. Nah, the ending wasn't so bad. Not a very stable character that king... one minute flipping out at his son the next saying its all right. But the servant's character was excellently done. Most people who write in first person, die and sound like someone else from the person they present in dialogue and action. But you didn't. Go you!
Nice story... um...go forth and write more and better!
The highly opinionated,
Lisette Jester
Moumoku chapter 1 . 3/27/2004
Aw! ;_; I just wuv happy endings! This was really good! The plot has been used before, but the story's not corny. I especially loved the naughty stable boys that popped up a few times. XD And the part about that poor cat. Good going! I'd consider this a very nice birthday gift. XD
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