Reviews for Eternal Banishment
Gemema chapter 4 . 10/19/2004
Yeah, I found that out about Lucifer too. He's life an air elemental or something. Really screwed my story plans too. But anyway, enough of that. This chapter was great! I loved the mad fury that you expressed in Belle, and the inclusion of Adrian's guardian angel was really cool. I can't wait for more!
Kittentits chapter 4 . 10/18/2004
hey again! (i changed my name from Jezebel) anyway..I could tell this chapter was rushed but as always it was still a great chapter..I'm very interested in what Adrain is gonna give an angel...a new pair of clothes? _ Lahabiel seems to be a very intriguing character so far and i can't wait to see mroe of him..But i must say i was slightly sad when Lucy never showed up but i liked what was around...Well thats it for now. I'm waiting for the next chapter..BTW, I liked the characters you sent..they were very good. Oh yeh, how was Queensland?
Shi'kath alhm
A.R.B chapter 1 . 10/18/2004
Well written. Your descriptive prose is very strong and clean without being overly purple - good job! One thing really irked me, though, and that is the last line of the chapter. You say yourself in the third paragraph that Adrian isn't at all a superstitious person, and that she only finds the mythological stories "interesting" without any belief invested in any of it. You then have her immediately jumping to the conclusion that she's seen the Morning Star himself. It seems that there is little evidence for such a conclusion, especially for a skeptic. Sure, the boy controlled a three headed dog that one could assume was Cerberus, but to go from that to believing she's met Satan on his "playground" (I won't even go into the mythological inconsistency) is a rather large leap to take, especially for someone, like Adrian, who had "not once ever believed in the supernatural."
On another note, you have a very depressing view on religion! There are numerous Pantheist religions, such as Buddhism, which make no threats that unbelievers will go to "hell", and there are certain ones that don't even believe in any sort of dark underworld. Hell is more of a Christian convention, as is Satan. As a non-denominational Pantheist, I say, believe in whatever you want, so long as you believe in something (or the absence thereof). Oh, and Agnostics are Atheists without guts! (No offense to any Agnostics, but come on, pick a side!)
Anyway, this is getting long now(getting?) so I'll just shut up already and say that I'll be reading.
Kittentits chapter 3 . 9/25/2004
I enjoyed your story and how your making Lucy( my nickname for Lucifer) not the bad guy...well not totally the bad guy...Its goes with that one theory of how Lucifer sits at Gods side with all the other Archangels and takes them down to Hell but isn't really evil himself...Its veryy good. Keep writing even if you aren't getting that many reiveiws b/c i've learned that don't get as many reviews as ..not sure why but one review for is like 10 for keep least for us who do enjoy..Legally i'm christian/catholic but i like to believe in all gods and beings..makes life interesting...can't wait for next chapter.
Gemema chapter 3 . 9/25/2004
I didn't get any strange writing, just the normal Italics. :( But this was a great chapter! I can't wait to see how this seance goes, and if Belle's gonna cause any major problems. Should be fun if Lucifer is gonna provide some entertainment! Update soon!
Gemema chapter 2 . 7/3/2004
I'm reading, and I love it! This is awesome! And I totally agree with your quote on the first page about religion. My main story 'Trinity' is very much involved in my own interpretation of religion, but I myself don't actually have a religion as such. I'm a Catholic, but I'm a really bad one. Let's just say that I go kicked out of church when I was younger and never went back, and I don't think I've missed much. But mythology rocks! And this is such an intruiging story. I do hope that you continue it, cos I would really love to keep reading! I love your interpretation of Lucifer. He's kinda...I dunno, sexy? Please write more!
Jippin chapter 1 . 6/12/2004
Hey! this is the weridest story u ever wrote! But i like it so keep on writting just keep writting