Reviews for Judas and AntiSemitism
Poetrybay chapter 1 . 1/16/2005
nicely well put. I can't say what I want to say and this review it's not bad or anything. I'm just not going to say it . I wanted to say nice job on the essay
logical-unreason chapter 1 . 11/4/2004
Wow this has no merit because essays are so cliche.
Shut the fuck up and think before you say something next time you attempt to put someone down in a review.
You are a woman? Oh shit sorry, women shouldn't think too hard :( It hurts them.
Ho Ho Ho.
ezra504 chapter 1 . 7/4/2004
"While the motive has never really been clear for (Judas handing Jesus over), (would someone hand over to death a benevolent teacher and friend for thirty pieces of silver?) that is all the information given. After seeing Jesus and how they have treated him, Judas is overcome with a fit of guilt and repentance."
I think its possible that Judas knew Who Jesus was. He saw Jesus as all-powerful. And he knew the Jewish council despised him, and that, if he gave Jesus over, the council would deliver Christ to the Romans to be killed. Like many other Jews in the area,Judas probably didnt like the Roman occupation. He probably figured, "Hey, if i hand Him to the Romans to die, He'll call an army of angels to destroy them." If it happened that way, there would have been no Roman occupation, and the Jews would have been free. But like u said, Judas never really got the message. Jesus WANTED to die for us. Judas probably thought He didnt want to die, and that He would wreak vengeance on the Romans.
Strawberri Shake chapter 1 . 6/30/2004
This is my belief as a Catholic, if Judas followed Jesus's teachings-and he did (he was a disciple) then he wasn't Jewish at all but instead was Christian. Therefore what he did shouldn't even evoke any anti-Semitism at all.
Judas was a sinner-the suicide and the handing over of Jesus. But that doesn't mean he should evoke anti-Semitic reactions out of people. He was one man-not a whole race of people. I agree with this essay.
~Strawberri Shake
MasterOfNone chapter 1 . 6/16/2004
Noone deserves automatic respect- teachers, parents, whoever. All should earn it. It doesn't sound like your teacher is capable of earning it, but who know, she might have some redeeming quality. Well written rant, but it would have been better to say it to her. I would love to be a fly on the wall for that.
Lauren K chapter 1 . 4/12/2004
Just to say something about the anti-Semitism: maybe you don't see it because you are Christian. Many Christians believe that Jews killed Jesus, and therefore to show the Jews as Jesus-killers is fine and normal. So if Jews see it as anti-Semitic and Christians don't, why are the Christians automatically right? Just a question...I don't know. For some reason, this essay strikes me as somewhat um anti-Semitic. I can't pinpoint it exactly...maybe I'm just a Jewish freak (as you apparently think your Latin teacher is because they believe that there is anti-Semitism...not that Latin shouldn't be taught in Latin class, I agree with that) who sees anti-Semitism wherever I go. Maybe not though.
deletedfpaccount chapter 1 . 4/10/2004
excellently written. i'm glad you captured all this so well, because that means i don't have to! so many people misunderstand judas; the next time someone talking to me is confused, i'll just refer them right here!
cocolori chapter 1 . 4/4/2004
I agree that your teacher was way out of line with her comments about you not being able to tell when something is anti-semetic! I also disagree with her about Judas being a figure invented to characterise Jews as 'greedy'. I haven't seen the film so I don't know if you'll let me comment! What I think might be a problem with that kind of film is it promotes the mis-conception that Jesus thought of himself as creating a new religion when of course Jesus throughout his life considered himself to be a Jew - he was born a Jew and died a Jew. The split in the two religions really happened because some Jews believed Jesus was the son of God and others didn't. In fact Jesus didn't set out to start a new religion he just wanted to change the one he belonged to - and if you are a christian then you believe that the changes he sought to create within the faith was according to the will of God. You bring up some interesting issues!
Hele chapter 1 . 4/4/2004
Jesus was a Jew! Peter was a Jew! Jesus said "Salvation lies the Jews"!
I don't understand anti-Semitism based Christianity...
It's very well argued, and I agreed with you completely. I didn't know that anyone thought that...
Anon E. Muss chapter 1 . 3/30/2004
I LOVE this!
I thought I'd give you another argument for your "teacher"
Judas was one of the closest apostles to Jesus.
It is suspected that he didn't nescesarily "betray" him. He HAD to go turn Jesus in to fufill the prophecies.
Jesus had told him to do it.
But he still felt so bad about turning him in to the authorities he hung himself.
As for the money part, it was custom to pay off a "tipster"
They practically forced the money one you.
I saw all of this on a history channel show about Jesus
I'm catholic and I don't like how it seems your Latin teacher makes all christians out to be Anti-Semetic.
One of my best friends is jewish and I've never had a second thought about it, except of course when she gets off school for some holidays. I really doubt The Passion would change my opinion about anything like that.
This was very well written I liked it a lot
Sunflower Philosophy chapter 1 . 3/29/2004
I think another major point here is this: is your Latin teacher Jewish at all?
Well I am, so obviously I've got my own biases here and there. I haven't seen "Passion" and don't plan on it, not for moral reasons or whatever but simply because it has nothing to do with me. But I do think people overreacted to the "anti-Semetic" tones in it. I mean, if we're going to worry about anti-Semitism, why are they making a big deal over some movie in which anti-Semetic connotations are vague or nonexistant and not what they're doing over in Europe? Burning synagogues and Jewish schools. Anti-Semitism disguised as Anti-Zionism.
Anyway, the point is, the reason people are worried about it is because people with a tiny bit of Christian education who DON'T know all the things you pointed out here might take things the wrong way. Which is okay, but it's still not such a big deal.
m~* Sunflower, anyone?
WhiteLightning625 chapter 1 . 3/28/2004
First of all... is this a public school? Because I didn't know that was allowed. It annoys the piss out of me when people think that separation of church and state means separation of Christianity and state instead of all religions... which it's supposed to be. I'm actually Catholic as well.
I agree with you completely. And I don't think the story was an attack on Jews. It was simply what was in the Bible. This teacher does not have a problem with the movie, she has a problem with Christianity and the Bible. It sounds like she should pay more attention to being Jewish, rather than dwell on religions that she thinks puts Jews down.
I don't see Passion as being a movie that attacks them though. People turned against Jesus, and those people happend to be Jews. It didn't matter what religion they were, the point was, they turned against Him. And did your teacher forget that Jesus was a Jew? And He was a Jew until the day he died-that never changed. The whole point of the movie was to get the message across that all Jesus really wants is for us to love each other, and treat each other with respect. Your teacher doesn't seem to know anything about respect, because she fails to understand that everyone has a right to have a belief in whatever they want. Next time, don't be afraid to speak your mind. She's wrong for pushing her beliefs on you guys. There is no need to respect a "teacher" that does not respect you back.
Le Creature chapter 1 . 3/28/2004
Judas is my hero.