Reviews for god in my mouth
her descent chapter 1 . 4/16/2004
oh, very cool. i love the anger in the poem... you start just kind of venting, and then it spirals into this tornado of vehement rage, almost. the "This is my body this is my blood/ Eat me you cannibals" bit struck me, as that's kind of an aspect of communion i've never really understood and always wondered about... some christian denominations believe the bread/wine to be symbollic in nature, but others do feel it to be transformed into the blood/body of jesus. which sounds to me, as you said, quite cannibalistic.
i also like how it touches on the "Sunday christians," and how people are often very hypocritical in their actions and words. too true, especially so it seems in recent times... it seems everyone's all "for god and country" until it actually comes time to do good on their statements.
anyway, it's a powerful piece with a superbly strong voice. very nice, it's going on my favorites. :)
Anat Qetesh chapter 1 . 4/7/2004
I understand how you feel, the metephores and the way that they simple "have" to be right. I respect your view, understand how you feel. nice poem. With the waging war i know what you mean, the way people use jesus and their god (any from other religions too) to fight and make war on others. eg the crusades, wars at present, etc. good poem.
Vanillack4 chapter 1 . 4/5/2004
When Jesus said in the bible to drink of my blood and eat of my flesh it was just a saying. If you did know enough about christianity " I know enough about the christian faith to be sickened by this
shit and any true christian who practices true faith would have that cutesy
shit replaced with the truth." Then you'd know that Jesus talks in parables. He wasn't saying litteraly to drink his blood and eat his flesh. "You speak of peace joy and forgiveness But every time I turn around
Your waging war again." Is he the one waging war? I thought you didn't believe in him? And why are you sick of people believing in a religion? I can understand being sick of the controversy but a religion thats different.