Reviews for Why I Hate You
Mackenzie Louise chapter 8 . 4/27/2004
Aw. That ending was a weird sort of way. I liked this chapter. Her friends are so nosy it's hilarious! Post more soon.
Raven Poe chapter 8 . 4/27/2004
that is really good. i like it a lot. i hope you add more soon. i cant wait for more updates. im really getting into it. update soon ok. :)
Kate chapter 8 . 4/27/2004
I really like this story. You're a good writer, keep it up and update soon.
Raven Poe chapter 1 . 4/27/2004
that is so mean to the frog. the poor thing. they should have killed it first before disecting it. thats cruel. but its a good story. i like it.
maybe you could review the story i have up. its a horror story though. its called shaded nights. itd be great if you could read it when you get some free time and then tell me what you think. :) keep writing.
bridgette261 chapter 7 . 4/25/2004
hm...I think that Jason WAS jealous...lolz...yea...or maybe it had to do with their parents? lolz...the more chapters, the more reviews!
Drifting Rose PetaL chapter 7 . 4/23/2004
cool chapterz. i would personally review for each one but im too tired :D hope u have fun this weekend (or had)
Never Knows Best chapter 7 . 4/23/2004
Blah! Is that it? I was really getting into it too. *frowns* But I love the story! It's very entertaining ! Please update fast-like.
My Works 87 chapter 7 . 4/23/2004
Hey! Have fun this weekend. And these chapters were cute. Score one for Crystal indeed. Heh heh. Anyways...I'm thinking that if Crystal and what'shisface are going to like each other in the end, their parents shouldn't get married. Step siblings, though not blood relations, still kind of gives me the chills. I'm like that though.
love hound chapter 7 . 4/23/2004
Hey, I like this story! lol. I read it all just right now. I can't wait to see what happens between Crystal and Jason. Update soon.
Angela chapter 7 . 4/23/2004
This was a really good story. I hope that you finish it because I would really like to know what happens.
Mackenzie Louise chapter 7 . 4/23/2004
YAY! There's finally those thoughts about Jason. Yay. It was cute. _ You really like the brushing up against the guy's leg on accident bit, don't you? _ I don't really care though, it was just an observation. It's rather cute actually. And Jade and Crystal are finally getting along, though that might be because of their situation (I know the situation), but it's still nice all the same. Post more when you can.
Blonde-chica chapter 7 . 4/23/2004
i lurve it..
update asap ay
the sister bonding moment..honestly, im not into all that bonding stuff..
the under the table foot action..i liked it!
Mackenzie Louise chapter 6 . 4/23/2004
"Oh yeah, she thought with a satisfied smile. Score one for me." Hahaha. Funny! And he is a jerk in this chapter, though I realize that it's probably all out of anger and he doesn't really mean it. He doesn't seem like the type to say that and actually mean it. Moving on. Her friends are so sweet. They go out of their way to make her smile. _ I can't wait to read the next chapter! YAHOO! Anyway...
Mackenzie Louise chapter 5 . 4/23/2004
"But he did nothing of those things. And now, what happened instead was this full-blown daily game of insulting each other. Jason wasn’t even sure if what they did was a fight, or just something they did as a routine." Or...maybe they're just flirting, they just don't realize it yet. Hahaha. So anyway, the guy stuff? It was pretty good. Unfortunately the majority of the male species is like that. What a shame too. Some of them are really smart and could do a lot with their brains...but they waste it on insignificant thoughts. So anyway...I like Jason's POV. You can tell he's already starting to fall for her (actually, has been for some time now) whereas Crystal does't even act like it at all. She hasn't had any thoughts along those lines. Now I must go read Chapters 6 & 7.
Zar911 chapter 7 . 4/23/2004
Wow, stunning, simply brilliant, you're going in my favourites for sure.
Write more, I am dying to know what happens next.
Ps. This Story would make a supurb movie!
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