Reviews for Flamenco
mispeled chapter 1 . 5/5/2004
you are a very talented poet, but im sure you know that already. There's nothing wrong with the french part except for that i can't read it. There was a line that confused me, it said the men fell to their feet. Yeah, you are really talented.
Tooloose Lautrec chapter 1 . 5/1/2004
Conclusion: do not review anything of mine. I am a feminist, firmly rooted in all my beliefs, headstrong and quite independent. You almost escaped this by saying you liked Incubus and Pink Floyd..then you wrote down Gandhi's quote more thing...if you want to quote such a great person in history, do it properly for fuck's sake(fuck is very powerful, just so you know). I suggest you ditch the anti-feminism because for me you are same as a racist and that, I believe, you should be hung for. 'forming bands' is a shit hobby because it points out that you are a loser. Your intelligence reflects in your little brother's, unlike you my siblings make intelligent and witty comments. I hope your little brother never meets one of would be an awful carnage. My sympathies for you and your family in the future... By the way, I (used to) respect the greatly but now I t think the respect is disappearing because you do not seem dateable, even less loveable, and certainly not trustworthy. Why didn't you take the slut test? I'm sure you would've scored 100% on that one. And btw, if you continue like this you are likely to die of alien abduction (by me) or homicide (by me) very soon. What wearisome business, well I hope you understand this is but a warning because had we met in person you would be sleeping sound, five feet underground. And btw, I am a real poet, unlike you. I have only taken a glance at this poem of yours, and I'd like to point out that is not poetry. Let me guess: you are American?
The Beloved Raven, French nightingale and Slavic hummingbird, Silver Venus, Mahala, Nefertiri.
PS: Here's my quote for you: 'There is nothing more dangerous than a woman that believes in herself'
glitterjewele chapter 1 . 4/29/2004
hey! sorry it took me so long to review you back it's midterm season and i've been swamped *drowns*. anyway, this is a FANTASTIC piece of poetry. and dost thou know why it is so fantastic, chica? well, it's fantastic for many reasons, but the one that especially atests to its fantasticness is that, despite this being a 700 word poem, it really didn't seem like it. i wasn't bored once through the entire thing, it kept me hooked, constantly! i could've even kept reading, if there was more. your descriptions, particularly at the beginning, are really exceptional. love how there's a story behind the gypsy, too it added to the interestingness :P. i didn't even notice that the couplets rhymed until the third stanza; that being said, if you wanted to, you could easily add in an extra word to the lines that are slightly less clear as a result of trying to fit them into the rhyme scheme (like 'her heart is there but she has not what her spirit aspires' you could add a 'to' at the end, or otherwise make it longer to make the sentence more complete, and it wouldn't harm the flow or rhyme of the piece at all, methinks just a suggestion, because i always find them helpful myself ;). otherwise, loved the atmosphere, the characters, the colors, the imagery everything, really. very impressive poem, indeed. nice work! :D
Heather Montgomery chapter 1 . 4/27/2004
It's absoulutely beautiful. The imagery is amazing. It's perfect. I love the French at the end, it really adds to it. Wonderful poem!
IHJ chapter 1 . 4/25/2004
Great imagery, and I noticed the Siren popping her head in again. Heh heh. She captured you, too, didn't she, Mia? I like your poems with a powerful, slightly self-centered female figure.
I'll admit I can't fully understand the French lines and therefore can't fully enjoy the imagery and nuances in the poem, but isn't there a reason why French is often the "language of love/romance"? *wink*
Izzy J.
Sarah Parker chapter 1 . 4/20/2004
wow... this is... wow... I'm... at a loss for words. seriously.. truly... this is... incredible... such incredible imagry and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the story told.. it's so... mesmerizing... I couldn't look away from the poem from the first line, seriously.. and then from the part about the stranger on, I was holding my breath and didn't even realize it. this is... incredible, Mia! honestly! it's... wow. such power... I wish I could say so much more, but I'm seriously mind blown. how on earth do you fit such incredible characters into a poem? I've read never ending novels that didn't even create characters as well as this and given such an amazing image of them...! this is.. beyond incredible. it's.. wow. and the french at the end adds such a... romantic side to it, and ... wow. this is going on my favorites, because it's damn incredible!
ann chapter 1 . 4/10/2004
sup chica.
lol, flip, where have i been? you really are in romance mode arent ya? crimany be my name! anyway, this was great. the first section was just so vivid, your descriptions were amazing, you really made it clear what the scene was and what the lady looked like. i really liked the french bit, even though my french really is quite tragic i got the drift of what it was saying. i mainly liked it because it really gave a romantic feel to the last stanza to make it stand out from the rest.
anyways, great job, kudos!
P:S - lol, thanks for the review on my tragic essay. i need as much humouring as i can get!
Cirien Phoenix chapter 1 . 4/8/2004
Gosh, it really has been a long time since you've written. Sorry, but I haven't you a letter in such a long time since I've been getting college and job applications. I plan on working soon. Anyways, this is major fantastic! I think this is so awesome and I can picture all of it. I really hope you start writting again. I hope to realy start posting maybe next week. Keep up with this fantastic work!
Cirien Phoenix of the Eternal Phlame
aka Sue
simpleplan13 chapter 1 . 4/8/2004
great descriptions