Reviews for Princes are Evil
Montara chapter 18 . 3/4
The style of writing was so different for his point of view! His thoughts were so calm, so different from hers! May I say, not so all over the place like hers but not as sparkly, without life. Well, until he laughed. Than his thoughts started to have color. :) But I can understand him for keeping it a secret, Rhian was not ready.

Thanks for sharing Gavin's thoughts with us, I was curious to know what he was thinking and the exact moment he laughed.
Montara chapter 17 . 3/4
So, Gavin stayed as Nolan for a little bit longer than necessary. She should be mad at him for that. But then, he should be mad at her for leaving him...Better that they've forgave each other :D

Training to be a times ahead :D
Montara chapter 16 . 3/4
Hope Gavin will be back soon, I like him better.
Montara chapter 15 . 3/2
Those fairies! They like to play with humans memories! So not fair!
Montara chapter 14 . 3/2
They can be really mean with her, she just woke up from a coma and she's still in bandages...why put her through something like this and acting so rough with her?! This time I don't like Nolan...
Montara chapter 13 . 3/2
He really just dropped her?!
Montara chapter 12 . 3/2
"If he didn't come save me soon, I'd go insane. That dragon talked a mile a minute. " - lol, she's one to talk! :)))
Montara chapter 11 . 3/2
Gavin must be under a spell or something if she can't recognize him...well, she recognized his eyes
Montara chapter 10 . 3/2
Gavin in disguise...
Montara chapter 9 . 3/2
That unicorn! :))))
Montara chapter 8 . 3/2
If she never have left she wouldn't have met all the magical people...she learned a lot in a short time. Now I only hope this Talin guy will not harm her.
Montara chapter 7 . 3/2
I don't understand her...
Montara chapter 6 . 3/2
He laughed! And she's hurting...:
Montara chapter 5 . 3/2
She's still believing that she'll end up as his mistress. :( Hope she's wrong and he'll make her his wife.
Montara chapter 4 . 3/2
I like the way she called the other prince "IT" :D

And her feelings are growing...hope this is for the better and she won't be put in a position of having to be only his mistress :
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