Reviews for Hope
peppermint latte chapter 1 . 10/12/2011
Maybe I'm just offensive, but...

A dear friend of mine was raped, got an abortion, and got temporarily disowned by her Catholic parents. Because of her humorously sardonic attitude, she took it very, very well.

What I'd like to say is that sure, it's terminating what could possibly be a life, but when taken in good humor (like my friend, can't abortion just be another funny mistake in life?
amegakorobu chapter 1 . 4/1/2009
I had an abortion at 5 & 1/2 weeks last year. Through the ultra-sound, I could see a little mass of tissue smaller than a penny. Was it a fetus or an infant? No. Did I feel guilty about flusing that out of my system for the new few days after consuming a couple pills? No.

Everything lives and everything dies. Cancer is a form of organized cell growth. Should we be allowed to kill that too? Each month a girl has her period. That's one egg that gets flushed away, never getting the chance to become fertilized. Shouldn't this be considered murder too? What about a man who masturbates? Wasting all these sperm that could go for baby-making...see where I'm going with this?

Clearly, I'm pro-choice, but only up to a point. I figure, if it has a heartbeat and brain tissue, it's a fetus and a sentient life. I'm not willing to kill a sentient life unless it's self-defense.

But a parasite that's attached to my uterus...I have no issues with that.
blah chapter 1 . 9/1/2006
People should be presented all the available facts, the pros and cons without the least amount of bias as possible. For example, at this stage, the fetus has arms, legs, blah blah blah...but not, at this stage the fetus is/is not a human. That is up to the person who is going to get abortion to decide.

I don't think people fully understand abortion...and that's for both the pro-life and pro-choice people.
Marching Flutist chapter 1 . 11/28/2004
Powerful, It's moving the work you do. Every victory in the fight to end abortion is a great one. The rosary is my favorite method of prayer it's great to see it put to use! Keep up the good work in all you do!
The Sugarfaerie a.k.a Teyka chapter 1 . 5/11/2004
I really like this, it's well done, but I must say (I'm not insulting your religion, either. In fact, I respect you quite a bit for doing that) that I agree with Lyn. A friend of mine was raped, and she's only fifteen. Plus, she lives on the streets, so the baby would die after it was born anyway, as she couldn't do anything to help it. I'm terribly sorry, but that's just what I believe. I still respect you for standing up for what you believe in, I just don't agree.
Lyn chapter 1 . 4/17/2004
I love your writing style. It's very nice. But-and I'm extremely sorry if it sounds as if I'm insulting your religion; I'm really not-I feel that you state your beliefs in a way that is slightly close-minded. I mean, what if a woman gets raped? Isn't it selfish to ask her to keep a reminder of what she went through? A baby is most certainly a life, but this woman has a life too, and she was here first.
Gilee7 chapter 1 . 4/15/2004
Good story. Abortion is very sad. I used to think "hey, it's the parent's choice." But yeah, I no longer think that and I haven't for a long time. You cannot justify murder. Are those statistics true? If so, then just wow. I had no idea that many babies have been killed due to abortion. It's very sad. Good story. Good writing. Good motive.
write25 chapter 1 . 4/15/2004
This was a very moving piece. I respect what you and your friends do; it is very admirable that you want to save unborn children. I look forward to reading other peices by you.