Reviews for Diana, Princess of Popularity?
fugiguru chapter 1 . 4/16/2004
"Doctors and Nurses exposing themselves to help ordinary people..."
hee hee...

anyway, princess diana helped to create the beauty of prince william. therefore, she should not only be on the "great britons" t.v. special, but she should have a shrine built to her only slightly smaller than the one that should be built to her son. and prince harry is no chopped liver either.
Sunflower Philosophy chapter 1 . 4/16/2004
I must agree with you. It always sort of made me laugh that famous actors got knighted- like "Sirs" Ian McKellen and Sean Connery. They're great actors, okay, but that doesn't make them earth-shaking geniuses. I love to act myself, but I don't consider theater or the film industry a major part in the advancement of the world.
I think it's the whole fairy-tale-gone-wrong thing about Diana that really broke the world's heart, especially when she died, alongside the fact that she was a sweet person who cared about people. People don't consider her to be "great" as in Shakespeare or Newton great, but they really identify with her and feel proud when they think of her. So I can understand why people think they need to include her when they think of the greatest Britons- not because she was great, in particular, but because they loved her.
As a princess, I can accept her being on a list like that. But actors and singers I scoff at. So just because I was born with a nice voice and have the right connections so I became insanely famous, I'm great? Did I help people? Did I change the world for the better?
Excellent job.
m~* Sunflower, anyone?
Watershoot chapter 1 . 4/15/2004
I have to totally agree, and was disappointed that Diana was placed up with people such as Newton and Shakespeare (who I am presently doing coursework on... Romeo and Juliet...) who changed and shaped history. Many people are charitable whether they donate money or do work. Many give their lives to helping others, and do it without recognition, and do not expect recognition either. However I think (not sure... but still) that 'great Britons' was a phone in vote or something of that sort.. So those who are what well known wouldn't really ever have a chance.
As for the Nobel Prize awards I have no idea why they're not televised, maybe some people might get upset that they would have to cancel one episode of: DIY/garden makeover/reality TV or How to buy a house do-it-up-then sell-it-for-twice-the-price-forcing-the-housing-market-up-so-that-kids-coming-out-of-uni-can-not-afford-housing. But back to Culture, I think it’s dieing all over the world - as is appreciation for the arts... Film industry is so big now - with expectations to make so many films- most of them are complete crap. And TV... take several nobodies and an e-class celebrity - and you can make it onto national television. But I won't start ranting about that...
knowledge griffin chapter 1 . 4/15/2004
Im sorry
i liked your story about the destroying books and stuff but i lost interest in the first paragraph. I tend to think of you as a good writer beecause i like your stuff and decided to give this a try. my motto is don't let other people prevent you from doing things. i am just giving you an opinion.
-Knowledge Griffin