Reviews for Once upon a time in a School Library
Kohlomere chapter 1 . 12/13/2006
Hello again! You have hit the subject square on the nose. Banning Harry Potter is ridiculous. Now, I got to a public school in Texas where Edith Hamilton's Mythology (I would underline that if I knew how) is part of the English I curriculum. Though the teacher spent more than an hour telling us that the book was in no way intended to interfere with our individual religions, she still had half of the class crowded around her desk at the end of the spiel. Every one of those stooges were convinced that so much as touching the book would conflict with their religion. Just a thought, E.
Sunflower Philosophy chapter 1 . 4/22/2004
I profoundly agree with you. Well... I was obsessed with Harry Potter at thirteen so I'm probably very biased, but it really is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. "Kids might get bad ideas from magic", they say. So we're gonna ban Lord of the Rings? I mean really.
Thanks for the review btw... :) Actually, my favorite metaphor in that one was the rain- to have to fall to become, and the "clear flowing carpet of living" and "sometimes I'm gray, but always I'm giving"... but I still hold the star one very dear... Actually I had Something Corporate playing in my head when I wrote it, and it has something of a tune to it which I might work on later, so right on about working as a song...
m~* Sunflower, anyone?
Loganberry chapter 1 . 4/22/2004
Well, I don't think Enid Blyton should actually be *banned* - after all, my school library had "Mein Kampf" in, and in general I have a strong aversion to banning any book. But on the other paw, I never liked Blyton's books purely on the basis that I found them boring.
I digress, though (as usual). I agree with your main argument here. As you point out, children are generally quite able to cope with "unfluffy" stories; I think the success of Roald Dahl's books is ample testament to that. And yes, the fact that the baddies end up dead is often more reassuring than frightening.
Arael the 15th chapter 1 . 4/16/2004
Nicely put. I agree, these over-sensitive parents need to loosen their standards and allow good literature to prevail. Similarly, the Bible was at one point banned from societies, so many of these Christian parents are doing what their ancestors' oppressors did centuries ago. These parents have no right to condemn a book or series because of mystical elements. In fact, as one of the other reviewers said, the Bible has stories that make tales like Harry Potter seem bloody soft-core (Anyone who has read Genesis or Exodus alone can attest to that).
Watershoot chapter 1 . 4/15/2004
Once again I have to totally agree with you... if children can't decipher between reality and fantasy then maybe its best that it is found out earlier rather than later so that they can get some sort of psychiatric help...
On a note about illiteracy (though it is not really connected with anything you've said) I sometimes wonder whether it is being encouraged... Have you ever watched children’s television on BBC or ITV weekday afternoons? (*Ahem* I only have because it has been school holidays...) about 75% of all the characters either don't speak at all (instead dance around repetitively) or they don't speak correctly... As these programmes are on at 3:30 onwards I'm guessing they're aimed at children that go to school, not preschoolers and that is even more shocking, How exactly anyone can benefit from watching that is beyond me… Anyway I love how well you express your views. It's nice to know that people still feel passionately about what they think is wrong with the world.
Sterces chapter 1 . 4/15/2004
Wow! *standing ovarion* Brilliant and I SO agree with this. It ticks me off! Double standards, not to mention! I loved this. I love how you write too. You kept me quite hooked, wonderful topic!
knowledge griffin chapter 1 . 4/15/2004
i can totally connect to what you said in this essay/story. i thought it was well written and i thank you for writting this to show the world how important reading is and tht we shouldn't ban it even if it does have gross or twisted theres in it. It shouldn't be that big of a deal and i thought you portrayed that rather well. Thank you for expressing my views and the views of others in this story.
-Knowledge Griffin
Stormbringer chapter 1 . 4/15/2004
Very well written...