Reviews for Brasier
Heather Montgomery chapter 1 . 5/16/2004
Wow. Je parle français depuis l'age de quatre ans, mais je n'est jamais réussi a écrire un poeme en françcais. Vous étes surement beaucoup plus bon que moi!
hehe. Loved the poem! I'm not even sure my writing in french was right.. but whatever. Great job, I'm very impressed!
Tooloose Lautrec chapter 1 . 5/1/2004
Conclusion: do not review anything of mine. I am a feminist, firmly rooted in all my beliefs, headstrong and quite independent. You almost escaped this by saying you liked Incubus and Pink Floyd..then you wrote down Gandhi's quote more thing...if you want to quote such a great person in history, do it properly for fuck's sake(fuck is very powerful, just so you know). I suggest you ditch the anti-feminism because for me you are same as a racist and that, I believe, you should be hung for. 'forming bands' is a shit hobby because it points out that you are a loser. Your intelligence reflects in your little brother's, unlike you my siblings make intelligent and witty comments. I hope your little brother never meets one of would be an awful carnage. My sympathies for you and your family in the future... By the way, I (used to) respect the greatly but now I t think the respect is disappearing because you do not seem dateable, even less loveable, and certainly not trustworthy. Why didn't you take the slut test? I'm sure you would've scored 100% on that one. And btw, if you continue like this you are likely to die of alien abduction (by me) or homicide (by me) very soon. What wearisome business, well I hope you understand this is but a warning because had we met in person you would be sleeping sound, five feet underground. And btw, I am a real poet, unlike you. I have only taken a glance at this poem of yours, and I'd like to point out that is not poetry. Let me guess: you are American?
The Beloved Raven, French nightingale and Slavic hummingbird, Silver Venus, Mahala, Nefertiri.
PS: Here's my quote for you: 'There is nothing more dangerous than a woman that believes in herself'
Alba Deborah chapter 1 . 4/29/2004
all da reviews from ppl who dont actually understand french made me lmao. BIG KISS TO EVERYBODY
yet another amazing poem. sumhow u seem 2 b so talented. y is life so unfair? 2 ebody out dere, u should know mia's super super super nice, super super super smart, n DROP DEAD GORGEOUS tho dats a 4bidden topic, soz. n in addition 2 dat, she's talented. da qualities r NOT equally reparted.
now 2 da proper part of da review- brilliant poem. one of my fave. i luv it! da rhymes r really really good, i especially like "Alors je courrai, armes aux mains, pour te venger,
Pour sauver ce peuple de pauvres nomades exilés."
Jennacharm chapter 1 . 4/24/2004
You would think that for a french poem, I would review in french. But unfortunaly, there would be so many grammer mistakes, I wouldn't even be able to count them all. So...
I'm not sure if I like 'the blood flowing from your lips' and 'water from my eyes' but granted, it sounds SO MUCH better in french then it does it english. I like the point you make though, the difficulties of war.
- Jennacharm
Dirty Wallpaper chapter 1 . 4/22/2004
oh my dear translator, how i love you *kisses translator*
lol, im gonna see if i can do a review in french via a warned, it may not make any sense...
très bon!
votre femme est belle!
telles images vives...vraiment a capturé mon attention.
oh mon dieu! une gourde de mouche!
- LMAO - wow!i should so go around reviewing some french poems with this translator...LOL, it screws them up so much. cya chica - that was my fun for the day. great poem! kudos!
Sarah Parker chapter 1 . 4/22/2004
I... wish I could understand this. hehe. I'm sure it's great anyway.