Reviews for Music Magic
happy thing chapter 1 . 1/14/2005
This is so honest and humble. That's how I feel when I'm playing too. It's never quite right, and I still ave so much to learn. Sigh, someday maybe.I really like the repeating part of the poem.
S. I. Oyanguren chapter 1 . 5/7/2004
I really enjoyed reading this poem. Very well thought out. I'm a big music person and this poem touched. Keep up the good work!
Tom Madden chapter 1 . 4/23/2004
really good. i'm trying to learn how to play the guitar. "trying" being the key word. but anyway, it's really great. music truly can make your soul be heard.
mizu no kokoro chapter 1 . 4/23/2004
wow, music is very important and magical isn't it? I liked the way u described music makes u flower, so pretty like great poem