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Karen Naomi chapter 1 . 10/22/2005
I use to watch ALL of the reruns of the original episodes and needless to say I agree with you. Urg, we're not THAT stupid . . . are we? Well, I don't know about you but . . . I think I am.

"Oh no, they won't notice a thing."

Really? We won't? Must've misplaced the memo somehow . . .
johnnyboy12 chapter 1 . 8/13/2005
to start let me tellyouim a true fanof star treck the next genoration i also likedmostof the original cearies and even the voyager . but inever realygot into thenew interprise thing from the seemd llike a step backword insted of ihave to totly agree withyouwith the hole writing problem. it got bad after the first 2 seezons of voyager and its goten even worce and farther away fromthelil ihave seenof this latest you wish tomake any comments on my review, or if anyone reading this does please feel free to email me atj_ciolli2
leth chapter 4 . 7/6/2005
How can you possibly loose the concept of warp speed? The word "warp" is a trademark of star trek. Without it, millions of people would get ST confused with Star Wars, especially when you input hyperdrive.

Email me back, as I like your writing. Do you ever think of publishing a book?
conveyorofhope chapter 4 . 6/24/2005
The ship started here. It ended there. And it went really freaking , sir, are a genius.
Rach chapter 4 . 5/15/2005
HI!. I haven't seen that many episodes of star trek (the next generation) expect for the vidios that my parents got me for chrismas round about two years ago.

there are some episodes that I haven't watched because it's only got one part on it and i don't have the other. (annoying eh?)

your pen name seems familar I wonder if I have/am reading some of your star trek stories. (I'll find out when I go to fanfiction net when I finished reading stuff here)

I actually do like the twilight zone and outer limits I've written a few fanfics on twilight zone myself (just for fun I'm not a member of any fiction sites) and I think if the twilight zone and star trek were on at the same time I'd propably would chose the twilight zone.

anyway good work on the essay keep it up

please update soon.

see ya
RCS chapter 4 . 5/14/2005
Good commentary. I once read one of those books on writing sci-fi, and the author pretty much says that any budding sci-fi writer should stay away from the Warp Speed concept for FTL travel like it's the smallpox.

Oh yeah, and that "John Kerry is not the President" joke you have on your profile is damned funny. Classic.
TearsOfTurquoiseAngels chapter 1 . 1/18/2005
I liked the Vulcan arch this season and I liked a lot of Enterpise's first two seasons, but season three (especially the vulcan shooting up) was jut too much. Trek plots have gotten a little repetative, too. They don't seem to understand that even if fans like a story line in one episode, it's not entertaining if they write the same thing (slightly altered) over and over again. ~Terra~
gangster-dolly chapter 1 . 12/28/2004
Hey I'm female and I love Trek. But then again, I don't do any of the typical female traits.

More to the point; I completely agree with you. Something has to be done! What's happening to Gene's franchise? I thing Next Generation was probably the most popular of them all.

I actually didn't like majority of the ST films. First Contact was my favourite. But you're right, Star Trek is dying down. Something needs to be done! Whatever will I do without my Trek fix! Bleh!

The Zaniak chapter 3 . 10/13/2004
I felt this was the worst written of the three chapters. Sentence fragments like "But he didn’t. Slacker.", overuse of questions such as "what’s missing from that particular story? Hmm?" and sarcasm ruined it for me. It all seemed quite juvenile.
The Zaniak chapter 2 . 10/13/2004
lol- "vent my spleen" made me chuckle.
The Zaniak chapter 1 . 10/13/2004
I personally don't watch Star Trek, and never have, but I'm rather surprised to hear that the writers don't have to see the older episodes before writing new episodes. For most long running television series, it's a requirement that the writers be familiar with previous episodes/seasons etc. to ensure that they don't reuse plots or contradict themselves blatantly. Obviously when a series runs long enough, there will be contradictions, but I'm yet to see any really blatant ones in any of the long running TV series that I watch. Except for that one weird Raymond episode where they mentioned Debra's sister...
biminator chapter 3 . 10/10/2004
excellent. i fit the "average fan" category. i am a complete fan of the original series. i thought nemesis, insurrection, and voyage home sucked, and i hate "enterprise". i liked "Search for Spock", personally.
also, vulcans seem to go out of character alot. In "The Menagerie" (TOS), Spock commandeers the enterprise, and a bunch of other crap. the physical law remark was perfect.
"...taking orders from TJ Hooker!" that was hilarious as well.
overall, a thorough, well-enjoyed essaay. update soon.
kritaya chapter 1 . 9/3/2004
I agree with your opinion of Enterprise. There have been a few good episodes that expanded the Trek universe, but overall it's been a low point in the franchise. However I don't believe that anything can be done to save it. Or should be. Majel Barrett Roddenberry was quoted earlier this year saying she thought Star Trek should be retired for at least ten years, and come back with a new generation of writers, directors and producers. People with fresh ideas. And I completely agree with that sentiment. Since Next Gen, some form of Trek has been on the air for almost 20 years. It's time for a long break. That will never happen though. Trek is Paramount's cash cow and they are going to milk it until blood comes out of the teats and people stop caring. Then they will shrug and move on to the next big thing, whatever that might be. They won't even allow the corpse the dignity of a proper burial, because they don't particularly care where the cash flows from as long as it flows. Kind of like a toilet. Ah well, it doesn't matter. Next Gen's out on DVD and no matter what fate befalls Trek, they can't touch those. They will always be brilliant.
INTP chapter 1 . 7/28/2004
Yeah, I agree with how fans inconsistently like Star Trek and how some of the series _really_ suck. Maybe you should send this to their creative team; they might take the hint if the low ratings and reactions to the movies weren't a smack in the face already.
Phoenix-Pen chapter 1 . 7/8/2004
Yes! ABSOLUTELY! Enterprise SUCKS big time. I came to Star Trek in my early teens when Voyager was still a work in process. OS is funny, NG can get too serious but (being quite a one for philosophy-and Patrick Stewart in a non-sexual way) I like it overall. DS9 is my personal favourite, though even I cans see that it warrants the accusation of inconsistency. Voyager . . . actually isn't that bad. Seven of Nine is briliant, and Janeway doesn't get on my nerves all the time BUT it is nothing compared to the earlier three, and what was a baby-sized problem in Voyager has turned into a colossal thuggish teenager of a problem in Enterprise. It has NO REDEAMING FEATURES! Moreover, I have yet to meet a fan who likes it. T'Pal is there purely as eye-candy, the Brit. secutiry chief is a blatant and (an accusation I never thought I'd have to make against Star Trek) actually offensive stereotype, the clutch of STRONG American accents brings to pass what has been threatened to some extent in previous series, but just about avoided, namely the conversion of Earth (and indeed the Federation) into the USA gone large. This is one reason why DS9 is my favourite, it is really good at the old diversity-a trend started by Gene with Spock himself. I actually stopped watching Enterprise after the first few episodes-I simply couldn't stand it!
Moreover, I think you've identified the problems correctly. The creative team need to WAKE UP, because a franchise which has sometimes been groundbreaking, courageous and deservedly popular is heading for an ignominous end!
I could write about this all night. But this review is already way too long, and you probably don't want to have all my opinions vented at you! But WELL DONE-you've hit the nail right on its extremely ugly head!
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