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helena chapter 13 . 3/23/2006
really good :) i think it would be cool for syn's old family too find him and stuff lol! an maybe, when he has full control over his powers he could go after the elders for revenge? lol sounded kwel to me

luv hell x
karboom chapter 1 . 7/6/2005
Amazing piece! Please R&R my stories people!

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BuffLie chapter 13 . 6/30/2005
"He power was calm and poised..." - HER power :P

Wee, it's Naila. I know her. ...don't I?

Good chapter, as always :)
BuffLie chapter 12 . 6/30/2005
Yay! I love this story :D

My only little comment is... "Azyra had managed to scrounge up some midnight colored silk garments that reflected the light." - wouldn't that color ABSORB the light? Unless they are fancy magical garments or something...

And lookit that, I have another one to read :)
cerys chapter 13 . 6/26/2005
I just read all of this in about an hour and it was amazing. I really like your turn of phrase and Syn is such a unique character. I really got drawn into this world in a way that I haven't been in ages, and I especially like the quick pacing of the plot.
Sylvia Ann Elliot chapter 13 . 6/25/2005
I like the description of the Venkellan's voice. It gives a good insight into his character. I loved the line "I'm elvish, yes; but not /that/ elvish." It helps the reader understand more of the elven nature. The chapter was a little choppy, but it wasn't too bad. Livable. And here we meet another important character! You have too many to keep track of. Ah well, as long as you give each a small introduction each time, the reader won't get too confused.

Another excellent chapter, and I look forward to reading more.
Nosmada chapter 1 . 6/25/2005
Well, this story is certainly an interesting find. Given that I am (ironically) writing about a boy who also came to become a huge "dark" (think gang lord) though rather sarcastic force in the world, I thought that this would be an interesting read. It is refreshing to find a novel about someone with some actual personality flaws-too many protagonists on this website are inherently perfect, and I find it somewhat disgusting. So, kudos to you for making your protagonist a flawed character. Those are always the best sort.

I must say, the idea of a character being an outcast and hated due to being of a different species (or a hybridization of species, rather) is somewhat cliched and potentially didactic, but hopefully I shall nonetheless enjoy the route that you take with this novel. Well, until next time...
Sylvia Ann Elliot chapter 12 . 6/24/2005
I love your introduction. The first line, “I was born a bastard” hooks the reader and draws them to learn more about your story. I like how you characterized the elves, in that they didn’t care about the feelings of others.

I love Syn! His personality is so bad boy and tough, I just want to hug him! You did a good job capturing him and putting him on paper. Your descriptions of characters and surroundings are a bit bare-bone, but I like the style. I also like the fast-paced action style, too many people get bogged down in the details.

I loved Shai! I also loved her plot to bring in the street rats. I was so sad when you killed her off! I loved Syn’s quote, “I do think about human emotions, really. I always have; I just don't care.” It’s very typical of him.

I love how you established Azyra’s abilities early on, and then explained them a few chapters later. I love where you’re taking this story; I was so sad when I realized I was on the last chapter.

An excellent job, and I hope the next chapter is soon!
BuffLie chapter 11 . 4/30/2005
This alert was hiding in my box. I'm glad I found it. I love this... as always. And I adore Syn.
CrackedSpirali chapter 11 . 4/13/2005
"She smiled happily, a disturbing expression on such a sinister face"

I love that line.

Of course, I love the rest of the chapter, too. But that line really sticks... and is pretty amusing.

But looking at that part again- It's a little ambiguous where Syn says "I'll do it, don't worry"- is he agreeing to taking care of Azyra or that he'd take care of killing the king? I interpreted it to be taking care of Azyra, since that was what the threat was aimed towards... but he's also an assassin by nature, so eh.

"That caught my interest. Nice to know that my only reward wouldn't be my continued existence. Should have known better."

I love the way you input Syn's personality in the descriptions- though there seem to be differences in tone: "Nice to know that..." is an immediate response, while "Should have known better" is more of a reflective one. Maybe there's a way to distinguish between the two to avoid confusion?

"Opening my eyes was a mistake. The world was awash in blinding color, lined in silver. Currents of light swam before my eyes as the world pitched and spun about me. I vaguely remember vomiting, and then I was out again."

I love this part- especially the last sentence. The whole thing connects very smoothly, and has that 'realistic ring' to it- for want of a better term. Barfing makes him seem more mortal, anyway :)

"Silence. Now."

Laughed. Out. Loud. Really, it was hilarious :D I could completely imagine him saying that.

-I don't remember whether I've said this before or not, but your descriptions of things are wonderful- The imagery's clear and worded beautifully throughout the story, with just the right amount of balance between action and observation. Excellent job- looking forward to the next chapter!

~ Lilly :D
CrackedSpirali chapter 10 . 3/18/2005
I followed a friend's friends list to your LJ and from there to your FP account... (hey, what can I say? I can't resist a good story). And this is a good story... I read all the chapters straight through, so kudos :P

I really like Syn as a character... very different from many others. He's enigmatic and profound- with a different set of values that what is usually expected of the protagonist. But it works out really well.

I especially liked the humor that was in the first couple chapters... I bursted out laughing several times reading it :) So all in all, great job with your writing!
BuffLie chapter 10 . 11/29/2004
Everything ties in with your other stories, how fun.

Lookit that. Another pointless review :D
The-Mighty-Koshi chapter 10 . 11/21/2004

What the heck? Azyra? Why her? I mean, Syn seems like a better choice to me...oh well.


*tips hat*
Nashie chapter 9 . 10/19/2004
About time I got to read this story. And I've been missing a lot! How excellent! _ Now I have to keep up with your updates! Keep up the great work, and don't forget to write. (There's a pun in there somewhere...or a double meaning...wait a second, that's what a pun is in the first place...never mind)
The-Mighty-Koshi chapter 9 . 8/23/2004
Awmygawd I haven't the reviewed this till NOW? *baps self on head with sqeaky hammer* Yay, the shamless romantic strikes again! *poking the chapter and sniffs* hm I sense fluffiness, could their really be a pairing at hand? Why else would the word 'Sinny' be involved! *giggles like the freak that she is* Good lord knows that us reviewers would have called him that anyway at some point...
Anyways, nice chappie. Its still got the 'ol zing to it. I especially like how you mention how disgusting Ciela looked as she cried. (Well, yeah, we all look disgusting when we do!) Only anime and such can get away with the 'pretty crying'. Hope see a chappie soon!
*tips hat*
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