Reviews for Religious Philosophy
Yioujuin chapter 1 . 6/22/2004
Hihi, it's me again! Since you've meant this to be more of an expression of your thoughts than a formal essay or constructed argument, I won't give opinions on how to better it, but rather, just a few thoughts:
Your simple honesty really shines through here-something I definitely understand and appreciate-and I'm really glad you're not afraid to ask the hard questions. I do think Christianity is more often misunderstood than not, though. I'd encourage you to invest some time digging for those answers in the best sources you can find. It might sound trite, but truly, searching for the truth with all your heart will be the single most significant endeavor of your life. For me, after poring through various world religions and philosophies in college, somehow, I still come away utterly convinced that knowing Christ is the only way, though sometimes this life might have been easier if I had tried to believe otherwise. All this is to say, your life is precious, but time is short. Don't waste the opportunities!
Maggy d chapter 1 . 5/12/2004
Your little disclaimer is very much appreciated, and before I say anything furthur I just wish to say that I am in no way flaming you, or saying your opinions have to be this, because your opinions are yours to keep. I'm just going to state my opinion on some of your statements.
Okay, first! You're right, you shouldn't want to believe that after death everyone just disappears, because that's a scary thought. I'd hate to die if I thought that.
Second! God is "good". In fact, He's more than good, He's "righteous". If he made any sort of bad mistakes, He surely wouldn't want to be a God I worship, because I want someone whom I can follow after and try to reflect to some degree. Now I'm not saying I'm perfect, because I'm not, and no human is. "Everyone has sinned and come short of the glory of God". I don't have my concordance w/ me right now, so I can't look up what scripture that is.
Third! You said: 'So, as long as I live my life trying to make the world a better place then God would let me in to heaven whether I believe in God or not. If God only let in people who believed in him then he wouldn't be good because that would imply selfishness.' No. I can't agree with that, I'm sorry.
First of all, that would imply that people can make the world a better place. Alot of people have said that before, past, present, and probably in the future too. However, is the world any better off than when Noah was here before the flood, no! There's still killing, there's still racism, there's still prejudice! Mankind from the moment Adam bit into the forbidden fruit mankind has been placed under a curse, and all the things I've mentioned above are included in it.
Then it also implies that you think God should just let everyone into Heaven. What's the point of that? Why can't we just all stay on Earth, then? I mean, there would be no point in just moving a bunch of people from one place to another! We could all just stay HERE and have a grand ol' ball... but that's not the way things are, is it? People are still dying everyday, and they are only destined for one of two places..
The last thing that implies is that God is bad. Uh-uh-uh! I don't think so! Who wants to follow a God who is selfish? Then again, there ARE people who do that... Anyway! God is not selfish, in fact, he is selfLESS. I mean, hello! He gave his son for us so we could spit on him and hurt him, and even kill him. But you know what? He LET us do that, because to pay the sin sacrifice blood has to be spilled. Now tell me, if you had a son/daughter, would you let people do that to him/her? Would even be able to look upon the faces of the people who would show such hatred to your son/daughter? God did, and he's even willing to forgive us of every sin we commited! Gosh, I'm glad I serve such a wondrous God!
Anyway, Fourth and Last! 'If there isn't a God then why the hell am I worrying? I'll never know about it anyway!'
-There is a God. Do you wanna know how I know? Look at history. Plain and simple. Every peoples in every different time period have had an inside knowledge that there IS a supreme diety. Indians have worshiped the rain gods and all them, Antient Egyptians worshipped their different gods, greeks, romans, babylonians, jews, ammonites, can't think of any more, because the list is too long. history reveals many things, and the fact that there IS a God is evident. if there isn't, then I'm sure that no one would be worshipping anything, because there'd be no point. We'd just go on living our lives, religion not even existing.
::Lets out a big breath:: Okay, I had a lot to say, I'm glad I got it out. For some of this stuff, I'm sorry if I've offended you, because religion CAN be a very touchy subject. Sometimes you just have to get past the nitty gritty to grow.
Have a nice day,
Maggy d.
MoogulTheSly chapter 1 . 5/7/2004
Hole in Argument: You assume that what the majority believes defines God. An omnipotent God would ot be defined by what others think in the same way that just because others believe one to be somthing does not necisarly make one so. Also you assumes that it is under your athority to define what constites right and wrong. A huge proplem for the human race in general. What gives one human the right to define the rest of the universe by right and wrong? Humans do not have that kind of Authority. Only an omnipotent/omniscent God has that authority, therefore it is upto him to define right and wrong and it is his rules that the universe is required to play by.
nullcrab chapter 1 . 5/7/2004
It's a sweet and simple look at religion! AND it's actually good! Great job.
Delete Name chapter 1 . 5/7/2004
"If God only let in people who believed in him then he wouldn't be good because that would imply selfishness."
No, he wants to make sure you're really his. When God said that you should believe in him, it was to make sure you were set aside and untainted from this unholy world.
It's not selfishness, because God allows rapists, murderers, cannibles, and even the worst of the worst into heaven if they truly believe in him.
Is that selfish? No.
Also, what is living your life good? It's impossible.
You get rich and give money to charity. What are you doing to get rich? Gambling on the lottery? Oops...
Or perhaps you're a rock star, just like Tommy Lee. No, no, that's not good. So you sing about running away from your family because you hate them so much. Ooh... not good.
Okay, so you're an actor, selling your body to be whatever people want you to be. You're not really Cocolori anymore. You're suddenly Wolverine, or Jean Grey. But hey! It's not evil! Not even when you're gutting people and living by the same principles of a whore.
Okay, okay, so you made an honest living in business and got it... who'd you shoot down to get there? Not only that, but you can't keep all your money! People will call you selfish and self-centered, and demand you give your money away. Despite the bills on your house, and your car, and your family...
OKay, onto the family issue. You have a wife. Did you have sex before marriage? You did! That's great. That's considered evil in some religions and cultures. Okay, so you didn't. Did you divorce? Making all that money had to come at a price. Alright, so you didn't. You've managed. How many kids? One? Two? Well, the larger the family, the more good deeds you spread. Because your kids will pick up your habits. ALL of them.
But then you have 12 kids, and your neighbors turn their noses up at you. "Irresponsible" they say. "Unbelievable" says another. "Fundamentalist, that's all" says a third. Your kids are persecuted by the biased teachers because they have so many siblings.
Alright, so now onto school. You send your kid(s) to a public school. They all discover religion and become religious people. But you're not religious. So you're trying to make them think your logic, but because they're in public schools, they think like their friends and teachers, and shrug off everything you say as foolish, traditionalist talk.
So you don't send them to public school. Instead, it's private! Same problems, because now your kids want to convert you, but you're stubbornly not listening.
Okay, so you homeschool. The state charges you for truancy and takes you to court. Even if you make it out, it's on your record. Then there's the fact that the social services think you're abusing your kids, and you never were a teacher, so you have no experience!
Hopefully, this will show that you cannot live the perfect life. Everything you do will be scorned by somebody, so therefore, to somebody you will not be doing good.
That's why God says simply _believe_.
Formerly chapter 1 . 5/7/2004
Yeah, that's pretty much how I've always thought of it. It makes sense, anyway.
As an essay this leaves a bit to be desired, though... a little too short and unstructured.
Evilmonkeys chapter 1 . 5/7/2004
again me! your usual style of talking - completely mad and thinking too much, as you said at the end: "If there isn't a God then why the hell am I worrying? I'll never know about it anyway!" so there you go - just live life without worry and believe madly in a god just before you go. (or not up to you)
Sunflower Philosophy chapter 1 . 5/6/2004
Here's another one who's been hanging around Christians too long.
I'm Jewish. Maybe you'll find my definition of God a little easier to understand or deal with.
Yes, we believe that God is the ultimate good. No, we do not believe that God only "rewards" people if they believe in Him. God is not our God- he's everyone's God, and we believe He loves us all equally, no matter what religion we are and what we believe in. Some Christians say anyone who doesn't believe in God has an automatic ticket to hell. We don't say that at all.
Judaism puts the emphasis on this life, not the next. We also put the emphasis on what a person does, not what he believes. Judaism is a religion given only to the Jews- well, the Israelites at the time- 613 commandments only for us. As for everyone else, there was a guideline of seven rules that if they were accepted by a foreign nation, we would allow ourselves to make peace with thim: 1) Don't murder 2) Don't sleep with someone you shouldn't and don't marry a sister or brother 3) Don't worship idols 4) Don't curse God 5) Don't eat meat from an animal that's still alive 6) Don't steal 7) Set up a justice system. Judaism has always accepted that most people will believe in other religions. Our mission on Earth is not to turn everyone into Jews. Our mission here is to be a "light unto the nations"- to show them how a society that believes in one God is run. So far, so good- a majority of the world believes in one God (or is not sure it believes anything).
Anyway, sorry I got carried away, but believe me, there are answers out there for your questions. Even from Christianity. ;) Look, Christianity has had a major role in changing the world for the better, and it's got some pretty good stuff in it (along with the not-so-good stuff). It's always best to take the good stuff from everything.
m~* Sunflower, anyone?