Reviews for Fear for Salvation
Terra Tigra chapter 1 . 5/11/2004
Yay stories! Wonderful job ;) Tori seems like a very interesting character. I love demon/human half breeds. They're so tragic and so cool at the same time. My mind is reeling with plot opportunities and story developements! hehe!
::"Tori ran as even she could not run within her loosened boundaries of reality. Lights blurred past as though in a subway tunnel, and the very fabric of space stretched as she pushed all her weight against it, burning for extra speed."
-Awesome, awesome lines. I love the idea of fighting against all space and time. XD Wonderful imagery there.
::"What but eternal damnation lay in store for a mongrel, the cross-breed of two of the darkest of all creations?"
-I love how you included humans as one of the darkest creations, adds even darker tones to your story. Mirky shadows of further story? hm.
I await more!
-Terra Tigra-