Reviews for Tantamount to Torture
Evilmonkeys chapter 1 . 5/12/2004
its written in your usual rant style. and i see what you meant earlier!(winkwink) terrible that it happened... just as terrible about how its being dealt with, in governments, the media and anywhere else.
Cocolori chapter 1 . 5/11/2004
Hey folks, thought I'd post a response here to get a few things straight.
I'm sorry if I made it sound like I was blaming all of America - I know that most of you have been horrified by last week's revelations. I wasn't trying to get at you it's just that I was very angry at your government at the time. Believe me I'm thoroughly ashamed at the actions of some UK troops and at our Government's failure to do anything about it. And I probably should wait for the results of the investigation - trouble is I'm not sure I believe thay will do a independant and unbias evaluation of what happened. All the evidence shows that orders must have come from somewhere high up - I'm wondering if Bush won't protect some members of his administraton - it happens in British politics all the time.
As for Iraqi's killing loads of innocent americans - there aren't actually that many examples of that - certainly they have hurt members of the American armed forces but there isn't any evidence that Saddam was involved in Sept 11th - he reportedly hated the Taliban. Sure there are examples but not loads of them. Besides 'An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind'. Because theyv'e hurt your people does that mean we should hurt theirs?
James Jago chapter 1 . 5/11/2004
Much as I hate to miss an opportunity to bait Steve Lawrence, I have to say you're being a little harsh.
First, it's a little hasty to apportion blame before the investigation is complete. Second, you can't blame the whole country for this. Third, MoD doesn't exactly come out smelling of roses either.
Admiral Rupert chapter 1 . 5/11/2004
Arab folks have been killing innocent Americans for years now, and suddenly ALL OF AMERICA is to blame when it happens ONCE to a couple Arabs? *sigh*
DarkSorceress chapter 1 . 5/10/2004
I honestly would not know where to begin in critquing, well, The Stupidy and Idiocy of George "Dubwa" Bush. As an American citizen, I see what happened in Iraq as a total embrassment. Excellent essay!
S. T. Lawrence chapter 1 . 5/9/2004
LOL...this is hilarious!

"To believe that Bush and administration didn't know about what was happening in Iraq is ludicrous."

Yeah, because they did genius. It was in a report dated in January.

"Other hugely respected organisations have also complained about prisoner's rights being abused in Iraq and Guantanemo Bay"

They're enemy combatants, #1 and #2: They have little to no rights-they're enemy combatants.

"Anti-American feeling will have been dramatically increased in every Muslim country and community"

Funny, I would have thought they were pretty angry on September 11...

"Not only that, but Bush has succeeded in alienating many European countries and has lost the respect of the public of Britain even if our Prime minister seems to think otherwise."

Oh please, you guys started loosing respect for us as soon as we werent needed for protection anymore after the Cold War. Don't blow smoke up anyone's tush trying to tell them its because of Bush that all this is happening.

"America might be the most powerful Nation on Earth but that doesn't mean that they can disregard the opinions of the rest of the globe."

The hell is doesnt-"the rest of the globe" has no right to make decisions for my country.

"And I also know how angry you must feel at being lied to for over a year with talk of 'honour' and 'freedom'. "

LOL...this is hysterical.

"9/11 doesn't justify the torture and humiliation of the most staunch Anti-West terrorist."

Bet me it doesnt. You're not American-you just wouldn't understand. So try not to think like one.

"This last week has proved that there are people worse than animals on all sides - at least the terrorists have the excuse of poverty and poor education."

WHAT? Lemme get this right: terrorists have an excuse now to do what they do. Oh my lord.

Great comedy!