Reviews for That Feeling
FaydedMarionette chapter 1 . 6/21/2004
Yeah, i do know that feeling;) its really something, like a itch you cant scratch... Lol...And yeah, i did like it.
Terra Tigra chapter 1 . 5/11/2004
AAH! I hate that feeling! It burns in the back of my mind and never goes away! OK, sometimes I just forget something I was supposed to do, being me and all, but other times I feel it is there for no reason more than to taunt me. Bleh.
I also get this feeling when I think about the future and what it will/ will not bring, and I get the feeling this is what your poem is more focused on. I think that many of us want the future so badly that we have this sense of longing all the time. Like something is missing. But, seeing as we are never actually living in the future but always in the present, we may never feed our hunger for more of, you know, that thing I/we can't seem to find XD Hmm, just slap me if I'm making no sense. It happens...a lot.
You've done a wonderful job of capturing this sense of yearning. You are wonderful with describing the undescribeable(sp?). Such words! Such phrases! Such line breaks! lol. I love it.
-Terra Tigra-