Reviews for Leave Love Bleeding in my Hands
xiaobudian chapter 1 . 9/24/2004
lol! wow. The plot is realli good! keep it up
Sonja chapter 15 . 9/21/2004
Hey, I really like this story, and I was hoping you'd write some more chapters. I'd love that. Thanks.
Little Mermaid chapter 15 . 8/26/2004
YAY! taking chances are very good things...theyy occasionally work out too
update asap
hot-princess4875 chapter 15 . 8/26/2004
iceprincess2515 chapter 8 . 8/26/2004
really liked this story. U havent added in like decades. U r intending 2 add soon, rite?
stained innocence13 chapter 15 . 8/25/2004
aw dood! u better update! i LUV it! :D
WarriorHeart chapter 15 . 8/14/2004
YES! Fantastic! Oh man, I acan't wait for the next chapter!
iheartkellan chapter 15 . 8/13/2004
love it
Olivia Twist chapter 15 . 8/10/2004
Olivia Twist chapter 14 . 8/10/2004
AW! SO SWEET- I'm loving Noah, he's freaking hilarious _
Sun Chime chapter 15 . 8/8/2004
Great! Please update soon...again! He heh.
Ti chapter 15 . 8/6/2004
whoa.. i had a lot of chapters to catch up on! nyway.. yay! he kinda sorta asked her out! but y wait? *pout* lolz. UPDATE SOON!
Rose of the Dawn chapter 15 . 8/5/2004
Aw! She gonna give him a chance! Sweet stuff girl.(that is, if they both survive this time). But at the same time, I feel so sorry for herm cause her sister is gone and her coworkers can be complete dogs(trust me, i kno how coworkers can be like). Great chapter and please update again soon!
Lunar Ecalypso chapter 15 . 8/5/2004
Can't wait til you update. So Sasha wants Nick, and Nick wants Sasha, but they're not able to knock the brick wall between them? Interesting...
ibjuicen chapter 15 . 8/5/2004
O this is getting exciting by the moment! O gosh! They have to kiss one of these days with the whole passionate and lovey dovey emotions. O this is gonna be so cool!
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