Reviews for The Royal Mysteries: The Legend Of Avalon
Rose Garten chapter 1 . 7/8/2004
Dear The Universal Storyteller (hereafter, TUS just o put ease on my fingers)
First, just ot let you know it is I, neenee-so remember my pen name:
Rose Garten (catchy eh?)
Second, I have to hinestly let you know that I had a difficult time reading some of your work. Perhaps it is mostly due to the fact that I really dont enjoy reading science i think too that alot of the inerjections ( such as for obvious reasons, or quite in fact) seem to block or slow down the flow of the reading. Maybe elimianting some or much of them might help.
Finally though I want to say that I love the idea of the role playing book titled the Royal Mysteries. It sounded like a fun idea with which to be involved. I would like to submit to being the character carissa. Iam not sure how well i can write since I 've never done any serious wrting but it is worth the try. By the way is the robinson character suppose to be you?
take care and God bless
aka Rose Garten