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Guest chapter 24 . 7/13/2022
Hi, I’m someone who’d read this story a really long time ago, back when I was in 10th grade or something and I remembered really really enjoying it, back then! It was like a combination of everything that I thought was cool about love stories, with the whole banter, hate to love, past friends to enemies situation going on that eventually culminated in a truce because they realised that there was something that they valued more than their animosity and that was their shared friendship! As a 15 year old I found them to Bry and Quinn to be cool older kids and as someone who’s finished med school, I now think of them as confused kids who are on the way of discovering themselves and what they want to be XD it’s funny how time gives new perspective to things, isn’t it? I don’t even know whether you’re active on this site anymore or even if you’ll get this message or review, but I hope you’ve been doing well through these trying times and you’re happy and safe Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us all
Chimel321 chapter 24 . 8/19/2016
Are you dead?please don't be dead, you didn't finish the story. Please it's been years. You've probably graduated from college by now. Please do about a hundred followers a favour and finish the story. I beg you. It's just so damn good
crazydaisyyy chapter 24 . 3/14/2014
I'm loving this story! quin and byrony's chemistry is so bad but in the best way possible HAHAHAHA does that even make sense
gtgtgtgtgt chapter 24 . 12/1/2013
Would you please update? You have stopped so abruptly at the point where things are turning somewhat sweet for Bry and Quinn. I really love your story so please don't let the 723 people who reviewed your story down, and make your readers happy ...
mt chapter 24 . 11/28/2012
Wow, this story is superb! I know you probably won't read this, but if you do, just know that you are very talented! and I really think this story deserves an ending, because it's just too good.
abdee526 chapter 24 . 8/2/2012
wow truly an amazing story! Even though you updated 6 years ago, really hope you will update soon !

mt chapter 24 . 11/4/2011
Awesome story! though you probably wont start writing again, i trult wish you would! Those characters really deserve a happy ending!
Ederra chapter 24 . 4/21/2011
Ok, so I just read all 24 chapters in one sitting...

That goes to show you how hooked I am with this story.

Firstly, I cannot believe that I haven't read this before! I saw it pop up now and again (on author's favourite story lists), but because of the 'Romeo and Juliet' bit of title I never really considered it. Mainly because I thought it would have the same sort of overdone story line. So sue me, I judge a book by it's cover...and title...

But anyway, imagine my surprise when I found an amazing story, that did not have the cliched and overdone Romeo-and-Juliet storyline! Instead, it was unique, humorous and exciting.

Secondly, 'Bryony' is a name that I have never come across. I had to even search it up to find out how it was pronounced! I generally don't like over-the-top unique names that are just impossible to pronounce and annoying to read. But Bryony grew on me, and now I think it definitely suits the character you created. Strong, independent and definitely kick-ass.

That leads me onto my next point. I absolutely love your characters! Bryony is the kick-ass protagonist that I love reading. maybe I'm sort of a feminist, BUT after reading stories about girls who would die without their boyfriend or constantly relies on others, this fic was just a breath of fresh air. She's strong willed, intelligent and hot, an unrealistic but perfect personality/character.

Now to Quinn. I don't really know how I feel about his name. The name 'Quinn' for me isn't very strong, it leads to the 'feminine' side of male names (if you know what I mean). And yet, it suits him because even though he's the jock - he's sensitive. And unlike most other male (jock) characters, isn't afraid to apologise or admit his feelings. And plus, how he acts or talks to Mark says it all.

Thirdly, I love your plot ideas. Ranging from the well-thought-about pranks, to the screaming match(es), to Bryony getting expelled, and (probably) to Mark bringing them together, the plot line and ideas flow really smoothly. It was unpredictable enough to keep me (us readers) guessing and yet realistic.

Fourthly, you set it in Australia! WHOOP! Go us Australians! haha. This was great because it allowed me to connect further with the story because I actually KNOW where they're going.

Fifthly, my only constructive criticism seems to be the speech grammar thing. There was a few times that you had one person talking at the start of a paragraph and at the end of the same paragraph, there was a different speaker. You probably already know this, but every time a new person is talking, a new line is taken.

This brings me to the end of my ridiculously long review. I hope reading this entertained you. And maybe, just maybe, inspired or persuaded or encouraged you to write more. It's fairly doubtful seeing as your last update was more than three years ago...

You're also probably wondering what kind of lunatic is still reading your story. But I really want to know what happens! And I don't really like leaving a story unfinished...

So yeah,

Happy Easter!


(Upon skimming through this review, I have concluded that I sound a tad crazy.)
britnit chapter 24 . 1/2/2011
I finally got a chance to read this story yesterday, and I've enjoyed it so far. I have to admit Bry's character got on my nerves quite a bit in the beginning, Quinn's I didn't hate(sort of felt sorry for him b/c of Bry's over-the-top attitude), and of course I liked Mark(he's a sweetie, and I hope he doesn't die!). I'm very happy with the new developments in Bry and Quinn's relationship this chapter, and I can't wait to see them get closer...I just hope it lasts. Keep it up! ; )
Fallin-raindrops chapter 24 . 11/26/2010

Just read you whole story! OMG! It was amazing, I loved it, correction love it, but...its incomplete! And I see you haven't updated since 07! I really really really love this story, dont give up on it. I am excitedly waiting for another chapter, please?


Girl avidly waiting for another chapter! :)

Don't let your readers down...
nicolee chapter 24 . 10/10/2010
Omg I'm gonna cry I just read this story and I didn't even see that it hasn't been updated in 4 years :( so now I'll never know what happens unless by some miracle you see this and add the rest of the story? anyway I really liked it because i live in Australia and this is one of the few stories I've read that aren't set is the usa, great job (Y) and ofcoarse I like it for other reasons but you probe won't even see this so I won't write them down
Dwindling Fire chapter 1 . 7/31/2010
me likee! you aussie? :/
StupidBloke chapter 24 . 5/20/2010
I love this story. It's really good. I can't wait for more. :) Hurry please.
lexiiii chapter 24 . 4/26/2010
aw Im absolutely in love with this story, you must continue it or I will cry!
happee-fishie chapter 1 . 3/30/2010
This story is great! please could you finish it though?

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