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Bluecoco100 chapter 1 . 9/19/2009
My parents didn’t agree when I tried to do so in seventh grade, which is very hypocritical of them as they have always told me to follow my dreams. In not so many words, of course, but the sentiment is there.)

Wow that has to be the best damn line in this story. I laughed so hard I thought i was going to die for a second.
readernotwriter1 chapter 19 . 6/12/2009
please update soon! I can't start reading this story until it's finished! I've been checking and checking for months! I'm so excited to read it but I'm afraid of that the suspense of not knowing the ending would kill me lol
Perfectly Mythical chapter 19 . 6/11/2009
Wow, you are one hell of a writer.

This is amazing, you have to add.
Stef chapter 19 . 4/29/2009
I read the whole thing in a span of hours. And... nothing you haven't heard before but I think this is brilliant. And it's been quite over a year now since you've last updated, but you can't honestly leave us all hanging here, could you? *puppy dog eyes*

I won't badger you for an update, but I really can't wait to read the rest of this entertaining tale you've spun. Take your time. I'll wait until hell freezes over. :D
FerretsRevolution chapter 19 . 11/23/2008
This whole story is absolutely awespiring. I wish one day to be able to keep up a story like this. I love the plot of this whole's very sci-fi, i admit, but it's awesome (and anyway, I LIKE sci-fi-ness). Great Job and update soon please!
a lurker until today chapter 19 . 10/23/2008
you know, i bet you have to type in another summary/recap of the story in the next chapter. by the next time you update we will most probably forget even the names of the main characters.

and i'm not really pressuring you to update QUICKLY.

i love this story, yada yada... you know how great a writer you are without my help.

see ya.
Calenmiriel chapter 19 . 9/6/2008
I read this story quite a long time ago and really liked it, and just rediscovered it only to find you've put in like, one extra chapter! XD

I really like it, loved the awkward hug they shared last chapter, and am waiting for the moment where they finally realise their passion and have hot steaming sex ... okay, maybe they'll need to work a bit before they get to that. :)

But my god women, update! You can't leeavee us hanging like this. I'm whiny sometimes, and I think now it is showing .. update! I command you!

If not, I'll have to send a flaming piano your way.

Love Jayde
pseudonymlost chapter 19 . 8/23/2008

I've caught up

And it's pretty damn awesome

Don't quite know what to say at this moment, i'm basically on the verge of exhaustion due to the swelling of my occupied freetime caused by the looming acedemic year i'm embarking on this comeing tuesday.

So don't take this pointless review personally; i just can't remember what i wanted to put in this review.

Other then my utter enjoyment of you writings.

Good stuff

pseudonymlost chapter 1 . 8/20/2008
Ahem... let me just say...


You have seriously blown me away.

This is the first proof i've seen of a superior form of writing at work on this site. It's colourful, it's witty, it's attention grabbing. And i don't really know what to say other than that i would just like to thank you... which sounds really weird... but this is properly interesting. And you have a vocabulary? And the character's humour is unmistakeably intelligent?




And it's only the introduction...

IHateMyLoveLife chapter 19 . 8/17/2008
This is a really ood story. It has taken me four flippin days to read this thing. Some parts became a little tedious. Like the last part in chapter 18. I love how Ember and Cale are at each others throats. They need to keep it to themselves a little more, but lately they've been learning. They are so many parts that I would like to quote as my favorite. But I can't it's just there are far to many to look for again. It's very tiring looking for the best parts.

The Side Characters

I like how we have finally gotten to see Angela and her personality. Just to get an insight on what she thinks is great. McSara is just barely crossing on the annoying side I do not know why that is. I guess because it's the annoying love sick puppy thing. I don't really care for those types. I love how make had blue hair and then he changed it to black and green. That is just sick! :) Daniel. I like Daniel because he's very mellow and just a down to earth boy. He's very protective of certain people. As seen through his point of view. It reminds me of my best friend and it's nice.

Ember and Cale

I like their disputes, scream fests, battles, and etc. I like how they are intelligent. It really shows when they are yelling at each other. You can see that they know what they're doing, most of the time. Cale has slowy become less vain. A little bit and he's stopped that feeling of everytime Ember touches him, he doesn't have to rub his arm raw. Ember is a bitch. Let's face it she thinks to highly of herself and needs to be taken down a couple more notches. She worked to get where she is as a leader, but the fact remains that she treats some people like dirt. Hopefully Cale and Ember can help each other become better people. Stupid snotty rich kids. At times, like in the last chapter, they become regular kids who are scared and finally show it.

I'd have to say this a well thought out story. It's very well written and keep it up. I'll be waiting for the next chapter.

And that is my "whole damn shebang."- Couresty of Ember.
Shannon chapter 1 . 8/6/2008
'Kay, so, I don't have an account on here, but I don't wanna be a Lurker. :)

I really like this. It's very original and the quality of your writing is fantastic. Imma keep reading! Yay! ]
Heise chapter 12 . 7/29/2008
It just occured to me now I should tell you this before I reach your latest chapter (like I had originally intended), that Ember should crush on a boy.

An innocent and 100% foreign feeling and sensation that makes her confused as hell. And everyone else. e_e;

very pretty story, by the way. _
unwashed heathen chapter 1 . 6/24/2008
Lurkeds are kewl. Sounds like a great story so far, very detailed and full of emotion-ish-ly things. Sorry, I'd say more but my sister is a computer hog and I am forever cursed to review from a lousy iTouch.
claireponcherrii chapter 1 . 6/23/2008
well this is VERY interesting...
freakyAngel chapter 19 . 6/21/2008
Y'know the "leaders are servants" thing last chapter? My school's got that as part of our creed. I'm from Anglican High, acronym AHS, and we've got this tagline of sorts that says "Accomplished-Honourable-Servant Leaders". Pretty corny, I know, but hey, when you think past the corny-ness, it's pretty damn deep. As can be seen from all that Ember's ruminations showed us shallow little readers.

I love your humour. So far nothing seems to have been forced, nothing seems to have veered suddenly off-track, everything's very natural and perfectly logical (or at least understandable; the bond between Cale and Ember can hardly be called logical), so haha, no complains on that end for you.

But (yes, the ever-so-dreaded "but" takes it's entrance) you could do with a little tweak here and there on the grammer and spelling end. Maybe it's the computer's fault, I don't know, but there're a few missing letters/words/parts of words here and there, and it'd be damn perfect if they're corrected.

On a happier note (both on your and my side), you've got the humour thing to an art-and-science department all on itself. I loved the bloody pranks, every single one of them (though I'm extremely partial to the chocolate on myself; chocolate syrup dumped on people walking along hallways, it's an oh-my-freakin'-arse-WAHAHA moment), I loved the way you managed to incorporate both Cale's and Ember's ruminations into reality (you know, how Ember is forced to snap back into reality when Cale's socks are burning - major LOL, by the way), and the way you let your side-characters to grow are so neatly written I can't find a single damned thing to dislike.

The best moment of this story, if I had to choose, would be how Ember drops to her knees to beg the school for their support. It portrayed one of the moments where the relationship between Cale and Ember was on its turning point, it made Ember so much more of a real hero in my eyes, and damn,it just got straight to the heart.

So help me for being a softy.

Second favourite moment, if - again - I had to choose, would be right in this very chapter. Yeah, right in one - the last scene in this chapter is just beautiful. I'd like to believe Ember is still slightly prejudiced against Cale, and it's probably very very true, but here she doesn't seem to hate him as much; plus, with all her moments of sarcasm and biting remarks and agressive manner, I love any and every moment in which she showed a crack in that goddamned steel armour of hers. Hence, my third favourite moments (yes, there's more than one) would be 1) Ember apologising to Sara for her attitude towards the McSara thing way back when they were still all into just pranks; 2) Cale hugging Ember when Angela first said she was leaving; and 3) the 3 best friends hugging so fiercely when Angela was about to leave.

Oh, man. If anyone but you read this, my reputation as a non-softy would be RUINED.

And for a closing praise... To Fight or Fall handles humour, wit, drama, human emotion and deep moments perfectly perfect. (Yes, forgive my stumble into the painful forest of shallow and limited vocabulary.) It's loaded with emotion and deep contemplation while being lighthearted and shallow at the same time, but it's not loaded to the point that it seems too much. (Hope you get my drift, I've never been too good at expressing myself.) You got the deep and dark sides to characters that could have been taken at face-value, you got the craziness and logic in all the organized madness of a plot (and as bad as thast sounded, it's a bloody compliment, dammit), and you got the strong bonds between allies and friends and comrades while drawing a clear picture of the twisted sort of relationship between arch-enemies (cough-cough-Cale-&-Ember-cough). All in all, you got the X-factor that makes a person not want the story to stop, and continues to read and re-read and read again just to soak it all up over and over again.

Now if only you'd update faster.
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