Reviews for A Series That Never Ends
alphabetagamma chapter 1 . 5/22/2004
Very well-written essay - my only technical criticism might be that your paragraphs don't always link together as seamlessly as they might, but otherwise very well done indeed.
As far as content goes, then this essay is also reasonably good, but you don't really say anything terribly original. You say you wrote it for school, and I strongly suspect you'll get/have got a very high mark, because you make some good points. Unfortunately, as someone familiar with fanfiction, I've come across variations on all of those points before. Of course, I may simply be expecting too much, as you don’t strike me as the type to have intentionally duplicated anyone’s work – in which case, I suppose I’m to blame for being jaded.
- aprilcruelty
Trig chapter 1 . 5/21/2004
Good point made...
I myself despise those who write fanfics and consider themselves writers.
Fanfics seem to be (at least to me) the comercialization of writing. They may actually create an original plot but by some type of fear that no one will read it, they impliment characters from a far more popular series in order to have the false sense that they are a great writier.
But besides that great essay. Good to know that there are others out there who understand what fanfics are really about.