Reviews for Christmas in the Trenches
mushroom-hunter-d chapter 1 . 5/31/2004
hey there,
This was a very well written piece. you capture mood very well.
I didn't notice any spelling or grammar errors.
I'm a bit confused as to the nationality of the soldier. If he was british he could definitely have expected tea in the morning. He would have been issued with a tin plate for eating off no matter what nationality. The most famous 'Christmas truce' was in 1914 and took place almost exclusively in the British sector.
You might want to do some research on the actual events of the christmas truce however, a good resource is a search for 'christmas' there yielded this, "The crucial thing to note is that distrust was a feature of this and other truces occurring throughout the war. The English respected a brave and resourceful enemy but there was no love or liking. If there was no hostility, neither was there a relaxation of the will to win; if not that, then at least there was no relaxation of suspicion." Therefore no 'friends' were made on that Christmas day, the two sides were still very much at war.
The idea of friends with the enemy is still a good one, maybe it could be explained further in a story of a fictional war.
- [)