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Latecomer chapter 30 . 3/24
So... It's been seven years since this story was finished, and I just now read it. I don't even know if you still use your FictionPress account, let alone read every review on an older story, but... Holy cow.

The summary looked interesting, so I read the first few chapters. I'll admit- I was bored. Lexia had no confidence whatsoever, Dave was an arrogant jerk... We get it. But at some point (I don't know when), I was just... Hooked. Here's the thing: As far as I can remember, I've only cried at two books ever (one being an autobiography and the other being The Fault in Our Stars). But when Andrew died... Whoa... That cut me down deep. I think the reason is because these characters and this story is dripping with reality. And he was just... Gone. I still want to cry, even while I write this. This story is just so realistic. I can't take it. You did a great job.
Pinkbeca chapter 30 . 3/8
That was amazing. It made me start crying and I love story's that make me have feelings.
hidden-behind-the-stars chapter 30 . 3/4
This was absolutely amazing! It made me cry at the end. I know it's been years since you uploaded this but I had to review. It didn't turn out the way I wanted it to but the end was perfect.
ThePigeonBrain chapter 2 . 2/15
Oh god, when I read the sentence "And twirling pens is?" I kept reading it as "twirling penis."
Like seriously, I laughed so hard.
carifoo2001 chapter 30 . 2/14
So sad... ;-;


Andrew was my favorite character, next to Kane...
MusicGurl8129 chapter 30 . 2/14
Still very, very, very depressing, but I will try and think happy thoughts to stop myself from bawling my eyes out, really.
One more Chapter would have been nice... but I guess I will pretend that they did end up together, FOREVER. I'm kinda sad though... why didn't Lexia go after him? Also I felt bad for Cason. He was my 2nd choice...
MusicGurl8129 chapter 29 . 2/14
Wooowww... this is a very depressing ending... but there's one more Chapter so who knows!
MusicGurl8129 chapter 27 . 2/14
EEEK! DAVE & LEXIA, DAVE & LEXIA! YAY! OKAY, it's kinda sad how after someone is most likely dying I can't get over the fact that Dave & Lexia are getting closer! WOOHOO!
MusicGurl8129 chapter 24 . 2/14
Wow. Okay, I haven't reviewed in a while so this Review will contain some from the past few.
1st, I actually like Cason, he's an interesting Character... yeaaahhh.
2nd, Genius! The whole Mark & Christine thing, really, I had a suspicion that he liked Lexia, but it was more as a Sisterly gesture, which was well put. Because you say she does not have four or three ''Lovers'' (love interests), which makes it possible that she has two, which now my guesses are Andrew, Dave (duh!) and Cason just an ity bit. I would most likely say Andrew more then Cason between the two, but at the same time I feel like Andrew might like Kane so that confuses the whole thing.
3rd, Lexia should become a Psychiatrist or Therapist, I mean the whole Mark seeing her as his Sister, she said it, and it was like, wow.
4th, I'm enjoying you're Story so much! It's good, and I remember you replying to a reviewer in you're Authors notes who is KNE, and omg wow, KNE's Story 'All Along' was my first or second first Story I read on FictionPress (and also pretty much one of my Favorite, stories is 'All Along'), wow, I feel so,wow because it's like 2 of my favorite Authors 'knew' each other's Stories and got inspired from each other. Okay, I'm going to start rambling, but any who, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Story!
MusicGurl8129 chapter 22 . 2/14
I like Dave, he's an interesting Character. I just wish he would try to lighten up and at least try to be nice-r... also I hope they can be on speaking terms so then they'll fall in love and finally make out, while making up they're Problems. Okay, I'm kidding a bit, but I'm excited for things between them. More drama & Interaction... ;)
MusicGurl8129 chapter 12 . 2/13
MusicGurl8129 chapter 11 . 2/13
I think Lexia's Dream interprets as she has ity bity Crush on Dave, but she's feels he would never go for someone like her, she's also afraid that he will Murder her :/
Okay, so when Lexia thought she was dreaming... HA! I laughed so hard! A LOT. I was ROTFL, LITERALLY. WITH TEARS, IN MY EYES. I COULD NOT STOP, MY STOMACH HURT SO BAD!
MusicGurl8129 chapter 5 . 2/13
Ooh! I Like Dave's side of things! More!
MusicGurl8129 chapter 1 . 2/13
Oooh! Seems good!
Guest chapter 30 . 2/12
Okay. WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU?! YOU SAID NO ONE WAS GOING TO DIE! liar. It was a very good story though.
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